Strokies are arguably one of the easiest ways to maintain your sanity during these weird-ass times of social distancing. Honestly, I was always an advocate of handies even before the pandemic hit, and a proponent of self-love no matter what the venue or situation. If all the local Tinder chicks are too fat or COVID-infected, though, what’s a horny motherfucker to do? Well, in that case, you could always fuck your own hand while perusing this next website.Strokies.com is probably exactly what you thought it was, assuming you’re a normal red-blooded male like myself who thinks about sex every three seconds. It’s a premium site full of drop-dead gorgeous chicks stroking dicks. They’ve been cranking out the movies of chicks cranking out the loads since 2015, earning themselves a decent following of manually oriented perverts. Wouldn’t you know it, I just bought a silicone pornstar hand with a simulated twat in the palm, and this seems like the perfect place to try out my new sex toy.Stroke One Out with StrokiesI was kidding about the silicone hand, but not kidding about using this jerk-off porn site to help me jerk off. I already have a really fucking good feeling about the joint because the women are fucking gorgeous. They ain’t fucking with a ton of the biggest of the big-name video whores, but whoever’s booking talent for Strokies has a real eye for genuinely pretty girls with handy skills. There ain’t a butterface in the bunch! The babes skew young, though I see some MILFs mixed in with the youngins. Regular porn consumers will recognize faces like Katie Kush, Nia Nacci and classic cougar Cherie Deville.The image at the very top of the landing page shows Indica Monroe with a big, beautiful smile on her face as she hovers near a big boner, hands on the base. It’s actually a tease for next week’s update, though, so I guess I’d better not cancel my subscription. The flick added today features Emma Starletto stroking a dick while rubbing her clit and grinding on this lucky dude, and it looks just as sexy.Social distancing has wreaked absolute havoc on porno shooting schedules, and even major paysites are struggling to keep putting out movies at their usual rates. Strokies.com is holding strong, though, steadily releasing films every seven days. Last week it was the exotic little Luna Mills working some titty-fucking action into her hands-on effort, and the week before that, it was cute blonde Paisley Porter.There’s kind of a sweetheart vibe going on here. Despite the perverted shit they’re doing, every babe has a big, eager smile on her face that conveys youth, sexuality, and perhaps, somehow, even a little bit of innocence. That’s not to say that these are softcore flicks, as the closeups of ball-sucking and facial cumblasts prove. There are some free video trailers out front, which I studied pantless for a while to further substantiate my claims. I’ve snorted way too much Viagra this morning to be satisfied with one-minute previews, so without any further ado, I made my way to the sign-up page.Cheaper Than a Handy Behind 7-11There are no surprises about the price here. Strokies.com costs about $30 a month, just like all the competition. It’s about what you’d pay for a crack whore handjob behind the 7-11, but the girls are way hotter and you’re less likely to get arrested or robbed. There’s also a 3-month option that breaks down to about $25 a month, which is just okay, definitely not the best discount I’ve seen on a quarterly subscription.I bet a lot of you handjob fans have signed up for other premium sites, clicked your way to the Handjob tag and were ultimately disappointed. While you’ll usually see at least some manual dick-rubbing in just about any dirty movie out there, it’s always a warmup act, playing second-fiddle to the standard pre-hump blowjob. That isn’t the case at Strokies, where the handjob is the main event all the fucking time. To date, they’ve released a little over 500 videos of gorgeous, handsy sluts.Strokies got on the 4K bandwagon in 2019, and everything they’ve put out since has been in crisp, clear Ultra-HD. The resolution is standard enough that I don’t always mention it when reviewing paysites, but I thought it was worth noting here because Strokies ain’t your typical reality porn site or lesbian collection. With a niche like handjobs, you often expect them to lag a little bit behind the bigger sites, but these pervs were ahead of the curve.Strokies.com is one of those paysites that looks pretty much exactly the same from the outside as when you log in. The main difference is members get access to the full movies instead of just the trailers, which begs the question: where do I begin? With so many dick-stroking pretty girls smiling at me from the thumbnails, I wasn’t sure where to start my actual fap test of the place.These Dick-Pullers are So PrettyWhat a fucking smorgasbord a lovely ladies. Who should I watch cranking it? Redhead Nala Brooks looks like she has good two-handed technique, and ebony Ashley Aleigh looks sexy as fuck trying to rub one out of her partner. Oh, and tell me Vanessa Vega doesn’t look like AOC in the thumbnail for her recent scene. It seems like the effect is only from certain angles, but Vanessa is gorgeous from any of them.When I noticed Alita Lee halfway down the page, I knew she would be the one to introduce me to the Strokies.com handjob library. The exotic little babe is both cute and sexy as fuck, and the title clued me in to some mutual oral sex that’d be going on in the flick. It ain’t all strokejobs at Strokies, it seems.The 35-minute film starts immediately when I hit Play, with no discernable buffering slowing me down. Strokies flicks start off with interviews, so we get to hear Alita’s chipper voice as she talks about her hands-on experience. “I love giving handjobs,” she says with a giggle. She seems like a sweet girl, but the tiny shorts and exposed midriff tell me she’s a little bit of a slut—exactly how I like them!It’s a lengthy interview, running around 10 minutes long, but we get to hear about her first handjob and some other adventures. I was already hard as a rock by the time her top came off. The bottom soon followed. Alita works her own twat before we get to the strokey part of this Strokies flick.Tugjobs, Blowjobs and 69sMaybe all the girls are smiling so pretty in the Strokies thumbnails because they’re really hitting it off with the cameraman. There’s a bit of banter even when we get to the main handjob event, and my dude seems adept at getting killer performances out of these girls. Alita really gets into it, grinding against his leg as she jerks his cock, dropping loads of spit on it for lube.She gets in close so she can lick the dude’s balls while jerking him off, adding more spit to keep everything going smoothly. I fucking love how this girl smiles at the camera while she’s giving a handjob, not to mention the way she strokes dick while smiling. The titular 69 doesn’t happen until the very end, a grand finale for an otherwise fantastic tuggy porno.I couldn’t help noticing the Tags field in the description was left blank, not even mentioning that 69. It’s a relatively minor issue and certainly not a dealbreaker, but tags can go a long fucking way in making a site more searchable. Strokies.com has a library running 500 pornos deep, which is a big number to sift through if you’re looking for something specific. All the flicks focus on that manual action, but what if you’re looking for another 69, a blowjob or a blonde?Handjobs happen all the time in pornos, but usually, you only get a few seconds of tugging, jerking and pulling before the babes move on to the blowjobs and threesomes. At Strokies.com, the undersung tuggy is given the spotlight, and a hot chick is always administering it with a pretty smile. It’s definitely worth a look if your favorite porno scenes are hands-on.