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Ladies, have you ever felt that porn was just too hardcore for you these days? Does it feel that most of the porn is just catering to guys and their fantasies? Fear not, because there is some porn out there that I do think you’ll enjoy a lot. Specifically, I am talking about art porn and this is basically a genre of porn that is pretty close to what erotica has to offer. So, if you like erotica, you’re probably going to love art porn. You might even love it more than you like erotica. Art porn usually excludes solo female videos and concentrates on porn for women instead.Erotic art porn and porn for womenSo, where can you find this art porn? Well, one really easy way to find it is to go to a free porn site such as DaftSex.com and search for art porn in the search bar. Now, you can search for “artporn” too without the space and still get plenty of results, so do whatever you think will give you the most porn. Out of my experience, it seems that “artporn” is a bit more effective at getting you everything you need to get started in the world of porn. Today we are looking specifically at a site called DaftSex.com and what you get when you search for art porn on this website. It’s a free porn site and it has lots of high-quality vids.And why is art porn so good for women anyway? I’m sure many girls ask themselves this question. Most of you just don’t want to be seen as a monolith, and I completely understand that part of you. In fact, I can even see how you could be dissatisfied with how porn treats women in general. But trust me, men are so disgusting and there isn’t a chance in hell that more than 1% of women watch what guys like to watch in terms of porn. That’s why porn for women and art porn on DaftSex.com is your best bet! If you want to enjoy yourself with porn, you will do yourself a favor and go straight for the good stuff here.Completely free porn videos to check outNow, the one thing that you will immediately start asking yourself is if you can get all this porn for free. Well, I have some really good news for you as far as the website "Daft Sex" is concerned. Not only can you get all the porn for free, but you don’t even have to register an account. You can do it as a guest and just start clicking away at all the art porn videos you come across. Of course, not every video when you look for art porn on this site will be a perfect match to the genre and all that, but I still think that it’s better than just going for some of the pornos that men seem to enjoy so much. Trust me, gals, you’ll love it.I think you’ll really love the fact that it’s free too. Many chicks that I have talked to would never pay for porn. Not in a million years. And this makes sense and that’s why most of the porn sites out there that make users pay for content do so by placing ads to a male audience. Women are often forgotten in the process and luckily, sites like Daft Sex are bringing that back a little bit with a lot of free porn for women that you can watch without an account! The only thing you’ll have to put up with are ads, but I think that we were all expecting that when we read the word “free” online. Nothing is ever free online, is it?The ads are just way too aggressiveI have to say that with free porn sites, many of them have ads, but none of them are as aggressive as the ones found on DaftSex.com. This place really takes things up a notch and really decides to fuck you over with ads all over the place. It’s not just the annoying banner ads that you’ll be battling against in your search for the perfect art porn, but there will also be plenty of pop-up ads that you just can’t avoid. Essentially, the site becomes one big button and wherever you click, you will first get an ad open in a different window. You close that ad and click on something again, only to get another pop-up advert!This can happen many times in a row, and after you finally get to where you need to be, you will then be able to use the site for a little while before it resets and again starts serving you those pop-up ads. I have to say; whatever you may be getting in terms of porn for women on DaftSex, I don’t know if anything is worth all that torture and anguish. I guess only some people will be able to conclude that and see if they are looking to get some of the best and highest-quality free porn, then they will have to endure ads. And if you are like that, then go right ahead. I’m just warning you, the ads on DaftSex can be insufferable.Plenty of high-quality art porn videosBut what you get in return when you look past all those ads are some of the highest-quality porn for women releases that the industry has to offer. And the best thing about it is that all those high-quality premium porn videos are yours for free. You don’t have to worry about this or that; all you need to know is that you are getting quality content on this website without having to pay a single dime. And this is probably one of the main reasons why some people end up going for DaftSex despite that huge problem with the ads that I just talked about. I think we can all agree that that one is pretty damn bad.The website itself has thousands of videos at its disposal. Not all of them are in the erotic category or the art porn category, however. Many of them are in some of the more hardcore categories. Over two thousand videos come from Brazzers for example, and we all know how that studio likes to go hardcore with its releases. What you need to know is that there will be plenty of art porn content for you to enjoy and it will all be just as high-quality as the hardcore stuff from all the other studios. You’re getting good quality without having to pay for any of it. Now I don’t think you can get that in very many places online.A few bugs but generally a nice designIf I were to bag on DaftSex.com for something, it would have to be the fact that they don’t have a porn for women category or an art porn category. Heck, they don’t even have an erotic category either! When you take all of this into consideration, you might find it a bit infuriating that you have to use Daft Sex in this way. I have to say that if I was a woman, it would certainly piss me off. And I know how cranky you bitches can get, especially when you’re PMS-ing. That’s why I always make sure to fuck you and drop you before you get your first period. I’m just smart like that, what can I say?Anyway, the last thing I wanted to talk about is the design of the website and some of the things that don’t quite work the way they are supposed to in my opinion. For example, I noticed that some of the videos don’t have a thumbnail. Instead, it shows a dark picture with a film icon on it. Not a good sign if you’re Daft Sex, I’ll tell you that much. But yeah, other than some bugs of that nature, the site looks pretty nice. I don’t think that it has many things to improve upon visually as it already seems to be pleasing to the eye. I guess I would just like to see something like a dark mode for late-night watching.