Reddit Bulges, aka r/Bulges! Ladies, you should know that The Porn Dude cares about you too. I know I might have made some unsavory comments about females who like to have a lot of sex in the past, but let’s just leave that behind us. I’m extending an olive branch here, and that olive branch comes in the form of a subreddit by the name of /r/Bulges. I really threw myself into the fire with this one, girls, so you better appreciate what I’m doing for you. I had to look at so many dicks on this sub just to review it for you, so I hope you put this to good use and get some enjoyment out of this subreddit. Let’s dive in and check it out.Redditors who can’t hide their huge bulgeFirst things first, let’s talk about what /r/Bulges is all about. This sub isn’t the same as any other subreddit made to appease girls with big dicks. With this one, the dicks are hidden and out of sight before they are revealed. It’s this kind of dynamic that really sets this place apart from other ones on the internet. You see, with /r/Bulges, you can always expect to expect a lot. What do I mean by this? It’s all about anticipation here. You just want to see the bulge, but not the nude dick. And the bulge can be displayed in many ways. One of them is to show off the guys wearing a tight set of undies for example.Whether they like to wear boxers or briefs, one thing stays the same for all these guys, and that’s that they just can’t hide their huge bulge no matter what. And yes, that rhyme scheme was completely accidental right there. Anyway, let’s continue on and see what else this subreddit has to offer you gals. I’m sure many of you are enthralled already and want to see this sub for yourself. If that’s the case, then go right ahead; I won’t stall you any longer. But for those of you that want to read more about this subreddit before you check it out, we’re going to look at some technicalities and see how it all works.Receive free bulge content every single dayFor example, I’m sure many of your girls out there want to know is whether or not you have to pay for anything when you’re on this subreddit. Well, for those of you who are new to Reddit, I have some really good news. Most of the subs on this platform are completely free to explore and post to. Of course, seeing as how you are girls, you won’t exactly be able to post to this subreddit. Then again, you probably don’t care about that either. What you care about is getting a steady influx of new bulge pics every day and that’s exactly what is going to happen here. And it’s going to happen for free.So yes, you can expect all of the bulge pics to be completely free here. This sub prides itself in being able to provide its female visitors with all the bulge pics that they could ever desire. These girls really know how to use this sub to its full potential. One of the great things about it is also that the girls seem to be really into checking out the sub quite often. This means that there is always a bunch of girls on standby who are ready to have some fun while enjoying the bulge content on this sub. Now, I’m sure there are some guys among those visitors, but for the most part in my experience, it’s girls who are checking out this sub. The fact you can check it out for free is just the icing on the cake at this point.Top section for massive bulge hall of fameThere’s another thing to consider when it comes to the content on /r/Bulges and that’s whether you are looking for quantity or quality. You see, as much as these dudes are posting the content to this sub, only a selected few of the pics end up on the Hot section. To get to Hot, you really have to show off a good bulge. With all the New posts in the section of the same name on /r/Bulges, you are going to get a whole lot of content, but you will never know whether or not that content will be good enough to please you. It is my experience that this content isn’t exactly the best in the business by any means, so there’s that.What I will say, however, is that you can always forget about those sections that offer more content while sacrificing quality and go straight to the Top section, where you’ll be able to experience the hall of fame of ranging bulges. With the Top section of all time, you’ll be able to see some of the biggest and also the juiciest bulges ever. These are the pics of guys who aren’t even trying hard in order to impress you with their cock. Those are the kinds of pics you would gladly like to get in your inbox unsolicited from random guys. I’m telling you, those pics are something else. But I’m not into that shit, so we’re clear.Not a lot of interaction from the communityOne of the things that /r/Bulges lacks, which is also a problem in general for many NSFW subs, is that there isn’t enough interaction on the posts here. In fact, this problem is exacerbated by this sub in the sense that girls are a lot less likely to comment on guy pics than guys are ready to comment on hot girl pics. This ends up stalling the engagement even more and so this is one of the most barren subs that you’ll ever experience. I know that this isn’t exactly something that you want to hear as a girl who is a huge fan of bulges, but at the same time, I just have to tell you how it is without bullshitting you at all.And if I am to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, I would also have to say that the community, although large, just doesn’t interact enough with the sub to make it good enough for me to just recommend without a second thought. This subreddit was created all the way back in 2012, after the supposed end of the world. During the 8 or so years that it has been around, it managed to amass over 120,000 members. And although that number is pretty good given the fact that mostly guys use Reddit, it’s still not enough to offset the fact that girls just don’t want to comment at all on these pictures!Pretty much no design or any customizationAnyway, I know I’m talking about the community a lot, but this is a pretty important factor for a subreddit. I mean, this is a community-based site, and so if you have a sub that just isn’t using that to the fullest potential, then I have to say that it’s a bit lost on its mission to please all you ladies out there who are reading this review right now. And another reason why I’m able to say this with such certainty is because /r/Bulges just didn’t put in the legwork when it comes to the design of the subreddit. This is one of the poorer subs that I have seen on the platform, and believe me; I’ve seen some shitty ones.Why is it bad? Well, how about this. It has absolutely 0 customization apart from the title change and the short description. They have no rules, no flairs, no avatar, no cover photo, and they even kept the same default blue color that every community spawns with in the beginning. It would probably take a total of 5 minutes to change a bunch of these things and to make this place look a lot better, but I guess that /r/Bulges just isn’t interested in aesthetics, which is a shame since I know many girls who are really big fans of pretty things. In fact, most women I know will only go to sites and subs that look really good!