Do you know what time it is? It’s time for ladies to show that they can have sexual tastes too and that they can get aroused just like men have. That being said, chicks like to keep it a bit classier when they are looking at the content, which gets their blood pumping. So, if you’re a girl who wants to get her groove on and explore her sexuality in an inclusive environment, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are looking at a sub called /r/LadyBoners, and while I’m not someone who reviews SFW subs that often, I’m guessing that this one is pretty great for women who are looking to drool over some handsome men.Mostly classy and non-NSFW content of handsome guysI get it, ladies; you don’t like to see cocks all that much to show that you’re not sluts. But let’s face it, whenever I show my dick to a chick, she can’t help but fuck me. With that in mind, I still think that some girls like to keep it quite classy and I guess that is the kind of audience you can expect on this sub. It’s also the kind of content you can expect too. For the most part, the pictures posted to this sub are of famous celebrities who are just really good looking. Very few pictures are of naked men and they are always marked as NSFW. This gives this subreddit the title and privileges of a non-NSFW subreddit.Why would any sub want to be a non-NSFW sub? Well, I’ll tell you why. As a subreddit that does not primarily engage in NSFW posts, you can get a lot more members to subscribe to you. When you click on this sub, you won’t have to confirm that you are 18. That kind of thing is pretty off-putting for many girls, believe it or not. Most chicks out there like to see handsome men, but the most they want to see as far as sexual organs are concerned are outlines of a dick through some tight boxer shorts. So, expect a lot of classy non-NSFW content of handsome men to be presented to you on the /r/LadyBoners subreddit.No porn of any kind is allowed on this SFW subredditIf you take that into consideration, I’m sure that some of you are going to check out my porn for women section and just look for other kinds of content. I get it, gals, sometimes you like to be freaks too. At times not even the most handsome actor can satisfy that urge that you have and you just have to go straight for the cocks and masturbate until you have the best orgasm ever. All of that makes sense to me, and it even makes more sense than this sub. For example, I just don’t know how this sub can be considered sexual at times. There are so many photos of just guys who are wearing full clothes with a suit and shit.Like, if you want to enjoy yourself, girls, there’s nothing to be shy about when you watch porn. As the official spokesperson for porn lovers across the glove, The Porn Dude assures you that women are welcome to watch and enjoy porn just as much as men are. That’s why I show you so many sources of great erotic porn out there. /r/LadyBoners isn’t one of those because it doesn’t really allow for porn. This is probably the thing that irks me the most when it comes to this sub. I’m The Porn Dude, and when I see a sub that doesn’t allow for any kind of porn, I just don’t like the sound of that at all!High-quality content for free in the Hot sectionHowever, one thing does have to be said about this sub. Even though it doesn’t offer porn, it does show you pictures that I can imagine many girls can get off to. It doesn’t show you any videos, which is another minus in my book, but it does show you many hot guys with really nice abs that you can play around with. And by “play around with”, I mean to rub your clit until you’re moaning and screaming and eventually reach the hottest orgasm of your entire fucking life. After all, I think that’s the entire point of subs like /r/LadyBoners. Anyway, I’m sure many of you are going to love the photos posted on here.Not to mention that the pics are just really high-quality in most cases. Like, you might find the occasional oddball of a post where a girl just posted a shitty quality selfie from a famous celebrity, but at the same time, you will find a lot of great content which just screams of quality! And you don’t have to search far and wide to find it. The Hot section is full of great content every day and you can find so much in terms of high quality in that section alone. When it comes to the quality versus quantity ratio, the Hot section is the place to be at, though the New section also does have plenty of high-quality posts in it!Pretty sizable community with plenty of engagementOne more thing that we can’t forget is that the community aspect is quite important on Reddit, and this is especially true when it comes to subreddits that are not NSFW. So, when we look at that aspect of the /r/LadyBoners sub, what can we find out? Well, I think this place actually gets a fair bit of interaction on the Hot section's biggest posts. However, the newer posts and many of them on the Hot section can often be seen with one or two comments or even none at all. I guess not every photo is worthy of discussion for chicks. But some of the images in hot get dozens of comments going as well!The interaction and engagement is certainly helped by the fact that there are over 280,000 members on this sub. Now, what I will say is that this number is low when you consider that this SFW subreddit was created all the way back in 2011. I can’t see anything in particular that they are doing wrong. Maybe girls just aren’t interested in this kind of content then. Or, more probably, there are just far fewer girls on Reddit in general, and the platform is mostly dominated by guys anyway. So, when you take all of these things into consideration, is /r/LadyBoners a success? Well, I’ll let you girls be the judge of that once you go to the sub and use it for yourself for a while. You can just lurk around and enjoy yourselves.I can sniff out feminists in the moderator listThe design of the sub is pretty nice. They have their own custom colors, a custom cover photo and avatar that works really well and uses the Reddit robot design. It’s all pretty great and I can’t really say much bad about it. I guess one thing that could be added is a flair option for NSFW so that girls who want to see NSFW content can see just that and it can be quite classy since it’s on this sub, and then the girls who don’t want any NSFW content can just easily filter it out. They won’t even have to see that blurred out image with the NSFW tag in that case! So yeah, flairs would be a really nice addition here.And finally, there’s one more thing to consider and those are the rules. You can see that there are many of them and they seem a bit pretentious at times to be honest. It kind of looks like some of the mods are raging feminists who are trying their hardest just to stay calm and not reveal hat about themselves. I mean, that could be the case, and if it is, it wouldn’t surprise me. You guys know my opinion on feminism and bullshit like that. And while I do love showing you girls porn for women, I hate all that feminism and empowerment bullshit that gets served these days. Better to just skip over all that crap.