Every man loves to stroke his stuff, and some of us also like to film the process. But, what fun is it to film yourself wank off if you do not have an audience who will appreciate your art… right? Well, that is where Reddit.com comes in! This place has a subreddit for all your dirty needs, and the one I shall mention today is called r/jacking/.This subreddit is basically just that; a place where men can post their masturbation videos. Reddit.com is a free website, and it has over millions of subreddits, a lot of which are NSFW. For the complete newbies, NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work, and usually, if a subreddit has this label, you can expect some pornographic shit. r/jacking/ is obviously a NSFW subreddit, and it is filled with videos and gifs of dicks.Expect lots of masturbation!That is the essence of what r/jacking/ is all about. So, if you did not come here to see horny dudes touch themselves, then I am not sure what the fuck to tell you. I think my first paragraph pretty much covers the gist of it… so if you are here expecting anything else than what I described, you are a fucking moron. As for those who more than happy to see men in action, welcome to r/jacking/.This subreddit is great for women who cannot seem to get any action in real life. Of course, dudes who appreciate wood polishing are also welcome. As long as you appreciate looking at dudes wank off, you are going to have a great time. However, what kind of content can you really expect? I mean, saying that these are all just solo masturbation videos is very broad.You have a combination of both videos and gifs here… no images. Personally, I think videos/gifs make a lot more sense than images. I mean, when you are in the mood to watch people masturbate… do you search for videos or pictures? Exactly. With that said, I should also mention that some of the gifs here are not that impressive… and at the end of the day, they are just short videos on loop.But, as I always like to say, to each their own. The gifs were not really that impressive, since if you can choose between watching a video or a gif.. what the fuck would you pick? Do not worry; I am not here to rain on your parade; if you prefer gifs, go nuts, my lads and sluts. I will be in the other corner, appreciating videos instead.Listen, I am not really a fan of looking at other dudes grabbing their shaft and maturating. But, I am so comfortable with my own sexuality that I can appreciate good cocks when I see them. Some dudes are really hung, others… not so much. So I guess what I am trying to say is that you have cocks of all shapes and sizes; some are curved, some are straight.The videos are usually pretty short, but that is to be expected. On Reddit.com, you have a lot of subreddits that are filled with videos. A lot of those are filled with pornographic videos, but they are never full length. Usually, you will just get the best part of the video and then a link where you can watch the full clip… or something along those lines.The videos here are about 15 to 40 seconds long… it all really depends on the video you choose to check out. Since the whole point of r/jacking/ is to see dudes wank off and ejaculate, that makes a lot of sense. Not to mention that the motion of masturbating for men is pretty repetitive… thus, there is no real reason for the videos to be longer. We would all just be fucking bored.All that really matters is that you have a shit ton of content and that everything on r/jacking/ is uploaded by the users. Not only that, but all the videos were also made by the users, in this case. That is actually one of the rules when it comes to contriving to this community… which I shall mention later. Since all is free, take your time and explore as much as your dick or pussy desires.You can register.One thing that everyone can appreciate is that you can choose whether you want to register on Reddit or not. You do not have to register; because even then, you will be able to enjoy all that r/jacking/ has to offer. However, the registration to Reddit.com is free, and if you are a member, you will have a lot more privileges overall.Redditors can vote and downvote any of the posts in r/jacking/ or anywhere else. They can also comment and post their own crap. Basically, you get to enjoy all the usual privileges. You do also get the additional option of chatting with other members! That is pretty dope, considering that Reddit is not primarily made for that.However, if you came to r/jacking/ subreddit just to chat… do not be surprised if the majority of the users ignore you. With so many subreddits, some are made for chatting while others are made for the specific niche… in this case, for men jerking off. So, if you really just want to chat, I have reviewed a ton of those kinds of websites, so check them out instead.All the information about each subreddit will be listed on the side of that subreddit. On r/jacking/, you get to see a short description that was written by the creator of the subreddit. You can also see that the subreddit was created in 2012 and that it has over 109k members. With so many Redditors, the updates are also pretty frequent… but you never know when the fuck to expect them.Basically, since everything on Reddit is uploaded by the users, the updates are very random. On r/jacking/ I’ve seen updates basically every day… but there is no specific schedule. You could even have days when there are no updates… Anyway, if you are not satisfied with what r/jacking/ has to offer, there are a shit ton of other subreddits you can check out. In case you still cannot find whatever it is that you are searching for, you can create your own subreddit.Upload your own private videos.Do you think people would enjoy watching your dick in action? Well, if you do, you are more than welcome to post your shit on r/jacking/. However, if you plan to contribute to r/jacking/ or any other subreddit, you must read the rules of that subreddit. In this case, you have a couple of rules that are also very straight forward. It is important that you actually read them, or you will be banned from the website.Basically, you need to be of age, all the content on r/jacking/ needs to include the actual users… aka you should not be posting somebody else’s crap. Be respectful, do not spam, don’t share your social media, only gifs and videos are allowed… and so on. I will not mention all the rules because they are all fucking written on the site. If you really want to post, you can check that crap out.That’s about it.The only things that I kind of mind when it comes to Reddit are the search options. Basically, you will have a big search box on top, where you can search for other subreddits… but that works as well as you could assume. Other than that, you do not have any advanced search options, other than some subreddits having filters. That’s kind of shitty, considering just how much content Reddit has.Overall, I think that everyone who loves to watch men masturbate will enjoy r/jacking/ as well. There are dudes of all shapes and sizes, and their dicks vary as well. For the most part, the videos will only include them from the neck down… I guess the ladies are a lot braver when it comes to posting their faces as well. Oh well.In case you get bored with what r/jacking/ has to offer, there are a lot of other subreddits you can explore. It all comes down to your personal preferences since, from my experience, there is a subreddit for everything. In fact, I have reviewed a lot of their NSFW subreddits, so if you are searching for something specific, you can just check out my other reviews.