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Whenever my dick gets rock solid, I already know what I am in the mood to wank off to. I am sure many of you guys are the same. However, searching for a specific kind of porno on Google is not that fun, especially if you are ready to go. Google is an amazing search engine, but it gives you all kinds of results. Thus searching for something specific will take some time.It all really makes sense if you think about it. Google is meant for everyone, not just the perverts of the internet. With that said, you’ll be happy to hear that there are search engines solely dedicated to porn, instead! Take, for example. is a free search engine dedicated to pornographic content. So finding something specific is not will help you find all kinds of pornos. But I know that you are here for that hot erotica! Otherwise, why the fuck are you browsing in this TPD category? Anyway, I shall give you the overall of what has to offer while focusing on that naughty erotic content. So, if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, you are welcome to stay!Free erotic porn moviesThe link I provided will take you to the erotic side of immediately, but even if you just visit the homepage, finding erotic porn is not rocket science. All you have to do is write “erotic,” and that’s it. You can write whatever the fuck you want in that search box, but I shall talk about that a bit later in this review.So, what can you expect from the erotic side of Well, you can expect all kinds of naughty porn movies. See, the beauty of erotic videos is that they offer a lot of variety. Some people love to label their videos erotic, even if they are hardcore fucking, while you have people who prefer to watch passionate erotic videos.On, you have it all. As I was browsing through the erotic selection of pornos, I’ve seen the hardcore, mainstream, and sensual pornos. It all really depends on what the fuck you were hoping to see. That is also the beauty of; it is a free search engine website that focuses on porn, so you are bound to find whatever the fuck you are searching for.There will be over 224k porn movies featuring erotic content all over the internet. What the fuck do I mean by saying that? Well, you are using to search for porn, but these pornos are not posted on the website. works in the same sense as Google, so it will give you results from all over the internet with the best pornos, according to whatever the fuck you searched for.This also means that the content, length, quality, and all that shit will vary a lot. It all really depends on the video you check out since they all come from different websites. Some videos are very long, while others are maybe 2 minutes only. I did see a couple of Japanese movies that showed full porn scenes and lasted hours, but those scenes are rare unless you just search for them.The quality of the videos was usually solid, but as I said, that depends. Maybe I was just lucky enough to click on only the good-quality videos. Do not be surprised if you click on a horrible quality clip or that no longer exists. While does filter its searches out from time to time to get rid of deleted videos, it takes time. So sometimes, you can run into videos that were deleted.I mean, I could spend hours talking about erotic content, but it is what it is. They are videos filled with naughty shit, featuring the hottest babes in the industry, or just amateur cuties doing what they do best. All the videos on are different, so I am sure that you will find a lot of perfect fap-videos with enough browsing.Personally, I enjoyed my stay on the erotic side of, and you are also going to. Now, if you are not here for the erotic videos, don’t worry. I shall discuss what else has to offer! As for those who love the less-hardcore and more sensual and passionate banging, you are going to love what has to offer.Many categories covered!Let’s not forget that is a search engine, which means that it will offer anything you want. As long as you search for something relevant to porn, you can find it here. For example, if you search for “erotic’ in, you will also get some other suggestions that other people tend to search for. In this case, you can see suggestions such as softcore, passion, erotic massage, erotic movies, and so on.Of course, this applies to whatever the fuck you are searching for, but try not to search for long phrases. I mean, just specify what you would like to watch, and you will get great results. You can also check out the “directory” on, and there you get to see all the tags that the site actually covers. You will be happy to see that encompasses a wide range of porn niches!One thing you’ll be happy to know is that you do not only have videos on; you have images and models as well. Overall, there are over 34 million tube videos, almost 2 million galleries, and 55k + models to choose from on See, this is why I like to say that you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for, even if you are picky with your content.Advanced search options are pretty neatIf you have something incredibly specific you are trying to find, the advanced search options on might help you. Their searches do not work in the same way you’d expect. Usually, we get different checkboxes and then pick what we are interested in. However, on, you will get a couple of empty boxes where you can manually write what you want.So you can search for videos that all have the term you write or the exact word or phrase. You can choose to search for something that might have the word you wrote or something similar or exclude something. Let’s say that you only want to watch teenage babes get anally fucked; then you would like to exclude the word “mature” or “milf”.Honestly, their search options are great. You can search for different things, but you can also choose what you do not like to see. You could also specify which site is your favorite and get results just from that site. Even if you are browsing on, you can also choose if you just want straight, gay, bizarre, tranny, or other big porn niches and even the length. Overall, their advanced search options are surely going to help picky fappers.Some user featuresIf you want, you can register on, but you do not have to. The registration is entirely optional, and it is mostly for those who enjoy having added user-privileges. Now, I know that you might be confused as to what the fuck do I mean by this, which is why you should let me clarify first.So, if you choose to register for free on, you will become a part of the site. You will be able to create your own favorite playlist instead of bookmarking every video you like. This makes finding your favorite pornos a lot easier. But, if you choose not to register, you will still be able to enjoy searching for porn through, but you will not be able to favorite videos. They also claim that they will add more features soon.Other than that, there are no user-privileges, and honestly, you do not really need them. Google basically gives you the same kinds of privileges if you think about it. On top of the site, you will be able to change the language if English is not your preferred option. But other than that, I have nothing more to add. I think that does a great job at being a porn search engine, and they have an excellent selection of erotic videos and images. So, take your time, browse and enjoy yourself as much as you fucking want.