Project QT

Fresh off the presses with another video game title, Nutaku is proving that they are unbeatable when it comes to interactive sex games. The latest, greatest Nutaku porn game is called Project QT. Recently going cross-platform, this Nutaku title is sure to get your dick wet if you’re a fan of their unique blend of clicking, RPG tactics and growing a harem. You are in for a hell of a treat.Starting Off StrongRight from the game’s official page on Nutaku, you can learn some backstory about this game’s world. Like most other Nutaku games, it’s very fantastical and over the top, with a mix of innocence and sexual depravity, all mixed together in a very hentai inspired style. Apparently, the game has something to do with black hole experiments conducted in the Arctic, which somehow leads to the opening of a gateway into a different dimension and there’s also a space virus running amok. Talk about a bad Monday. To fix all of these problems and ultimately save the world, you’re going to have to have sex with a lot of beautiful bitches. If only you could solve all of your problems this way.The whole concept of sexualizing innocent looking girls is a very popular concept in hentai, from their early fascinations with schoolgirls to the demon babes that are all over the place in porn games in 2019. Western porn game producers have officially taken over the job of making hentai even hotter and Nutaku are spearheading the charge.Combining all of these random fantastical concepts is no small task, especially since they do not mesh well by default. But, Nutaku have made it work really well, having also found an art style that keeps you motivated to play the game the more you get into it.The GameplayProject QT’s core gameplay is very similar to other Nutaku titles, but follows in the tradition of inventing some new concepts to mix things up. No two Nutaku games are identical, but all Nutaku games carry the same vibe. They themselves call this one a clicker game, but that’s a bit of an understatement. Clicker games are boring and come without challenge, unless you’re literally clicking on a pair of tits.Project QT is definitely not boring. If anything, it’s a very exciting puzzle game, with an extremely low difficulty curve. It’s the kind of low-level combat that anyone can get into, but only the pros like me can master. The combat is twofold. On the top of the screen, you’ve got your girls, laid out on a 2D grid, left to right. On the right, you can see the enemies with their respective health stats and abilities. They pull off combos against your girls and you need to motivate them to fight harder, faster and stronger by playing Candy Crush.Ok, that was a bit of an unexpected left turn, but bear with me. Nutaku really makes it work. The lower portion of the screen during the combat is reserved for a Candy Crush reminiscent match-em-up game where you match colored marbles in combinations in order to get a combo to pop off. The more combos you get, the better the combat goes. But it doesn’t stop there.Various Stages of FunThe game comes with a very extensive single-player adventure, with stages that get progressively harder and push the story along. Every step of the way you are expected and encouraged to improve your party by acquiring items, optimizing your build and getting to know your girls. We’ll cover the smut portions that come with romancing the girls later, but for now, let’s focus on the combat.The aforementioned clicker match-em-up is taken several steps further than Candy Crush ever bothered to. Nutaku has been around the block, so they know that gamers these days are too smart to fall for a pastime game. They want a challenge and they want meta. It’s all about giving players a world within which there are certain rules that they can bend to improve their party as much as possible. That’s the core of a good RPG. It’s the same logic that made Pokemon so popular back in the day, and it applies here. You’ve got the collect-them-all attitude, except instead of rats and birds it’s chicks and babes. Then the other aspect of Pokemon that made that game a winning combination was that every creature in that game had specific characteristics symbolized by elements. So it’s like Pokemon with breasts. What’s not to love?The elements all have pros and cons and certain elements counter others. Figuring out which girl and which action is most appropriate versus a particular opponent is the entire challenge and there’s no set rule as to how you’re going to get over a particular hump. It’s essentially a very deep and fleshed out game of rock paper scissors, but all the options have giant breasts.The GirlsYou can’t review a Nutaku title without discussing breasts at some point, because no-one draws them better than the people making games for this amazing platform. Somehow, Nutaku’s developer teams have pioneered a mixture of western and hentai art styles for the perfect, most sexually appealing two-dimensional chicks this side of Tokyo.Starting off with the less boner-inducing side of Project-QT, in combat, the girls are cute that are roughly animated across a grid. You really can’t jack off to that part of the game. On the other hand, you can always see the girls one on one, when you’re browsing and editing your team, and as they level up they get progressively more naked. They’re perfectly gorgeous right off the bat, though, and they really get you wondering what they look like under their clothes.I’m here to tell you that below their clothing, all of these girls are absolute fuck toys. Their behavior hides this fact well, but eventually, you get to their creamy center. What’s really wonderful about the girls is that they’re very different from each other. Even for Nutaku, there’s a bit of a rare touch here. Sure, they’re all super cute and very fuckable, but that comes with the hentai goggles. They’re different in terms of their body shape and that’s the kind of variety I can get behind. I promote the fucking of all kinds of bitches.That’s how one of the girls on this team, for example, is a plump and heavy cutie who is far from perfect, but she still pulls off a sexy vibe the same as the other girls. There are the skinny, the thick, the average and the over-sexualized, and you will learn to love each and every one of them because they’re all helping you out in combat and sucking your dick afterwards.The Design, Styles and ArtThe game is extremely well designed, even better than most other Nutaku titles. These guys really know how to make a layout pop, so you can expect to find everything that you need without reading the manual. The layout is non-intrusive and extremely colorful. But, it comes with that web dev inspired respect for color mixing, where nothing is in your face and the colors are properly blended. If you see a golden coin that’s expected to stick out, it’ll still be shaded around the edges in such a way that it doesn’t break the immersion of the other assets on screen.The girls get the same amount of love, being properly framed at all times, so even if separate teams of artists worked on separate parts of this game, it certainly doesn’t show. Even the mix between the cute chibi-style and the more sexualized hentai is perfectly balanced. You get cute characters on buttons, but sexy ones in galleries and conversations. It all flows very naturally, to give you the perfect conduit for your smut game. I know I hate it when my smut games don’t have smooth controls, so it’s damn refreshing to see this design.It’s very important to note that this game was obviously planned out for a mobile release, even though that one came out later. The game is vertical. It’s unavoidable. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it on PC. If it looks great on a 7-inch phone, it’s sure to look perfect down the middle of a 27-inch monitor. The general idea is that if you want to full-screen it, you’ll have to either flip your monitor sideways or play on your phone. Or hell, if you’re like me, you could just project the entire game onto your cock. Talk about next-gen graphics, am I right?Playing on your phone is probably the ideal choice here. It’s absolutely perfect as a pastime game in between commutes, work sessions, travel, and chores. When you get home at the end of the day and you get to put your feet up and rest, you can jack your dick clean off to the sex scenes you unlocked. They’re hot, they’re explicit and they’re worth every second of your time.Finally, the game is entirely free, like every other Nutaku gem. You are always free to dump money into it if you want to edge forward at breakneck speeds, though. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to blue-ball yourself in this game.