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Here’s the thing about free porn tube sites. They are usually filled with some of the most vile and disgusting videos out there. I feel that there is just so much fucked up shit out there on these porn sites that it just doesn’t look like a good time for most chicks. So, if you’re a girl and you’re wondering where you can find porn that fits your taste, I think that you should look towards Specifically, I believe that you should go to that site and search for the term “artporn” cause that’s how you are going to get to the juicy stuff that chicks usually love. Sure, there isn’t a category for it, but don’t worry about it.Search for artporn on SxyPrn.comThe one thing you can always rely on is the site’s Search function, which will let you get the most relevant results. Still, I think that it’s a lot better when a porn site has its own category for this kind of porn. For the most part, I feel that you can get a lot out of The site itself has a lot of great porn, and you just need to know how to find it. If you are looking for erotic artporn, then there is plenty of that on Sxy Prn too. The one thing you should stick to is just listening to me and seeing that this is the only way you’re going to get quality porn for women on this site. It’s all about the search bar for SxyPrn.What should you search for? Some of you chicks might fuck up and search for terms like erotic porn or porn for women. But that’s not what you should be going for. Instead, you should go to the search bar and type in “artporn” since that’s the thing that will net you the best content. Don’t believe me? Well, what if I tell you that if you search for erotic porn, you will get a lot of solo female content aimed directly at guys and lesbians. Yeah, it doesn’t sound like that much fun anymore, now does it? Better trust me and search for artporn instead to get some really nice, softcore, straight porn that you can enjoy yourself.Completely free porn videos for womenOf course, it’s not enough that a site should have artporn for chicks to check it out these days. With the rise of free porn tube sites, you also have the essential requirement that the porn site is also free to use. Does SxyPrn fulfill this requirement? Yes, it does, so all you girls out there don’t have to worry about it one bit. The only thing you should worry about is how you’re going to clean up after you end up going wild and squirting all over the apartment after watching hot porn like this for free. You can watch as much of it as you want, so I’m pretty sure even non-squirters might get their first experience with that.You don’t have to pay a single penny for any of the content that serves here. It’s absolutely amazing that you can get all this porn for women completely free of charge on SxyPrn. Of course, there is a hidden cost as with any free porn tube site and it comes in the form of annoying ads. Have you ever experienced ads that are so annoying that they get you out of the mood for jerking off? Guys get that all the time, and I’m pretty sure that it can happen to chicks too, if they end up seeing a hardcore porno being advertised. So yeah, I’m not too keen on recommending SxyPrn because of all these fucking ads.Thousands of erotic and artistic pornosSure, it’s a nice thing that it’s free, but then again, most sites these days are. What else does have going for it? Well, if you take a look at the number of videos you get when searching for “artporn” you might change your tune. It’s a pretty substantial list of videos, and there is plenty of content under the tab “Other” and “Torrent”, but not a lot in the category of “Photos”. Now, you should know that the categories Torrent and Photos immediately take you to an external site, while the category Other gives you a list of thumbnails to choose from that then take you to external sites too, so yeah, good to know.So what are the numbers like? Well, the most important thing that you are probably wondering about is the number of videos here since you can actually watch those on the site itself without being redirected to any other platform. Well, that’s the part that I like to pay attention to the most, and when you search for the term “artporn” you will get more than 6000 porn video results! If that doesn’t sound like a lot, what if I told you that there were also over 6400 external videos and over 8500 torrents. However, there are only 9 photo galleries as of the writing of this review on the external site, so that’s pretty damn low.Pretty outdated look with too many adsLet’s talk a little bit about the site's usability and all that cause this is something that does get on my nerves here. Why do I say this? Well, it mostly has to do with the fact that there are so many damn ads to endure. And I don’t mind the banner ads that much (though I’m sure some of my female fans are going to think that they are pretty disgusting), but what I do mind are all the pop-ups. You click on pretty much anything on this site and you’ll get a pop-up ad in a new tab and it will be such an annoyance that you won’t know what to do with that. And sometimes, you won’t even know if it’s an ad that you’re looking at or an external site that you got redirected to. All of this really takes away from the experience.Also, the design of the website just looks a bit off to me. It seems like it’s outdated. To me, the site could use a facelift bigtime. And while it’s true that it looks a bit outdated and all that, one thing that I do like is the page navigation system. It might seem like a lot, but it allows you to click on any of the pages immediately without clicking too much through the arrows. If you want to go to page 169, you’ll be there with just one click. To me, this is something that all porn sites should have without a doubt. Sure, it doesn’t look as sexy as modern designs, but Sxy Prn made it work and I really like it.Not that aesthetic, but plenty of erotic videosI know chicks are really into aesthetics, and if something doesn’t look good, they might even forego using the platform altogether. So, some of you girls reading this might find this too annoying of a fact about Sxy Prn and give up on it. I get that, and I won’t say that you should or shouldn’t use this site because of this. It’s your decision, and your decision only! See, we can do female empowerment on The Porn Dude too! I mean, I still think most of you are sluts that I can win over and fuck on the first date, but I guess that you have a choice as far as the porn you want to watch is concerned and so on.But, if you’re more concerned with how much porn you get in the art porn category, as well as if you want to get it all for free, then I guess that has what you need when you search for that term on the site itself. There is a lot to explore here, and after spending just a few minutes on the site, I’m pretty sure that you’ll get the general gist of it and figure out whether or not you want to use it for yourself. All in all, it’s a free porn site and I definitely think you should give it a shot!