3DX Chat! An (MMO) multiplayer 3D sex game in a virtual world! I’m not usually one to fuck with porn games. When it comes to porn, I am generally not trying to play around. I like to go to my favorite sites, find the sexiest videos I can and get down to business (fap, fap, fap). I have never really seen the appeal of jumping through all kinds of hoops, completing missions and leveling up in order to get to the main event. Why should I have to earn my pleasure? I already do that every day at work.I’m not trying to put in any extra effort when it comes time to cum. It should be a time to "decumpress", not to strategize and spend all kinds of time trying to master some fucking computer game. It just never seemed worth it, especially when there are millions of videos online for me to choose from to find a little instant gratification.3DX Chat, however, is not at all like other porn games that I’ve seen. There are no stupid fucking objectives or missions to deal with. Just create a character, enter a world, interact with other players, and stick to the mission of jism emission. Now that is my kind of game.3DXChat is exactly what its name would suggest: a 3D interactive sex game. The best way to describe it would be to say that it is basically a hardcore pornographic, virtual reality version of The Sims focused on interacting with (fucking) other players. It is actually a really cool idea. If you have virtual reality equipment, you can use it to explore various worlds (some of which are created by the game designers, others are created by other users … try your hand at creating your own world, too, and host events for people to attend).Even though I don’t own any kind of VR gear, the game was still a really fun and immersive experience. I can only imagine, though, how awesome this shit would have been with an Oculus Rift or something, allowing me to actually become immersed in these worlds and experience the wild, hedonistic orgies first hand. Maybe you’re thinking about signing up and downloading the game. Well, allow me to walk you through it to give you a better idea of how it works before you decide if it is for you or not.Be Whoever You Want (Almost)Once you download the game client and open it up, you will be prompted to log in. Do so and, without delay, start customizing your character. Choose your gender, face shape and features, eye color, hair color, choose between glasses / sunglasses and hats or a hairdo, body type and shape (accentuate whichever features you wish … you can make your character as close to reality or become the version of yourself you always wish you were), pick an outfit (or not…), and you’re good to go.The one feature that seems to be glaringly missing, though, from the character customization options is the ability to change dick size or type. Although I didn’t attempt to make a female character, I would imagine that there is no control over the pussy type either. I would think that this genital customization would be essential to the nature of a VR sex game.I mean, it’s not very realistic that everyone at the orgy has the same exact porn star cock, right? Some of us are uncircumcised, obviously, some of us are bigger than others. You would think that the game would make some attempt at emulating this reality.My only other complaint regarding the game’s create-a-character mode is that options are somewhat limited in terms of hairstyles, facial hair, face shape, clothing, etc. And, no matter what you choose, it seems as if your virtual dude will end up looking like a douche (an Ed Hardy tank top and patterned pants kind of douche). So, my first piece of advice I would give to 3DXChat would be to add a bit of variety to the customization options to encompass more (and less douchey) walks of life.Either way, once you’re satisfied with your character, you’re ready to explore any number of worlds (depending on who is online and hosting an event at the same time you’re playing). When I was on, there were like 30 or so events I could choose from, plus the five or six general gameplay worlds for people to check out (a bar, a night club, a yacht, and a beach resort to name a few). Some of the events are tailored to specific interests or demographics. Others are open to any and everyone who wants to get down with some group sex.The Worlds are Your OysterWhatever world you choose to enter, feel free to roam around and do whatever your heart (or dick) desires. Feel like dancing? Choose from fifteen different dance styles. Wanna chat with another user? Just click on her and chat her up. Many users have profiles that include real pictures of them, too, allowing you to more easily blur the line between reality and fantasy.Sit anywhere, go anywhere, do (almost) anything. Go ahead and test your luck at kissing someone on the cheek if you like. But beware: lots of the ladies on here state in their profile that they don’t want that. Just like in real life, you may have to put in some effort before you get anywhere, and it seems like people take their alternate realities rather seriously. That’s okay, though, there are three options for chatting: global, local (the world you are in), and private chat mode.Detailed, Graphic 3D SexOnce you do make a connection with someone, you’ll have to ask them to partner up with you (this allows you to propose sex to them any time you run into them in any of the many worlds you may). If they agree, start by offering a position. 3DXChat has plenty to choose from, from foreplay options (cuddle, make out, handjob, etc.), oral (facesitting, 69, old fashioned BJ), to all the classic vaginal and anal positions you know and love. There are even buttons for kink (foot job) and multiple cum shots to choose from.While you’re fucking you can also choose between making an “Oh” face and cumming on command. Bust a fat ass nut as many times as you want. There’s no limit. Other than that, though, the sex is pretty realistic for a freeware computer game. Watch from any angle you like while your avatar jackhammers her avatar, even zoom in—the actual penetration is exquisitely detailed, her tight pussy wrapped around your hard cock like a sleeve.In addition to changing positions and cumming as many times as you want, you can also control the speed of the fucking. There’s a bar that you can move from tortoise to jackrabbit. Both you and she have control over it, though, so you might have to browse around for a bit to find someone who likes it the same way you do. That’s probably why people take the connection thing so seriously. It makes sense.Fuck Your ComputerAs I said before, feel free to use an Oculus VR headset, too, while you’re exploring these virtual worlds. The game is also compatible, amazingly enough, with Fleshlight’s Vstroker—basically a pocket pussy that interacts with the fucking in the game. The way it works, according to 3dxchat.com, is that “this ‘penis controller’ transmits every penetration of the FleshLight male sex toy to the virtual girl’s pussy, ass or mouth in real-time. 3DXChat is the future of virtual sex games and it is here!”I’m assuming, then, that using this device would forgo the speed control, then, allowing you to actually do the fucking. Not gonna lie, that is really fucking cool. But, also, way more money than I’m willing to spend on virtual sex. The Oculus itself is like $400. I have no idea how much this VR Fleshlight would run you, but seeing as the regular Fleshlights are around $60, I can’t imagine a VR simulator Fleshlight would be too cheap.Man, how utterly lonely does one have to be? If you have that kind of money to drop on all this virtual sex gear, shouldn’t that mean that you have enough money to just get laid? It’s not that fucking hard, people!Glitchy, or is it Just Me?There are a couple of things about 3DXChat that I don’t love. For starters, the gameplay was a little bit glitchy now and then. Of course, it is entirely possible that my computer was to blame for this (I don’t have a fancy gaming computer with a high-end graphics card or anything, just a regular Windows laptop), but this is definitely something to consider before deciding whether or not you will want to invest the time (and possibly money) that this game will eat up.Another factor that I’m not crazy about is that, even in an immersive 3D virtual reality world, they found a way to slip ads in. Basically, how it works is, while you’re playing the game, there’s a radio always playing in the background, similar to the radio in Grand Theft Audio, but you can’t change the station (I don’t think).However, if you host an event in your world, then you can control the music. Every once in a while, though, every few songs or though, a commercial for an insurance company will play. As you know, I can’t stand ads. But, all things considered, as far as ads go, these aren’t the worst. Plus, you can turn off the radio, so that’s cool too.All in all, I found myself enjoying 3DxChat a lot more than I thought I would. I highly recommend at least trying it out. Hey, if you have the money to burn, it might even be worth trying the VR Fleshlight gaming experience with Oculus goggles on. Just make sure you don’t get walked in on while using all that equipment … what a strange scene that would be.