Nutaku games! Those of you who have been following my reviews will know by now that I have not been, historically, a big fan of gaming or hentai. As far as gaming is concerned: I’ve never really played a porn game before that warranted all of the work and time that they require. In other words, it is hard to find a porn game that has a good enough balance between the gaming and porn elements—games always seem to lean too heavily on the game side, leaving the porn parts a little relatively underwhelming.When it comes to hentai, I just prefer to jerk my chicken to real women, as opposed to cartoon bitches. Porn, for me, has always been about narrowing the gap between my fantasies and my everyday life. I'm talking about things like getting to fuck my sexy secretary on my desk, stumbling upon a sorority orgy, having a student stop by my office hours for a little hard-earned extra credit, you know, stuff that could, realistically, occur. Hentai, on the other hand, is just full of impossible situations. Not to mention, and I reiterate, it requires jacking off to cartoons. I just never got into that idea.I bring up porn games and hentai together because they often seem to go hand in hand (or, as the case may be for many of you pornophiles, dick in hand). It looks like the overwhelming majority of porn games out there heavily rely on hentai-inspired graphics and animations. It's somewhat less frequently the case when it comes to multiplayer 3D virtual chat games, sure, but if we’re talking about the overwhelming majority of porn strategy games, RPGs, or clickers, it seems like it’s hentai all the way.Could it be, because many games are created in Japan, or perhaps because a lot of porn gamers are also hentai fans? Probably a combination of both factors. But, whatever the reason, there are hundreds upon hundreds of hentai-based porn games like Hentai Heroes on the web, some of which are 100%, undeniably better than others.The Leaders of Online Hentai Porn GamingIt’s almost impossible to discuss online hentai porn games without bringing up Nutaku. Nutaku.net is an online adult gaming platform based out of Canada that focuses primarily on hentai games. The site, nutaku.com, features many games that can be played right on your internet browser, some that can be downloaded, and even mobile games to enjoy on the go. Nutaku offers games that are 100 % free to play, as well as purchasable games and microtransactions-based features.With over 100 million visitors each month, Nutaku is easily one of the biggest adult gaming platforms on the web. In addition to being an incredible place for indie game developers to demo and share their work, the site offers games across multiple genres: action-adventure, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, strategy, defend-the-tower type games, dating simulators, point and click games, collectible card games, visual and kinetic novels, turn-based strategy games, and virtual reality games. This site is massive and diverse; there’s a little something for everyone on Nutaku, even non-gamers like myself (I don’t mind chat-based MMOs and sims as much, since it can be fun to interact with real people in game form).Where to Begin?Shit, this site is so huge, I don’t even know where to begin. Hmm, I suppose it would make the most sense to start on the homepage, not? From the moment you land on it, you can immediately tell that Nutaku is legit. The site’s design rivals that of Steam’s (a mainstream online gaming platform). In fact, Nutaku is actually known as “the steamy Steam,” and I think it’s safe to say that the comparison is warranted.The site’s design is simple yet effective. You’ve got a very slim menu bar at the top of the site, which only features a small logo, “Games,” “Game Events,” and “Support.” Below that, you can get right to business and play some of the games the site has to offer. Click on one of the thumbnails to be brought to that game’s specific page, with a description of the game, instructions for play, and screenshots or videos of gameplay.Thumbnails are separated into “Top Ranking Free Nutaku Hentai Games,” “Top Ranking Mobile Porn Games,” “Top Ranking Downloadable Porn Games,” “Nutaku Exclusive Porn Games,” “Free Online Hentai Games,” “Newest Porn Games,” “Nutaku’s Staff Picks,” and “Upcoming Games.” The site has done a great job of organizing its massive amount of content for you to browse and find just what you’re looking for easily.To the right of the featured games, you have a section titled “Current Game Events,” which lists tournaments or current challenges going on in that game, along with a countdown letting you know how much longer the event will be going on for. Another cool feature of the site design is that you can customize the background color. You’ll also find a helpful link to Nutaku’s VR game content and social media links in the same area.Click on “Browse” and be brought to a handy page that makes searching through their massive game collection even easier — filter results by genre, tag, developer, publisher, or language. Also, switch between browser, mobile, and downloadable games in your search and order results either by rank, recency, price (if applicable), or alphabetically.Gameplay Just as Top Notch as Site DesignAs far as the games themselves are concerned, well, I certainly can’t speak for everything available on Nutaku. I would have to spend all day and night on my computer, playing game after game for a month. Anyway, based on the few that I was able to check out, they seem to be of really high quality. Again, I’m not a big gamer, so I can’t speak too much to this, but the in-browser games did not appear to be glitchy, they all functioned properly and without any lag, so that is a good sign, right?One of the games that I played was surprisingly addictive. It is called Fap CEO. The premise is that you are starting an XXX cam company, so you hire super sexy girls to work for you. Basically, they send you emails with naughty pics of themselves, and they make you money. The faster you click on an employee, the more aroused she will become, and, therefore, the harder she will work.You can level girls up as you have the funds to do so, and the goal is to earn enough money to eventually sell your company (and see some soaking wet hentai pussy in the meantime). It was just a simple clicker game (with a tiny bit of strategy involved), but I had a decent enough time playing it. For the hardcore gamers out there, fear not, it looks like there are some pretty elaborate and involved RPG and strategy games on Nutaku as well. Girls on Tanks, Cunt Wars (Chick Wars) and Rum Blade seem to be pretty popular choices.Nutaku Just Keeps ImpressingBut wait, the site only keeps getting better. Last but not least, I need to mention the fact that Nutaku does not feature a single ad anywhere on the site. Hallelujah! If this isn’t proof of the fact that ads are an unnecessary and insignificant channel for additional revenue, I don’t know what is. Can you imagine how fucking massive Nutaku’s server must be, to accommodate over 9 million users and a shit ton of high-quality, enormous games with no lag time or glitches?And can they host all of the games without any ads? Yet, you mean to tell me that any porn aggregator and tube sites can’t afford a few thousand videos and links without raping our eyeballs with ads? Bullshit. Thank you, Nutaku, for raising the bar in yet another way.All in all, Nutaku is an excellent site. Tons of games (a bunch of free ones), plenty of modes of play (browser, download, mobile), and impressive site design. Not to forget, the top-notch gameplay, a diverse range of gaming styles and genres, regular updates, and no ads all add up to make Nutaku the premier site for porn gaming.Even though porn gaming isn’t really my cup of tea and I probably won’t be returning to get my fap on any time soon, it is clear that there aren’t any porn game platforms that I’ve seen that even come close to touching Nutaku. And, who knows, maybe someday I’ll warm up to the idea of getting off while playing a game. If so, Nutaku is the first place, where I’ll be going without a doubt. Happy fapping (and gaming), fuckers!