Welcome to this 3D virtual world and social media network for sexy adults aka Utherverse.com. Strictly speaking, this amazing platform is a social media network and software that facilitates access to a number of 3D virtual worlds that include Red Light Center, Rude Virtual and Virtual Vancouver. It is arguably the Internet's most sophisticated and advanced adult virtual reality universe offering virtual nightclubs, hotels, bars, movie theatres stores, and you guessed it, plenty of sex. It is mainly designed as a playground for naughty adults looking to have some fun in a safe and friendly environment with the virtual sex game heavily focusing on sexy characters, sexy outfits, and sexy play.Before continuing, it is important to note that Utherverse.com is a freemium service meaning it offers some basic features for free while charging for premium features. For instance, the adult content is heavily restricted unless you can fork out some cash for VIP membership (more of this later). Wanna know more about this virtual playground for adults where anyone is free to live out their wildest sexual fantasies? Keep reading.3D virtual worldsLike you will discover, you can’t do anything at Utherverse.com until you have registered. The registration process requires you to choose a gender and a 3D avatar, a username, and a valid email address. From there you can download, install and patch 3D software where you will be taken to the Welcome Center area, basically a jumping point for all the aforementioned 3D virtual worlds (Red Light Center, Rude Virtual and Virtual Vancouver). The Red Light Center, for instance, is modelled after Amsterdam’s Red Light District, featuring virtual nightclubs, bars, bordellos, movie theatres, hotels and stores. You also get to access your Zaby (virtual apartment) check out the events calendar, view the directory of the hottest places to visit and much more.Cool graphics and animationThe platform features amazing graphics and the animation is at par with other dedicated interactive sex games. You will be able to see everything in frighteningly realistic 3D. Just so you know, majority of the areas feature music by default and with no separate volume controls, you don’t want to play it at your office with the speakers turned on. Unless, of course, you want to get your ass sacked.Moving around is pretty straightforward although some of the less frequently used controls will initially present a challenge. For instance, it took me a while to figure out that CTRL toggles between walking and running. However, you will find the menu that shows all controls from within the toolbox icon very useful.Additionally, Utherverse.com gives free users the option to customize their avatars with basic hair, face, body, body art and clothing some of the options available. Needless to say, VIP members get many more options. There is so much to do at Utherverse.com and among some of the less X-rated activities include dancing at a number of venues, check out a virtual concert, check out the skateboard park, shop online for both real and virtual products, gamble, go for a swim and even fly like superman among other exciting activities. It could take you a few days just to walk and familiarize yourself with everything in this huge and immersive virtual world.The goddamned money you needIf you re going to go shopping, you will need money. At Utherverse.com, it comes in the form of ‘Rays’ that you can earn in-game or purchase with real cash. You can earn ‘rays’ by being active in the game or on your profile for doing simple stuff like logging in, viewing user profiles, rating different content, having your own profile viewed and more. VIP members have it easy as they earn Rays automatically by virtue of their membership.Remember you can use your Rays to have your own space in Utherverse by purchasing Zaby (a virtual apartment) although many basic apartments have actually been availed for free. What’s a Zaby for, you ask? It’s a place to keep your virtual stuff and to entertain privately.So, where does the sex come in?Like expected of any site that makes its way to The Porn Dude’s directory, sex has to be very much in the picture and it’s no different at Utherverse.com.For starters, you may hit the sex movie theatres where streamable porn movies are available for renting. Alternatively, you can watch hardcore movies free with a group of people. In addition, you can have virtual sex with an in-house sex worker or find a partner for a hot virtual sex session. Sounds like plenty of fun, right?If you are looking for a fun-filled group porn watching experience, try the Fuck Me Theater which has several available screens although the majority of people prefer sitting in the theatre seats to watch smut from the main screen. You are going to interact with plenty of friendly people that are ready and willing to chat about pretty much anything. The XXX Free Porn Slut Theater is another alternative that offers a lounge type of setting complete with hot-tub and piano bar.Finding a sexual partnerYou can easily find a virtual sex partner by simply not being a fucking asshole and hanging out in the right places. The ‘Gangbangs R Us’ is a sure bet where you are going to find a massive free for all gangbang. The people here are down for just about anything and all you gotta do is turn up, chat, get naked and fuck. Easy, right?You can also invite a partner to have sex with you which will prompt a sex menu range of sex acts including traditional poses and more kinky stuff like machine sex and more. Choose whatever turns you on but remember to ask your partner what they are into and if she says “use me like a slut”, you are in for a treat my guy. To heighten the pleasure, there is a submenu that allows you to perform other acts like spanking your partner as you fuck. Remember you can have sex with one or multiple partners for as long as you want and if you hit the CUM button, the male partner will bust his load all over his partner(s).Other places you can visit for easy sex include the Slave Club, Palace Sex Pit and Semen Therapy Club & Creamery and School for Little Sluts. From the names, you can already tell things are going to get kinky. If you are the dumb kind that can’t seem to attract a partner, try hooking up with a sexy worker, all of whom are required to display “WG” for working girl above their avatar. WGs give you an almost real-life experience where you can chat and negotiate for the right price. Unlike real escorts, here sex workers are relatively inexpensive, starting at about $10/hour.VIP membershipIf you like Utherverse and want to unlock the full (sexy) potential of this adult playground, going VIP might be your best option. Not only will you unlock many new customizations for your avatar, but you will also be able to have virtual sex with other users. VIP membership costs $20-$30 per month and provides full access to every aspect of the game including;•All the sex features and animations, and the ability to ‘get naked with friends’•Ability to send private messages and initiate private conversations (text chat or Voice Over IP chat)•Access VIP-only areas in-world•View VIP-only images & profiles•Own property – VIP members start off with their own private apartment•Transfer virtual currencyPositive site featuresPlenty of sex to be had; there are various ways to have sex including easily accessible and down to fuck sex workers.Easy to meet people for virtual sex; with a VIP membership and good behavior, you will discover how easy it is to get laid with a stunning number of sexual actions and positions for you and your sex partner to discover.Friendly community; Utherverse has a very friendly community of users who are willing and ready to help newcomers familiarize themselves with the virtual setting.Negative site featuresNo game setting for sound volume; with no separate sound controls, you won’t be able to adjust the volume to the background music.Steep learning curve; the whole set up requires a bit of getting used to and maybe a tad too complicated for first-timers.RecommendationsCan the team behind Utherverse make it more intuitive and easy to learn? That would be really cool because there is clearly loads of fun to be had.ConclusionUtherverse.com is quite the adult adventure with plenty of crazy sexual escapades to look forward to. It is the perfect environment for people that want to explore their sexual fantasies in a 100% safe place with part of the charm being learning new features on a continual basis. With a friendly community and plenty of features to discover (for VIP members), I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to be a part of this adult-oriented virtual world.