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Alright guys, time to take a back seat and let your girlfriend or wife into the room. Yeah, that’s right. Get out of here. Go play some video games or go jerk it to some hardcore porn somewhere else. Me and your girl need some alone time to talk. Don’t worry, you’re not getting cucked yet, at least not by me. I’ve just got some good shit for her.Okay, is he gone? Sweet, let's get down to business, babe. You probably don’t like the same kind of porn your guy does. And before you start denying it, I know you watch porn. ThePornDude knows all! But you probably don’t want to see some chick getting her prolapsed ass destroyed or watch some poor pornstar get bukkaked by twelve super hung dudes. Don’t worry, I’ve got something curated just for you today. It’s time to slide down those panties and flick that bean to some porn made just for women!It’s usually gentler, more passionate, and shot much better than your average porn. And who better to provide this content than one of the biggest porn giants out there: If you don’t know Pornhub, which I’m sure you do, it’s a massive site that brings in nearly three billion visitors every single month. And they have enough content here to sate every last one of you horny chicks and dudes. But today we’re talking about you kinky babes, and Pornhub does not disappoint.Solid Site Design Makes It Easy to Search and Find the Best VideosJust search up “porn for women” and you’ll be greeted with a slew of videos to fit any fetish you might have. Just on the most relevant page, you’ve got tamer content like an HD POV video of this guy eating some pussy. And no, he doesn’t go down on this chick like your sloppy frat jock of a boyfriend. He knows what he’s doing. Hey, maybe show you BF some of these vids. He might learn a thing or two. Anyway, they have more good stuff on this front page like dudes jerking it for you in aesthetic lighting, some nice passionate sex scenes, and even some rougher fuck vids if that’s more your speed.But let’s talk about the layout here before we get too deep into the content. It’s your standard Pornhub scheme with the black and yellow theme. You’ve got a selection of places to pop around to if the porn for women section doesn’t quite tickle you enough. I’ve got reviews for most of those sections, so check them out before you click over if you want to see what they’re all about. The thumbnails take up most of the page, with a sidebar to the left that I’ll get into next, and a spattering of ads here and there.The sidebar is what you want to use here. All of the tabs up top will take you to content that’s not as curated to the female desires. There are a good many options here to sort by. You can check out videos, photos, specific pornstars, gifs, and that’s just the beginning. Then you can sort by how long the videos are, take a look at related searches or channels, or filter out by their massive list of categories. If you can’t settle for anything less than HD, there’s a tab in the top right that makes sure you’re getting exactly that. Next to that you can then filter by most relevant, most recent, most viewed, highest rated, and longest videos.Categories for Female Friendly Porn and Great Search FeaturesPornhub is great because you use the categories and the search bar. Want amateur porn specifically for women? Not a problem. Want something hardcore that’s not just about the chick getting slapped in the face and spat on? They have that too. If you don’t like the look of those professional shoots and the usual pornstars, you can sort by videos that are guaranteed to be amateur, homemade flicks. Or, if you’re a bit of a naughty exhibitionist, you can always upload your own sex vids.Now that you know the ropes of the site, we can delve into the juicy content within. Alright, first off, we have to talk about the previews because they’re awesome. Not many sites get this right as Pornhub does. If you hover your cursor over the image preview, you will get fully animated clips from the video you’re looking at. It’s not just a couple seconds either, you get a solid 10ish seconds of material here to help you decide what you want to watch. You also get useful information like how long the video is, what the title is, how many views it has, what the rating out of 100 percent is, and whether or not the video is in HD.Unique Video Player Options and Free DownloadsWhen you find the one that’s getting you all hot and bothered, then click through and get to work. Here you get a few more options before your video plays. There’s a like/dislike ratio, you can download the video, share it, subscribe to the user who uploaded it, see which models are starring in it, or add it to your own curated playlist of your favorite porn videos. When you go to play the video, you’ll probably get a pop-up ad, but don’t worry about viruses or any of that bullshit here. This is Pornhub, not some backwater, shitty porn site.You have some options for the video itself. Toggle the quality all the way up to 720p, cast it to your TV if you have some extended privacy, or just throw that shit on full-screen and enjoy the show. The video will play smoothly and without any sort of buffering. Pornhub has the unique feature on their players that let you see when the spikes in the action as. Just hover your cursor over it and you’ll see a grayed-out mountain range looking chart that spikes up wherever the more intense scenes are. So, if you’re impatient or don’t have a lot of time, you can skim through and watch just the most intense scenes.Pornhub Continues to Have one of the Best Mobile Porn SitesIf you’re working with a little less privacy, or just don’t want to get your ass out of bed, then you can use Pornhub’s mobile site. It’s awesome. All of the same site features will be available to you, and the videos play just as well as they do on a desktop. Yeah, you’ll still have to deal with ads, but Pornhub really isn’t too bad about those. You can even download all of the content you want to your phone to check out later, like when your chump of a boyfriend doesn’t make you cum after his pathetic 20 strokes. While he’s recovering, slip into the bathroom, grab the secret toy you keep under the sink, and get yourself off to some of these awesome videos or pics that you saved. He’ll be none the wiser.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesOne of my favorite features about Pornhub is definitely that graph thing with all of the best parts of the video mapped out on it. I think chicks and dudes can both agree that sitting through 20 minutes of shitty porn dialog sucks. Here you don’t have to deal with that anymore. Search, skip, and skim to your heart’s content!I also really like the amount of female-friendly content they have here that is actually female-friendly. Usually, sites will just label randomly label porn with that tag and call it a day, but Pornhub actually has a decent selection of porn curated precisely for the female audience. You can even sort by channels like Nubile Films and XArt that focus on that sort of content.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsAs for suggestions, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more free 1080p content. I couldn’t find any at all, even the HD vids only went up to 720p. That’s not bad by any means, but It will be cool to have just a few full HD videos. I get that it’s part of the appeal of their premium membership to unlock 1080p vids, but I don’t want to have to pay for it!ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you’re a horny babe who wants to see something more to your tastes, then head over to Pornhub and check out their porn for women. And if you’re a dude, then you should check this shit out too. Some of you are desensitized to what chicks actually want. This might be a welcome breath of fresh air compared to your hardcore, BDSM, torture porn flicks that you’ve been watching. I’m sure your date, girlfriend, or wife will thank you.