Thick Dick

Reddit Thick Dick, aka r/ThickDick! Some people say that I am biased towards men in my reviews. Well, guess what, of course I am! Most of the people who come to my website are men. I’m a dudes dude, and I’m going to make sure that all my male fans get what they want and enjoy themselves. However, every now and then, I feel the need to give my female fans something too. So, in order to provide you gals out there with something to do on Reddit, I devised a plan to go into the depths of dick picks on this platform and see what it has to offer you. Listen, I’m sticking my neck out for my female fans today, so you'll better respect me for that!See the biggest dicks on RedditLet’s get one thing straight. And when I say straight, I mean STRAIGHT as a plank of wood. I would never, and I mean NEVER go to /r/ThickDick if I didn’t have to. The reason I’m exploring this subreddit today is so that you chicks have some dicks to admire. If you ask me, all of you can admire my cock and we can be done and dusted with. But hey, I get it, some of you are real sluts on the inside and you need to see a huge amount of huge cocks or else you’ll evaporate or something. If you’re in need of a bunch of thick dicks, then I think a subreddit called /r/ThickDick might have something to provide you with.I mean, it’s in the name, right? If I wanted to hypothetically see a thick dick that isn’t mine, I would just go to a place called /r/ThickDick. But I have no need to do that when I’m hung like a horse and have no need to look at dicks anyway. I just look at my dick and that’s more than enough for me. But for all you girls out there that also like seeing dicks, I think that /r/ThickDick is the perfect opportunity to enjoy seeing massive cocks. Don’t believe me? You don’t have to! You can go ahead and explore /r/ThickDick all you want for all I care. I won’t stop you, nor do I have the need to fucking stop you. Go ahead then!Completely free dick pics to enjoyAnd don’t worry, these guys who post their dicks here won’t make you pay for anything. All the content offered up on /r/ThickDick is completely free for you to enjoy. When you take that into consideration, then I think we can all see why so many chicks end up going to /r/ThickDick even though they could probably go to their local bar and a bunch of dudes would end up showing them their dicks. To be 100% real with you, I think that deep down, all women want to see many different cocks and they just can’t be satisfied no matter the size that you come with. That’s why all my girls are one-night stands and flings.I would never be dumb enough to actually get into a long-term relationship with today’s chicks. Today you have a bunch of these young girls who are all basically sexual deviants. These girls seem to have no problem with sucking on 20 cocks in the span of a week’s time and I don’t know what to tell you except to stay away from them. But I think that this review is for girls, so I need to get back on track before the 1% of my female fan base abandons me. Then it’s going to be a real sausage fest on my website if it wasn’t one already! Anyway, if you want free dick pics, you’ll find a bunch of them on /r/ThickDick!Vastly different dicks in different sectionsThere is a lot more to take into account with this subreddit, though. It was made quite a while ago, so it has a lot of experience under its belt. Get it? Under its belt? That’s where dicks are, you dummy! Anyway, now that I’m done with that amazing joke, I think that I should tell you some more about this community and what it’s all about. Since 2013, guys have been posting their cocks on /r/ThickDick and they have ranged from absolutely hung, to not that impressive, all the way back to god-tier cockage! By going to this subreddit, you will find all kinds of dicks, but different sections have different sizes mostly.For example, if you want to get as many dicks to go over your eyeballs and retinas, then you should check out the New section. This one will shower you with cocks so fucking quickly that you won’t know what to do with all that content. You couldn’t fit all those cocks inside of you even if you wanted to! More importantly, however, you will get a pretty much endless supply of dicks to look at. But if you’re more concerned with the size of a cock then the place you should go to for the biggest dicks of the bunch is Hot or Top. These sections are the ones that will provide you with the best of the best.Not the biggest or most interactive subNow, as you might have expected, a community that is all about dicks won’t do that well on Reddit. It might have been created like years ago, but it still floats around the same number of subscribers for a very long time. I mean, this site is mostly made up of guys. If you took a look at the demographics of most content made on YouTube and Reddit, you would find that guys make up the vast majority of the people who actually enjoy that kind of content. That’s why Reddit is full of guys, but not girls too. These dudes eat up NSFW content like it’s nothing, but it’s usually NSFW content of hot chicks with nice tits.Rarely will you find a sub that is all about dicks and it’s even rarer that there are a bunch of girls ready to follow some subreddit. The rare exception to that rule would be a sub such as /r/ThickDick. This place is full of girls who only want to see the biggest dicks and nothing but the biggest dicks will satisfy them. And one good thing for all the chicks who follow /r/ThickDick is the fact that most of the content created here is made by the people who posted the pics. Guys who have huge cocks just can’t stop themselves from sharing it with the world, and the 143,000 members of /r/ThickDick seem to love that content.The design could’ve been handled betterFinally, we are going to take a quick look at the design of this subreddit. As you guys know, the design can make or break a sub, so when I see a place that is meant for women, I make sure to take a look at it and wonder whether it would appeal to girls or not. Now, I’m not saying all girls are big fat massive pussies, but they usually like pink colors and shit like that. /r/ThickDick doesn’t seem to have that kind of color scheme and instead, they went with black and red colors for their vibe. I don’t know what to think about this color scheme except that it reminds me more of a BDSM subreddit more than anything else.But hey, it’s not all about the colors; it’s also a bit about the customization that /r/ThickDick has to offer. Now, I didn’t see a custom cover photo, but I did see a custom avatar, and unfortunately, that one is kinda shitty too. I feel that the avatar could have gone under a better design process. The only customization that I really like with /r/ThickDick are that the upvotes and downvotes are big dicks. That’s pretty fucking sweet if you ask me. Other than that, there aren’t many flairs to use, just one for Announcements, and the rules are passable at best. With all that being said, I still think that /r/ThickDick is a good place for girls to check out if they want to see the biggest dicks that guy Redditors have to offer.