Kamihime Project R

Hey there, you deviant freaks and geeks. I’ve got a treat today for fans of naked girls, cartoons, and video games. It’s definitely one of the better hentai RPGs I’ve played lately, so without further ado, let me tell you about Kamihime Project R.Magic, Technology, and SexTo play Kamihime Project R, you need to head over to Nutaku. I’ve written up a whole review of the site if you’re interested, but for now all you really need to know is that it’s a platform for porno games. If KamihimeProjectR does it for you, there’s plenty more where that came from. (And if it doesn’t, well, maybe one of their other games will trip your trigger.)You can’t even see Nutaku’s real Kamihime Project R page until you log into the site. They’ll need your email address, but the site is free to use. Plenty of the games, including this one, do have optional in-game payments, which I’ll get to below. You can still play if you’re a broke-ass loser.The game’s description lays it out for you. Kamihime Project R is a multi-player, turn-based action RPG of battles and sex. The backstory is that there used to be an advanced civilization of magic and technology, but it all went to shit during a calamity known as Ragnarok. A thousand generations later, some bad dudes are trying to start a second Ragnarok, and only the godlike power of the Kamihime can stop them.I Googled Kamihime to see if it was anime culture thing I didn’t know about, but it seems like all the results are related to the game. I guess there’s only one way to find out what a Kamihime is.The game is fully mobile friendly. Some tabs near the top of the screen let you Play On Android, Mobile, or PC. The Android version is downloadable, but will take some basic tech fuckery on your end to make it work. I’m guessing most anime nerds can handle it, but if you’re an old fart or just technology illiterate, stick to the web version. I’ll be playing on my laptop, just because I like bigger titties on the screen.It sounds interesting enough, but let me tell you, I’ve played some really half-ass porn games that sounded good on paper. The trailer looks good, though, polished and flashy as hell. This ain’t some shoddy Final Fantasy knockoff with hentai scenes spliced in. With that in mind, I hit the Play Now button.Gacha! That’s How They Get Ya!The very first screen of the game, before you even get sound or animation, offers up fabulous prizes for completing the tutorial. An anime chick with surprisingly small boobs winks from the side of the screen, amid my potential earnings of 6,000 Magic Jewels and 10 Half Elixirs.If I had any doubt these Magic Jewels and Half Elixers were also available for real cash, it’s killed by a word I see on the other side of the screen: Gacha. KahihimeProjectR may be free to play, but if you really want to kick ass at this game, you may have to link your Nutaku account to your credit card.Gacha is nothing new. Perverts who have been beating off to hentai games for a while are used to it by now. Basically, gacha is like the hentai version of the loot boxes you find in non-porn games. Shell out some actual money and receive some random in-game goodies.I’m going to see how far I can get in KahihimeProjectR without spending a dime. If things get dire, I’ve still got the 100 gold Nutaku gave me for verifying my account.Where Do You Think You’re Going?The game opens with the mysterious Robed Man A confronting someone on a moonlit forest trail. “Where do you think you’re going?” the penis-shaped silhouette asks. “Just give up already!”I just started, so I’m not quite ready to give up. I click my way through the conversation. The bad guys have surrounded Adele, this princess-looking broad with a nice rack. What she’s doing out in the woods by herself in such regal attire is beyond me. Typical broads, am I right?“I won’t just hand over my Device to the likes of you!” she says. Her dialog is accompanied by audio of a Japanese chick doing the voice. She sounds serious right now, but I hope to hear her moaning and squealing soon. Maybe she can do something freaky with that Device she mentioned.Adele sounded so confident, I was pretty sure this was going to be a battle scene or something. You know, the tough princess bitch fights off the attackers and then the plot thickens.Nah, Kamihime Project R gets straight to the humping. It’s a nice surprise. A lot of hentai games make you play for a fucking hour before you get any scenes you can choke your chicken to.Adult Scenes? Fuck Yeah!Kamihime Project R gives you a nice little warning about the sound settings before the first sex scene. I guess it’s for the kind of freaks who play these games at work. Be honest with yourself, though: you wouldn’t mind flashing your dick at the pretty young thing in the next cubicle. Go ahead and leave the volume on. See if the rhythmic grunting lures her in.That might actually get you fired, but in terms of sexually violating somebody, it’d be nothing on this first scene. The men surround Adele, hold her down, and immediately stuff her with huge, hard, veiny cock. Kamihime Project R doesn’t suffer from the pixelated genital issue you get a lot with hentai stuff.I was disappointed that the image was just a still, but after I clicked through some dialog it came to life. Adele’s face is defiant even with tears in her eyes. Her whole body shakes and her enormous melons bounce each time the dude slams her.I’m not a big hentai consumer, but this scene is hot. The art is crisp, with really well-done shadows and glistening wet skin. He fucks her harder and faster as the scene continues, Adele screaming and groaning through her dialog. She says they’ll never make her cum, but there’s a lot of cum flying towards the end of the scene.Fucking and Fighting All Day LongThere’s a bunch of dialog, story and new big-breasted characters to meet after the rape party. If you’re more into gameplay and fuck scenes, you can click the Skip button. You’ll get a pop-up with a convenient summary of the conversation you’re opting out of. They are women, after all. How interesting could all that chit-chat be?I started skipping my way to the fight scenes. They take place on a typical RPG fight screen, with the good guys and bad guys on opposite sides. Kamihime Project R actually bucks tradition and puts the good guys on the right instead of the left.A trend I’ve noticed in hentai RPGs like this is to feature really cutesy, non-sexy versions of the characters on the fight screens. My fighters are less shapely and sexualized than they are in cutscenes, but it’s not as bad as in other games. The bad chicks on the left still have giant knockers and succulent asses.Combat seemed overly simple in the first fight, but that’s just Kamihime Project R easing you into the complex system. Introducing the different elements like special powers and magic attacks one-by-one makes the learning curve a lot easier than if they just dropped it all on you at once. A lot of the more complicated strategic elements, like group positioning, aren’t even available early in the game.Let’s Do It Again!I got to the second adult scene pretty quickly. If you’re going to jack off to every sex scene, you may want to take your time and savor the dialog. Either that or pop a couple of boner pills, because it looks like there are plenty of sex scenes. It’s typical for other games to give you one and then make you suffer through 17 mind-numbing hours of monster shooting before you get a chance to shoot your own monster again.In the second scene, the girl calls you by your Nutaku name. If you haven’t signed up yet, consider using your real name as your nickname. It’s probably a lot hotter than the slut talking dirty like, “Th-there—! You’re completely inside me now, BingBong_1994xxx.”This, my perverted friends, is a good fucking hentai game. Kamihime Project R is built on a solid action RPG engine and doesn’t make you pay or play for hours to reach the jaw-dropping sex scenes. If you like these types of games, this is going to be your new shit.