Girlvania Summer Lust

Lesbian sex simulator games! Oh man, do I have a treat for you today. Thanks for tuning in by the way, but believe me when I say that you’ll be glad you checked this review out. It’s about a porn game called Girlvania, and the essence of it is that you have four different chicks to choose from and they can all engage in various lesbian sexual acts. And of course, you’re in control at all times. You won’t believe how much shit there is to explore here, and you’ll be glad that you found this game. And the fact that it’s a bunch of lesbian sex shouldn’t dissuade you if you aren’t into lesbian porn all that much, since these girls have ways in which they can penetrate each other as well!Big price point but it’s well-worth itI’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s pull back a bit and see what we’re dealing with in this game. First of all, it’s a paid game. Sure, you could say that there are free porn games out there, but let’s be honest for a second and just admit that they all suck donkey balls. And then you have Girlvania. This game is as premium as they get, and it’s obvious that the developers put a lot of effort into it since there is just so much to do here. Of course, with such a premium game, you’re expected to pay a premium price as well. The game is about 38 euros for the base game and then an additional 15 for the expansion pack.And what is this expansion pack you might ask? Well, the base game is called Girlvania: Summer Lust in full, while the expansion pack called Legs & Feet will… Well, I think you can guess what they will add to the game. You can have more positions with the expansion pack with many different leg options. Also, you get a lot more things that you can put on your girls in the wardrobe as well, and that’s pretty important as you’ll notice soon enough. The game is all about pleasing you to the fullest extent, and when you look at it from that angle, it’s obvious to see that buying it would definitely be an investment, along with the expansion pack of course.Dozens of Solo, Duo, Threesome positions to exploreSo, does Girlvania justify the near triple-A video-game price point? Well, I think it does, but you don’t have to take my word for it, let’s check out the game and see what it has to offer us. The first thing you’ll see when you boot the thing up is the first girl standing in the Tease pose. This is the default pose and immediately you’ll notice the extent of this game when it comes to the gameplay mechanics. In this one pose where your chick is standing, you have three different things that you can do to her. One is oral play, where you can push and pull a lollipop in and out of her mouth, the next one is to grab her tits and play with them, and then the last one is clit rubbing.And that’s just one position. There are dozens of solo positions with just one chick and nearly all of them seem to have at least 3 mechanics that you can utilize. With different poses come different gameplay mechanics, so it’s a good idea to check out everything that the game has to offer. And trust me, Girlvania has a lot to offer in this regard. In fact, this was only the solo pose rundown, there are two more categories of poses which are Duo and Threesome. And not only that, but some Solo poses even have a few variants. As far as I can tell, these seem to be the Tease poses and you can change them up with the little blue icon next to the Solo tab if it shows up for that pose.The animations are smooth and incredibly sexySo yeah, holy shit, right? I don’t think I’ve seen a game with this many options, well, ever! And I just love the fact that you have to go through all of them since you never know which one of them has a few more variants to try out. You can pick and choose your favorite ones and just remember them so that you can always have a good time when you come home from work and want to see some lesbo 3D action on Girlvania. I mean, the Solo poses are just girl masturbation scenes, so there’s a good selection of things for people who aren’t into lesbian stuff. But for those of you who are, there are dozens of Duo scenes and a fair number of threesome scenes.Granted, there are far fewer threesome scenes to check out, but I can let that slide since these are the hardest positions to animate. Not only that, but there aren’t that many threesome positions to think of overall! But if you came to Girlvania for some lesbian action specifically, then you should check out those two tabs. But the animations themselves are just scratching the surface of what this game is capable of. There are different environments to check out and you can make your chick move around the environment and enjoy her however you want her.Different environments options with mood settingsThe three environments are the Rooftop, Lounge, and the Basement. Each one of these comes with its own 3D models of furniture, and they all have a different vibe depending on which part of the day you end up choosing. That’s right, you can even choose the time of day when you’re having fun with these chicks. I usually like to choose the Morning hours since there’s nothing better than a good morning fuck. You don’t even have to fuck the chicks, you can just enjoy grabbing their tits and playing with them as well. But all of these scenery and environment options are there to help you achieve the perfect vibe that you’re going for with Girlvania’s hot girls.Dress your Girlvania girls however you wantAnd while we’re talking about Girlvania and the hot models in it, let’s discuss the things you can do with how they look and what they’re wearing. This is one of the best parts of the game in my opinion, cause I just love the level of detail that you can go into with the girls. You can give them one-piece lingerie outfits, crop-tops, mini-skirts, stockings, heel sneakers, body oil, different eyeliner colors, hairstyles, holy shit there’s so much to explore here. I think what I just mention doesn’t even constitute 1% of that Girlvania has to offer in the Dresser section of the game where all of the dressing up takes place. I think there are more than a thousand options here.Countless features such as automatic animationsThere are so many features that I couldn’t even go over since this game has so many of them, but just to mention a few important ones you have: automatic animations so you can just sit back and watch it all happen without having to do anything, animation speed control, different camera color options (such as Sepia, B&W,Postcard…), different camera angles as well as multiple view options so that you can quickly change the primary angle, light bloom effects, and so much more. Honestly, all of this is great, but none of it would work if the models didn’t look good, but luckily, they all have very detailed graphics and unique voice lines as well.One thing that I found weird at times was the way their eyes looked for some reason. If I saw them at the wrong angle the chicks looked like they smoked a pound of weed or something. Their eyelids would be way too low. I didn’t give that bitch Milena some blue contacts so that she would have her eyes closed all the goddamn time! But even with that small hiccup of a flaw, I think that Girlvania is an amazing game and I think that it’s worth the money. It’s still a lot of money to cash out for a porn game however, so it’s your call at the end of the day.