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Are you a girl who is into porn, but also likes simple apps like Instagram and shit like that? I know what that can feel like. If you can’t just scroll forever through an app these days, it’s like it’s not even all that good. Anyway, when it comes to scrolling and porn, the two sometimes go hand in hand with picture porn sites, but not so much with video ones. Today we’re taking a look at a website that takes the meaning of scrolling through porn to a whole new level as they implemented a site without any pages or any of that stuff where you just scroll and scroll through erotic porn and the site is called Scrolller.com.Scroll through heaps and heaps of pornI can see why girls would like this kind of website. It works a lot like Instagram in that you don’t really have different page numbers and shit like that. You just get a bunch of content that you scroll through, and each time you load up the site, the stuff is different! If that doesn’t sound like a good time for someone who likes porn, then I don’t know what is. In order for you to fully grasp what this site has to offer you, you really have to be able to appreciate the scrolling mechanic. The site is called Scrolller, and a lot of its identity revolves around that simple feature that many reviewers overlook.One of the many things that Scrolller.com will tell you is that it just makes finding porn that much more simple. Instead of having to fuck around with all those other options that are so prominent on other sites, girls can just kick back and enjoy this place without overthinking. Now, I’m not saying that girls have a harder time thinking, but I do believe that this site is something that many girls will have an easier time understanding. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course, I think chicks are a bunch of knucklehead dunces. That’s why Scrolller.com features the simple scroll browsing mechanism in the first place! I mean, it’s for dumb guys too, but in the erotic category, I think it will be mostly women exploring the site.Completely free content for you to exploreOf course, as with many porn sites that feature an erotic category, using Scrolller.com is completely free and you don’t have to worry about paying for anything. Let’s face it; we all saw this coming. With a site so simple as Scrolller, it would be a tough pill to swallow if you had to actually pay for any of this content. To be completely real with you for a moment, I can see why so many people just love free porn sites that allow you to have all kinds of features and shit like that, because when porn is stripped down to its bare bones like this, then it just becomes a bit too boring for me. Sure, Scrolller.com is so simple that I’m pretty sure my grandma can use it, but at the same time, it is also pretty dull and uninspiring.Still, a site doesn’t have to be amazing and inspiring for it to give you loads of free erotic porn content that you can watch as a woman and enjoy yourself. Erotic categories are like made for girls who want to explore the depths of porn and were too scared of doing it before that because porn just seemed like a really hostile place where many people went who liked hardcore stuff that you wouldn’t even touch with a ten-foot pole. I get that, and I also don’t like some of the more extreme fetishes. But still, I would not even go so far as the say that erotic porn is the end all be all of porn. There’s much more out there!Photos and videos alike for you to enjoyBut, once you get to the erotic section, I guess you’ve pretty much made your mind up. This place has erotic porn galore, and it’s perfect for women to enjoy. However, it’s not like they just cram every single release that they have in one place. Instead, the uploads are separated into two categories and those categories are photos and videos. If you are into pictures, then you will be able to enjoy some still frames and these are usually a lot better than videos when it comes to quality and the level of artistic eroticism that you can expect. Meanwhile, videos are also great in their own way, but they lack the erotic quality.For me, if you’re a woman who wants to get into porn, you should go for photos first. Those are almost always erotic enough to get your blood pumping to the right places, and then move on to the video section on Scrolller.com. This section has a lot of video porn, but also erotic gifs and shit like that. Even if you are a fan of photos and videos equally, you will be able to seamlessly switch between one or the other on this site. It’s really easy, it’s really fast, and you will get to where you want to be in a pretty speedy manner. Seriously, the speed of this site is something else entirely; I am absolutely in love.Perhaps not focused enough on women’s needsThere’s one thing that I just have to address though, and it’s the elephant in the room. I think that you will quickly realize that the erotic section of Scrolller isn’t really catered that much towards women. Why do I say this? Too much solo girl content in the photo section as well as lesbian content in the videos section. The videos in their own section are usually gifs, and they often show straight porn, but when it’s not straight, it’s lesbian. So, if you’re a girl, you might feel that the site is actually targeting another kind of demographic with their content, and I think that you would be right to think that in this site’s case.With Scrolller.com, it’s like they just focused too much on the men and didn’t give enough attention to the women. Women need more love on this site in my opinion, and this is one of the things that I immediately spotted when I got on this site. I mean, I was looking at the erotic section in particular and scrolling through it when I realized this glaring problem that the site had. In the end, what you end up having with Scrolller is yet another porn site that focuses too heavily on the men. If you want to get more porn focused towards women, I feel that there are some sites out there that are much better.Maybe a bit too simple for my tasteThe last thing I wanted to talk about is the site's design because this is obviously a big part of what makes Scrolller.com what it is today. The site features this infinite scrolling mechanism. And while it’s not great for finding content on the site that you previously saw, it’s great for getting a huge stream of porn just by scrolling through the site. In order to return to some of the older posts, the best course of action would be to favorite the posts. This will give you easy and uninterrupted access to the pics and videos that you loved the most in the erotic section, and you can have your own collection.As a woman, this collection can be full of perfect curated content for you. This kind of porn will be more than enough to get you all riled up and excited for more. To be completely honest with you, this might just be the only thing that saves this site apart from it having an erotic section that women can maybe half-use. The site's design is also quite simplistic, and I don’t think that a bit more complexity would kill it. Sure enough, I guess that they just want to stand out from the rest by doing something that isn’t really all that popular and dumbing down the design so much that any person out there could use it.