Sex, gifs, eroticism, stuff that’s great to masturbate to, especially if you’re a woman. Hello to all my dear ladies out there! Welcome to another installment of a “porn for women category” review. I’m not going to say that you just have to watch this kind of content. In my eyes, you can and should check out some more hardcore stuff, but in my experience, this is the kind of porn that works the best for most girls out there and I would be damned if I didn’t show it to you today. Guys usually go for the heavier stuff, while you have all this softcore eroticism to have fun with instead. Let’s check that shit out on erotic porn content for womenFirst of all, I want to say that I love erotic porn too. It’s not something that only women like, but it’s definitely something that guys quickly graduate from and go on to some more taboo and heavy genres. In my eyes, erotic porn is a lot more than just slow sex. It really has a certain mood, and whenever I feel like watching something more refined and enjoyable than hardcore jerking off to Mia Khalifa getting her pussy stuffed from all sides, I go to a place like and switch on the gif section and search for erotic porn. You’re going to have to search for it in the search bar, unfortunately, so yeah…Erotic porn has always been great for women because they are always looking for something that is better suited for them in the industry. has a huge repository of erotic content; you just need to know where to look for it! Of course, today, I’m mostly talking about gifs, but you can also find posts that are in video and photo format. The site features a lot of great content and the fact that you can get a lot of it in gif format is great because it shortens the amount of time you need to spend with the content. You can watch the gif as long as you want, but they are usually served in bite-sized duration amounts.Completely free videos, photos, and gifsOne of the great things about is that the website serves up free content all the time. You can enjoy every single gif on this site for free, which is fantastic news if you’re a woman looking to just have some quick fun before going out on a date or perhaps after returning from a horrible date. In any case, I don’t judge, and you can go ahead and play with your pussy all night long to this erotic content for all I care. And the same goes for; they don’t care if you stay for 5 minutes or an hour. In fact, they would actually like you to stay and consume the free content for as long as possible!Why is that? Well, it has to do with the ads that they show you. Showing ads to a female audience on porn sites can be a pretty lucrative business. Women are harder to reach on porn sites, so any kind of ad that is targeted at women is going to be more expensive. Men are easy to spam and come across on these platforms. Anyway, because they make so much money from these ads, it’s in their business to shower you with as much free erotic porn for women as possible. This practically means that you will never run out of stuff to watch on this website. You can keep enjoying all that has to offer.Quality of gifs could be betterOf course, as you might expect, with a free porn site like this one, the ads are going to be quite aggressive. You will see them pretty much everywhere. And the one bad thing about ads on is that sometimes they will throw whatever they have on you and they won’t care so much for the gender of the person visiting their site. That means that you could be browsing erotic gifs on this site and all of a sudden, you might get an ad for a Brazzers porn video. And we all know how those tend to be. They are very aggressive and hardcore videos, and they don’t fit the theme of erotic porn at all. So, when you are browsing the wares and looking at what you’re going to masturbate to, these ads can be quite off-putting.The quality of the content is something else, however. While the gifs are pretty sexy and erotic, I would comment that many of the erotic gifs on seem to be a bit grainy. I guess this is to lower the file size so that they can actually show you all these gifs at once on a single page, but at the same time, I think that there are some higher-quality gifs to check out here too. You are going to love some of these gifs; I have no doubt about it. If you’re a fan of erotic porn gifs, the fact that some of these are a bit grainy won’t actually be a problem in the end for you at all! Definitely don’t miss out on these gems.No erotic category, only search resultsOne thing that I will say that I didn’t quite like about is that they do not have a category for Erotic porn. They have a category for Emo, but they don’t have a category for Erotic? That just does not make sense to me at all. If I were the guys on the admin tea, I would demand for there to be an erotic section asap! This is especially true because I know that there is a lot of erotic porn to check out on, especially in the gif section of the website. With this many porn gifs being erotic, you would expect them to have their own section, but instead, it all comes down to you doing a quick porn search.You simply have to go to the search bar and enter the term “erotic”. After that, you will basically be good to go! Now, do I think that this is ideal? Of course not! I can’t stress enough how much I hate that doesn’t have an erotic porn category. When you use the search bar, the site takes many things into consideration, and it might even show you content that ends up not being erotic at all. The best way to assure yourself that you will get erotic content first and foremost is by searching it in the gifs section. This is the place that will have the most perfectly balanced erotic content that is actually erotic.Design could use some workIt’s hard to make a good selection of erotic porn for any website that doesn’t have a category for it, but I do think that managed to do a pretty good job at that. One thing though that I will say is a bit wonky is the fact that all of the thumbnails for the gifs play at the same time, so when they are all doing this, it kind of looks like the website is all over the place. Then there’s the design, which I don’t really like that much. Mostly I don’t like it because it looks a bit outdated. This is by far my biggest problem with the design and I hope that they end up solving that in the future with a new modern look.Or they could at least implement something cool like a dark mode so that I don’t have to go blind if I accidentally open up at night. These are all nitpicks, true, but I think that there is some merit to that. The navigation through the page numbers is pretty simple, and this is also important because you can immediately see how much content you have to work with. When it comes to erotic porn, you have like 6 pages to go through, but every page has so many gifs that it will be difficult to go through all of them in a day when it comes to just one page.