AlohaTube Erotic

AlohaTube.com! A neat little porn aggregator website, where you can find a little bit of everything. Then again, if you could not find a lot of random porno crap, it would not be called an aggregator website. Anyway, I am here to talk about AlohaTube, but more specifically, their erotic category. If you are just interested in the site overall, I have already reviewed it. You are welcome to check it the fuck out.You should know that if the erotic side of Aloha Tube does not suit your taste, you shouldn’t worry. Here, there are over 16.696.000 porn movies…, so I am pretty sure that no matter how fucking picky you are, you will find something that makes your cock hard. AlohaTube.com is also rather simple; everything is where it should be, and they cover a lot of categories.What exactly are erotic pornos?I can see where the confusion comes from… Erotic and porno is basically the same crap in most vocabularies. However, that is not the case when it comes to porn. Have you ever heard about ‘porn for women’? Aka, porn movies where you have a plot, passionate making out, and sensual fuck fests? Well, that is basically what the erotic category has to offer. Sounds pretty fucking gay, doesn’t it?Well, you’d be surprised to see just how dirty the erotic movies can actually get. Not to mention that they show more realistic fuck sessions when compared to professional pornography. All the angles, random moaning, or whatever is usually fake. But, with the erotic kind of pornos, they try to simulate a realistic scenario with passionate fucking, which is why it is also considered to be perfect for women.So, does that sounds like something you might be into? If not, don’t bother checking out this category, rather explore other shit that Aloha Tube has to offer. And those who are intrigued, you are welcome to check out all the naughty shit AlohaTube.com has to offer. I mean, the website is free, and the erotic category is filled with all kinds of pornos.Simple design and easy browsing.I must say… AlohaTube.com really looks like your everyday generic free website. There ain’t much that makes it stand out from the crowd. I am not saying that they need to create this amazing website design or any of that crap, but making the site look decent is not that difficult. My main issue with the design is that they decided that it is a good idea to mix olive green with purple… I’m not gay or female, but even I can tell that those two colors just look awful together.At least all the browsing options are where they should be, so I can’t stay mad at the site for too long. If you follow the link I have so neatly provided, you will be taken to the erotic side of Aloha Tube. On the other hand, if you open AlohaTube.com, the homepage is just filled with categories, so search for whatever the fuck interests you.The scenes will all have a nice thumbnail that will list through the sections of the movie when you hover over with your mouse. This is such a small yet amazing feature; I am sure a lot of us appreciate it. This can easily tell you whether that certain video is worth checking out or not. You will also see the length of the videos and the title. But that is as much info as you will get.Expect lots of making out and sensual ramming.So, what kind of content can you really expect from this category on Aloha Tube? Well, as I have mentioned already, you can expect sensual lovemaking or just anything that you think would fall under the “porn for women” category. I have browsed through AlohaTube for a long time, and I have found many random pornos that were really fucking hot.For example, there were videos that show couples kissing and slamming in the bedroom; just take the most mainstream sex scenario and put it on screen. Those are the videos I ran into the most. But, from time to time, you can run into scenes that are a bit more hardcore, or however, you want me to put it. For example, there was a vintage porn video where a slut was rammed by a massive black boner.There was a whole movie that lasted like an hour, which was also surprisingly vintage, and it showed the progress of falling in love and having sex. I also found videos that just listed through the images and gave you a story… which I found so fucking boring. But, I am not here to judge. We all love different kinds of shit, so if that makes your pussy wet, enjoy! Since I assume, no real man would actually watch a freaking slideshow of images.As for the quality of the videos, or the player, this all depends. Since AlohaTube.com is an aggregator website, all the videos are just hosted here; they are not really on the website. There are some videos that will actually be opened on Aloha Tube, but like 90% of these erotic pornos will take you to another website, where you will be able to watch the videos.Do not worry, from my experience; you are always taken to legit and free websites. But as I said, the quality will vary. Seeing as these are all free videos, you can expect to usually get SD quality, unless the footage is vintage or amateur, as those tend to be of much lower quality. But you get the gist… just do not expect extreme HD bullshit, since, for that kind of crap, you have to check out a premium website instead.A shit ton of categories/tags.Let’s talk about their search options. They have some, but I am quite disappointed. I mean, these types of websites are known to have amazing search options for obvious reasons, but I always get my hopes up. What can I do? You are talking to a man who loves his pornos in HD, filmed on an actual set, with professional cock suckers. Do you catch my drift?Anyway, it is nice to know that there are at least some search options. When you visit AlohaTube.com, you will have a shit ton of categories presented… If you scroll down, you will have even more tags listed. For some reason, it looks like they literally listed out all the possible tags that exist in the porn universe, and I do not see the point. It is nice to have an array of categories to list through, but that is just too much.Not to mention that some tags are very fucking similar, that it makes no sense to have all of them. When you open the erotic category (or any other) on top of the site, you will be able to list through the top-rated movies or new movies within that one category. Those are all the options for searching within a certain category, which kind of sucks if you ask me.The only other search option you will be given on AlohaTube is the search box. Now, here you can write whatever the fuck you feel like watching; there are no rules. The results will give you the shit that is the closest to whatever the fuck you wrote. But I am sure that we can all agree that the search box is never as useful as we want it to be. Then again, if you want advanced search options, why the fuck are you browsing through a free aggregator website?That pretty much covers it.I think that is all you need to know about AlohaTube and its arousing category for erotic porn videos. The site is free, so if you are interested, you can browse as much as your dick desires. As I said, with over 16 million porn videos to scroll through, you are bound to find at least a hundred that will make you feel good. But, this all comes down to what the fuck you are searching for.Do not expect to see exceptional quality or anything like that… because even if you can run into lots of HD porn videos, the majority of them are of SD quality. The erotic section is filled with lots of passionate and sensual lovemaking in a variety of scenarios, and there are over 194.000 porn movies within this category. There are also many other categories on AlohaTube, in case the erotic one makes you flaccid.