I had high hopes for Comix Harem as soon as I heard about it. After all, it’s from the same folks who brought us Hentai Heroes. And unless you’re brand new to the world of porno gaming, there’s a damn good chance you’ve already invested a few hours or a whole bunch of days into Hentai Heroes. The game is known for its high-quality art, a huge number of seducible babes, and a big, elaborate storyline. If you haven’t played it, you can check out my review here at ThePornDude, or read on to find out about the company’s newer offering.ComixHarem.com wasn’t registered until late 2020, but given that impressive lineage, the site has been gaining traction fast. I knew as soon as I heard about this free-to-play comic-based porno RPG visual novelthat I was going to have to take a few days off from my usual fap routine to immerse myself in their brand spanking new world of perverse cartoon humping. Let’s see how it stacks up against Hentai Heroes.Build Your Own Comix HaremFirst things first, you, fans of Hentai Heroes, will notice the similarities right away. After you get past the Adults-Only warning screen, you’re faced with the ComixHarem interface. Just like for the familiar Hentai Heroes’, it’s a rectangular image with a few icons along the edges and a big PLAY button in the middle.The starting background image has a bright color palette and high-quality art that immediately reminds me of Hentai Heroes as well, but with one big difference: this game is built with X-rated comic art in a Western-style. In other words, the broads have got smaller eyes than those anime girls from the other game. You will see some manga influence, though, like ahegao faces.I was ready to get right into it, so I clicked that PLAY button, which activated a wah-wah porno funk soundtrack and gave me a new image. Three superhero babes teamed up on one guy, presumably the lead character, stroking and sucking his cock while passing some spit between each other. One girl’s got a buttplug in, so we’re off to an excellent start.“You’re doing so well, girls!” says the stud getting his balls milked. I clicked the NEXT button to advance to the next frame, where all the girls have stringers of spit and cum dripping from their faces. Then, the redhead tells me, “I want you to fuck me hard, Wildman!”If you’ve played the other game or you’re a fan of visual novels, you’re going to feel right at home. The Comix Harem opening is a one-handed clickfest, serving up an elaborate fuck scene with a ton of sexy art to get you in the mood. Within minutes, the lead dude is seen in a room of superheroines in skimpy outfits, the apparent leader of the supergroup.I love this little sneak peek of some of the chicks that I’m sure ComixHarem.com will allow me to seduce. Even though this game’s in the Beta, there are a ton of hot comic-book superheroines to hook up with. I’m definitely going after that thick redhead with the cleavage as soon as I get the chance.Exploring the GameplayComixHarem quickly mentions it’s in the beta version before dropping you into another sex scene as the intro plays on. This one’s a flashback to a moment of doggystyle, the babe saying you’re not a hero yet, and you need to fill her cunt. Then they start introducing gameplay elements as soon as the footjob starts. I got offered another round if I was willing to spend a lightning point. Not only was it more fap fodder, but I got 500 XP, putting me a quarter of the way toward Level 2.I reached Level 2 a few seconds later after expending a few more points and some in-game currency. Of course, fans of free-to-play games will already recognize where this is going, with a gacha system that will eventually try to milk you for real money. However, Hentai Heroes never felt like a rip-off like some microtransaction games, so I’m hoping this one won’t either. Hell, I haven’t even signed up for an account yet, so they, obviously, don’t need my credit card digits yet.A few minutes later, I’d fucked my way to Level 3 of ComixHarem. I had to keep spending those lightning-bolt points to keep fucking, but as I leveled up, I got more. The game runs on a timer, so don’t click through the scenes too fast, or you’re more likely to run out of those points.Finally, ComixHarem.com decided it was time to make me sign up. You can use the same account for any of the Kinkoid Games, but I just went ahead and made a new account since I’m fucking terrible with passwords. Registration is instant; just offer up a sacrificial email address. They don’t ask for payment information yet, but they will immediately start offering to sell you in-game currency for real currency. You know how it goes.How Big Will Your Comix Harem Be?I always like to see how far I can play before actually shelling out any cash. So I got to Level 4 and claimed a couple of Rewards, including boosting Bunny Girl’s Attraction. At this point, they give you your first look at your own Comix Harem, where I’m guessing I’ll see more of her.As implied in the game’s title, one of the game’s goals is to build a harem of comic babes who will make you money by fucking. Bunny Girl already has a hundo for me, but I need to get a couple more babes to unlock more of the Harem features.Like Hentai Heroes, you’ll be slowly unraveling a story with branching paths, unlocking more of the content as you go. New players start the Adventure mode in Begin City. Two other areas are visible but locked, with a few empty spaces that say COMING SOON. I guess that’s what they mean by Beta, but it’s all good; if I recall correctly, one of the reasons Hentai Heroes is so big is that they kept adding content to it for a long time. I’d rather wait for more than have a boring, short experience.I don’t think I’m going to get bored, though. There’s so much to do, and you can do a free replay of any quest you’ve already completed. So I made my way to the next scene, where I spent more points, money, and items on a superhero investigation. A busty ninja chick in the alley needed help, which naturally led to a tit-enhanced blowjob before I banged her up against a dirty alley wall.Before I knew it, I’d fucked my way to Level 8 and added the ninja girl to my harem. They both made me some money, so I spent some of it upgrading their stats by buying books like the Super Kamasutra and some kinky accessories like a cat mask and butt plug. I also bought some potions, but ComixHarem.com gave me a warning that they cost Gold. I’m guessing Gold is either much harder to earn in the game or is only available for purchase with real money. (I did earn 150 by clicking the registration link in the email they sent me, by the way.)One thing I really like about ComixHarem is that you can have a decent playing experience without actually paying. It doesn’t feel like they’re just trying to guide you to the store the entire fucking time. Keep an eye on the timer that refreshes those lightning-bolt points because those determine how much content you’re going to get for free. Savor the images and the sex scenes because clicking too fast will deplete your points, leaving you stuck for a while.I know the cheapskate library masturbators are going to complain that there are any in-game purchases at all, and those of you who burn through these things quickly will probably lament the fact that the game is in Beta and unfinished. But, personally, my biggest complaint was just how repetitive the soundtrack got after a few minutes. Wow wow, Chicka Chicka waaah wicka, and so on and so forth for the entire time.Minor issues aside, this one’s an obvious winner. If you enjoyed Hentai Heroes and you appreciate comic book art as much as you like manga, you’re going to love this. Those of you who stayed away from Hentai Heroes because of the hentai style are probably going to eat this one up, too. So give it a shot, and remember: don’t click through everything too fast!