FAPCeo! Do you like hentai? Do you like games? Do you like microtransactions? Well, on Nutaku.net, you’ll find hentai games with microtransactions galore. Today we’re taking a look at Fap CEO, a clicker game that is reminiscent of the Clicker Hero craze but with an adult-themed roster. It’s like the creators of this game played Clicker Hero and saw that hot cat monster on stage 3, and then decided to make a game that’s all about tits and spending money. But hey, I like tits, I like spending money, so I’m going to dive into this like it’s a recent divorcee DM on Instagram. A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do, what can I say. I’m an opportunist.Alright, let’s look at what this game has to offer. You start off with a hot secretary, and she immediately shows you all of her goodies. Nice pair of tits, a clean shaved pussy, there’s no going wrong with her. She’s going to automatically generate money for you and you’re gonna get rich off of her just by idling around the office. Don’t forget to do CEO stuff while you’re here. You know, things like looking at your email and getting hot nudes from your employees. The game conveniently has all of the pics that you get in these emails saved in a special gallery that you can access in the top right corner.Awesome! We’ve got a company set up, we’ve got our fap stash in place, we’ve got our secretary with big tits… What’s next? Hiring more employees of course! Now, while you do earn money automatically, you can also speed this up by using the employees when they have private shows available. I don’t even want to know what kind of freaky things they’re working on, but as the CEO I have to help them perform. You’re going to do this by clicking repeatedly on them and this will of course… Aid them? It doesn’t matter, what matters is that your bank is filling up with fat stacks of cash.After you’ve got a bit of money going for you it’s time to hire your second employee. And who could possibly be better for the job than a… Schoolgirl in a skimpy outfit. Great. I mean honestly, this is just what the company needs. Unexperienced workers. And look, her first picture for you is so tame it’s a complete waste of time. She doesn’t show anything in this one but her panties. What the hell is this softcore bull? Oh alright, it doesn’t matter, after all, we can just reply again to her and get the next picture and- NOPE, you only get two replies and then you have to wait for them to recharge. You can always buy them, but come on… Really? Do I have to pay real money for some hentai artwork? I mean don’t get me wrong the art is amazing, but still. Why do I only get two replies? Well, I guess it’ll have to satisfy me for the time being.While you wait for the replies to charge up again you can continue hiring more and more employees, filling up your roster of hot workers. Each one of the characters has their own demeanor and you can definitely make out that a lot of thought was put into making the dialogue for these girls. The shy girl is, shocker, shy, and the maid is more formal and addresses you as her master. Kinky. But some people might be more into the shy girl antics instead. It really depends on the type of person you are. As you’re hiring these girls, you can upgrade them, which will make them generate more money automatically without you having to click on them. It always does help when they have private shows which are marked with a pink coin hovering over them. Use these opportunities to gain a lot of cash in a short span of time.Alright, so let’s address the elephant in the room. The microtransactions. Yeah, things are kind of pricey. And you can’t even just reply regularly to all emails with the recharge option, instead, you sometimes have to wait for token drops which can further delay your access to some juicy hentai art. This can all be bypassed by simply spending real money on the game, but why would you make things this polarized when it comes to being a free to play guy and a cash whale. I mean I’m always willing to pay for a good wank, but this is ridiculous. At least make the prices a tad bit cheaper or something. I could only unlock 3 pictures at the beginning of the game before I was forced to wait for email reply refills.Other than that, I think Fap CEO is a great game for those that like clicker type entertainment. There’s a lot of idling going on, so you can always leave this bad boy running in the background while you’re doing something “productive” and you can come back to the game at any time to further the storyline with the amazing cast of characters that you’ll meet while going through the game. I definitely recommend this game, at least as a time killer.