Want to see some interactive porn at Life Selector? Looking for some "choose your own adventure" porn? Simply watching porn is great, sure. But don’t you ever wish you could be right there in the action calling the shots? Of course, you do. Who the fuck doesn’t? Now, I can’t fly you out to the best porn studios to have you take Emma Hix in the ass, but I may have the next best thing. Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid? The ones where you flipped through the pages based on your decisions. Well, there’s porn that is pretty similar to that. It’s rather new, it’s exciting, and I have just the site that’s been leading the charge in this genre.Lifeselector.com is an interactive porn site that lets you roleplay through the narrative of each video. But put away the dice and paper you nerds, this isn’t that kind of roleplay. This isn’t any of that animated shit either. And no page flipping necessary. You get real pornstars and real scenes. All of the hottest chicks in the world are yours to command any way you want. And Life Selector has been crafting these porn games since as early as 2011. The niche is still growing, and they draw in around 3 million visitors every month. It’s a modest number, but they are steadily growing each month!When you first head to lifeselector.com you’re taken to their home page that is decorated with big ass HD previews for their newest shows/games. This giant slideshow up top shows images from their most popular new shows, while the rest of the page has previews for their top-rated, newest, and live cam content. You can scroll through here and stop your cursor over some of these previews to get a few more images of what to expect from each show.Tons of Information for the Wary BuyerLet’s jump right into the meat of this site and talk about the shows. One of the top shows right now is “A Day with Riley Reid.” I couldn’t turn that down, so let’s see how this shit works. You click on the show and get taken to a preview page where you get a nice written description of the game, as well as a slideshow of images from the show itself. You can also check out the cast of stars in the video, a photo gallery from the video, and see what rating out of 5 starts the video has. But if you’re still not too sure about it you can click the “View Trailer” button and get a short video that teases some of the content from the actual game.Once you’re rock hard and ready to go, you can click the start game button down at the bottom right side of the screen. Once you click start you are given some of the story highlights and the option to unlock the full show using the site credits currency. Unlocking the full show gives you more features, more scenes, and a lot more content. Without the full show, it’s kind of like a teaser trailer for the full game. Definitely worth unlocking the full shebang. But once you decide what to do you click start again and dive into the action.Live your Kinkiest Fantasies with Loads of In-Video OptionsIn the actual video player, you have quite a few options. You can change the video quality, report a bug, go full screen, or skip the scene currently playing. The video is broken up to scenes that play after you make certain decisions. With the Riley Reid video, you sit in bed with her and then decide whether or not you stay in bed and let her blow you, or if you want to take her outside and do some kinky shit out there. Each option will also tell you if it’s free or not, so you won’t spend credits by accident.Unlocking the full shot gives you access to every single scene. If you’re super impatient, there’s also a “Skip to Sex” button that lets you, well, skip right to the sex. Once you get further into the scene and start fucking, you have a bunch of options to change positions and shit too. You really have a ton of kinky shit you can do in each scene. And each show lasts a good while. You get a good amount of bang for your buck here, plus you can replay these games at any time after you buy them.Not all of the scenes are completely sexual either. If you’re into more of the girlfriend experience type porn, then there are options for you to have more a wholesome kind of evening if that’s more your speed. But they have fetish shit here as well. You can roleplay getting fucked by a dominatrix, take control of a hot sex-slave, and much more.Lots of Other Site Features to Explore and A Good Mobile ExperienceBut once you’re done jacking it to your first show, you can explore some of the other cool site features they have here. The shows page lets you sort all of the shows on the site by rating, upload date, fetish, etc. There’s no category page, which is a bit of a letdown, but you can sort by the tags and such on the left-hand side of the screen pretty easily. And there’s a decent selection of different kinds of videos here too. It’s not a huge catalog like a regular porn site, but you have well over 3-4 hundred games that you can check out. Definitely enough to keep even the biggest porn addict occupied.Then you have a page where you can browse by the models. You can click through and find your favorite pornstar and see what videos and photo galleries they have been featured in. And they have just about every popular star here! You can also browse all of their live cam girls by clicking on the other tab, which will take you to their lifeselectorcams.com site. Unfortunately, the credits don’t transfer over or anything, so you’ll have to shell out a bit more cash if you want to tip these sexy camwhores.If you’re not feeling the whole interactive experience deal they have going on here, then you can check out full photo galleries from their most popular porn games. Yeah, you have to use some of your credits, but it’s a lot less than paying for the full-on show. On the other side of things, if you’re really waiting for their up and coming show you can pre-order shows and get a discount on the cost. You can even go over to their “vote” tab and help decide who will be the next pornstar to get a full show. Beyond those features, there are also some “extras” like deals for other sites, sex dating, 3d SFM porn games, and a few other things If you’re looking for something a little different.Since the site is so interactive, I wasn’t expecting it work very well on mobile, but I was pleasantly surprised. The videos load just fine and all of the same site features are available on the mobile version. No complaints here!ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about this site, aside from the incredibly unique content, is definitely the amount of material and information they have for each one of their porn games. You get trailers, text descriptions, photo galleries, and model info all at your disposal. This site makes sure that every dollar you spend feels well spent. You know nearly every detail about the video before you buy it.I also think the voting option is pretty fucking cool. It’s a good idea to bring the interactivity of the porn games to the site itself. Being able to have a say in which bitch you get to fuck next really brings everything together here. It’s a nice touch.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy only suggestion here would be to develop a dedicated categories page. Yeah, the sidebar works just fine, but I would like to see previews and shit for each category like you would see on other sites. Other than that, I think this site has a fuck ton to offer and they have a pretty good hold over this interactive porn niche.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsI like this site. You have to pay a bit to really enjoy it, but you get a unique experience that you just can’t get anywhere else. That’s what premium sites should be like. So, load up on those credits and choose who you are going to fuck next. All I’ll leave you with is a recommendation. The “Choose Your Girlfriend!” show is pretty fucking dope. That’s it. See ya!