Tutor Him! That’s my advice for all the beautiful women out there wondering about the best ways to make a man very happy. Then again, I might have somewhat of a skewed view on the whole act of tutoring thanks to the site I’ve been beating off to all morning. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure any of these eager young students learned anything about math or even finished their homework. Education is important and all, but honestly, everything I really needed to know I learned in my bedroom.TutorHim.com sounds like it might be the site you pull up when your retarded child is having trouble getting through history class, but nah, they’re actually selling porno. With the site name and wholesome catchphrases like “Fantasies Really Happen Here” and “Horny Teachers Preying on the Young,” it’s pretty obvious what the gimmick is around here. These premium dirty movies feature hot chicks in tutoring sessions turned sexy with predatory handjobs. You know how it goes: one minute you’re working on an essay, the next minute you’re emptying your balls on the English tutor’s boobs.How Will These Sexy Girls Tutor Him?Somebody deserves an award for the TutorHim logo. It’s got that classic varsity jacket font with a graduation cap draped over the M. There’s something timeless and even classy about the design, the elements coming together to make you think of school: sitting in class, studying for the midterm test, and going to the big game on Friday, where you hope the home team murder the other guys, or at least injure one of them for life. I don’t know about you nerds, but it also reminds me of getting my cock stroked by horny hotties.Speaking of, I see that happening all over the tour page of Tutor Him, with hand jobs performed by some truly lovely ladies. They’re not working with the really big-name pornstars, but regular Internet masturbators might recognize some of these girls from small-time pornos and fetish films. They’re fucking with babes like Reagan Lush, Kiki Klout and Sadie Holmes.Unlike most new paysites, TutorHim actually has some free video previews out front. The cutely boyish Miss Pixie caught my eye, as did the title of her movie, Teenage Nympho Jerks The Nerd. The trailer montage was barely over 30 seconds, but I like the vibe immediately. The handheld camera helps give it an intimate and real feel, to say nothing of this babe with the grabby hands.Next, I watched the trailer for TutorHim.com’s Extra Credit For This Pupil. The sexy little tutor is thirsty in this one, eager to work some sperm out with her hands and even uses that pretty mouth. The movies ain’t what you’d call overproduced, and almost have an amateur quality to them. While they lack the mansions and sparkle of big-budget features, I love that raw sexual energy I found in abundance, even in the trailers. Everyone seems really fucking horny and eager, and I’m just as horny and eager to see more.I Hope Your Math Tutor Was SmartTutorHim.com offers a streaming-only membership for thirty bones a month, with lower rates for longer subscribers. That’s normal for any paysite, literally the exact price you expect, but their credit system is unlike any other premium site I can think of off the top of my head. When downloads cost extra, you usually pay a flat rate. Here, you buy individual movies with credits.I’m a little torn about this. On one hand, having to pay extra for downloads is one of my pet peeves. On the other, if I have to pay extra but only want to save one scene, it’d be nice to just buy that one scene. Then again, the download prices are pretty goddamn expensive around here. Like, holy-shit-you’ve-got-to-be-kidding pricing.Thirty credits will run you thirty bucks, though you’ll save up to 20% by buying in bulk. Movie downloads cost 14 credits for non-members and 11 credits if you’ve already shelled out the base membership fee. Either way, you ain’t getting enough, and those irregular numbers are designed to rip you off. A non-member will pay thirty bucks to download 2 movies, while a member will ultimately pay fifty dollars to download the same low-ass number and end stuck with 9 useless credits. Fuck that.If you are the type of old-schooler who likes to download your porn for later viewing, I suggest checking out their bundles. You’ll get a little more bang for your buck, though the prices are still too rich for my blood. They have a stash-to-cloud option that’s cheaper, but the FAQ does not make it clear whether you still have cloud access when your membership expires.Hand Job Lessons on the 1st and 15thTutor Him releases new handjob movies twice a month. I usually like to see at least one update every week from a paysite, but I’m going to cut these guys some slack. For one thing, handjobs are common in porn, but movies treat them as the warmup act, rarely the main even. Sites that focus on the handy are even more rare. For a lot of fappers, that’s going to be a deal-breaker, but you’ll pay more if you love watching girls play pinball more than riding pogo sticks. Maybe that’s how they get away with those download prices.Another thing I like is that those bimonthly updates have hit the site like fucking clockwork since the site started in July, 2019. You’ll get a fresh movie on the first and on the fifteenth, every single time. The biggest downside is that since the site’s barely over two years old, there are only around 30 movies in the stash.Once you get signed up and logged in, the member’s page presents everything pretty much as it was out front. If you prefer a more modern thumbnail view, hit the Scenes button. Either way, TutorHim’s got a nice range of options for sorting and filtering through the collection.This Girl Really Knows How to TeachParis Knight looks like such a classic porn slut in the still for Time for a Study Break. The blonde knockout’s wearing glasses, giving her the pseudo-intellectual look one expects from a sexy tutor. Her big tits are exposed, splattered with sperm from the boner in her hand. If this is tutoring, then by all means, tutor him!I hit the Play button and the movie started playing without any buffering. I’ve got my resolution set at 720p, which is the maximum for streaming. It’s technically HD, but I’m a little spoiled by the 4K on other sites. TutorHim has 1080p, but it’s download-only, so that’ll cost you.The dude says he’s having some problems understanding his math homework. She says something about his multiplication, then moves over to sit beside him. She starts feeling his leg, commenting that he’s been looking good in gym class, and has her hands in his pants about a minute in. It’s a quick setup, Paris all smiles as she gets right to the point.She’s clearly done this a time or two. She works the shaft with her hand, getting it raging hard in a matter of seconds. I kept expecting her to put it in her mouth, which is what typically happens in a premium porn flick, but TutorHim.com is all about the handy.Paris gets the dude out of his pants and onto his back, and I’ve got to say, I envy this motherfucker. This babe’s got killer hand technique, working his shaft with her fingers and thumb, alternating grips and keeping it interesting for the full 30-minute runtime. I like how she caresses his legs and plays with his balls, and how he sprays her down with his flesh hose before it’s all over.TutorHim.com’s focus on handjobs isn’t going to appeal to hardened masturbators who can only get off to fisting, bukkake scenes and girls doing DVDA. If girls jerking dicks is your thing, though, you’re going to fucking love it. They’re consistently putting out two full-length movies a month, featuring gorgeous tutors taking advantage of their students in manual ways you wish you would have been subjected to. The site’s got free video previews, so check them out and see if you like the flavor of smut they’re peddling.