Handjob Japan

Let’s take a trip to HandjobJapan, the handiest place in the Land of the Rising Sun. Even if you can’t get a plane ticket to go get a little manual stimulation firsthand, this next porn site will let you get those vicarious thrills as you watch uncensored handjob flicks straight from Japan. Regular JAV consumers can already see why that’s such a big deal, and I can almost guarantee the tugjob enthusiasts and Asian fanatics in the audience ain’t going to be disappointed.HandjobJapan.com has been around for nearly a decade now, showcasing some of the country's hottest honeys pulling, jerking, tugging and stroking ding-dongs on camera. Their About page lays out their simple concept thusly: “Handjob Japan offers a unique brand of cock worship performed by super feminine Japanese women. This is the first site that focuses on the unique manners of Japanese women when they want to please their man with their hands.” I’ve never been too big on etiquette, and in fact have been kicked out of more suit-and-tie dinners than I can count. Still, I’m definitely curious about those “unique manners” they’re talking about.Uncensored Handjobs Straight from JapanHandjobJapan is going to be of interest to anybody who appreciates Asian porn and anyone who loves handjobs. If you’ve been in the former category for a while, you already know why I’m so excited about the uncensored action going on here. Japanese Adult Video is notorious for blurred-out buttholes and pixelated penises, a tragic result of some ancient, antiquated, and not entirely understood laws. The movies here appear to be shot in Japan, mainly with native Japanese chicks, but they’re able to avoid the censorship issues by releasing through the smut through Cyprus and Nevada. The FAQ says it’s all 100% original and exclusive.And goddamn, have they got some hot chicks on their roster! The tour page is covered with gorgeous AV idols, Japanese pornstars and a couple of random-ass white girls. There are a lot of smiling faces out front, posing with dicks in their hand, sometimes squirting little geysers of cum into the air. It’s a tuggy-oriented site, so there’s less variety than your typical anything-goes reality porn site. To mix things up, they’ve rolled in some double-handies of both the MFF and MMF varieties. A couple of the broads are even shown getting up close for a good taste.I expected the Play buttons on the preview page to take me directly to the signup page like so many other paysites, but nah, Handjob Japan has real, free video previews available. They’re short, but you can watch 30 seconds of girls like Aya Kisaki and Mari Hirose stroking cock and playing with themselves while talking dirty in Japanese. At least, I assume they’re talking dirty. I don’t actually speak Japanese, so they could damn well be reciting a sukiyaki recipe for all I know, but it sure sounds sexy. Hitori bocchi no yoru!How Much Do These JAV Handjobs Cost?The JAV fans are already pretty fucking thrilled by HandjobJapan’s defiance of their expectations. There’s no censorship here like what the other guys are peddling, and they’ve got another big-ass selling point: a regular membership is a few bucks cheaper than your typical porno paysite. Most premium sex sites will run you $30 a month, and it’s pretty fucking standard for the JAV sites to charge even more. HandjobJapan.com has monthly memberships for a cool $25, with cheaper rates for longer signups.On most paysites, the longer memberships don’t come with any additional perks. Here, you get better download access if you sign up for longer than 30 days, or when your monthly membership renews. First-time monthly subscribers get their downloads throttled after 10 downloads, while longer members can download to their heart’s content at top speed. It’s honestly not a bad restriction, and most of you aren’t even going to notice. The fact that unlimited downloads are included at all is something of a pornographic miracle on any paysite these days.I didn’t realize this when I loaded up the site this morning, but I came at a really good time. HandjobJapan has been on something of a hiatus, with a long-ass break after their April 5th, 2018 update. They came back in the beginning of December 2021, and they’re now banging out three updates per month. I usually like to see at least one update a week, so that’s a little on the slow side, but I’m going to cut them a break since this is uncensored handy JAV at a fair price.The full collection includes hundreds of flicks, comprising nearly 60 hours of Asian chicks jerking dudes off. If you’re trying to fap your way through the entire collection, you’re going to need to stock up on boner pills, lube, and maybe an IV drip, so you don’t fap yourself to death of dehydration.Do As the Dick-Strokers DoThere’s an old saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I’ve updated that a bit for modern times and modern masturbators: When in Handjob Japan, do as the wanking broads do. By that, I mean this is a fucking perfect site to beat off to. Handjob fans know what I’m talking about, because it’s much easier to play along at home when you’re watching a handy than if you’re cranking it to a bukakke flick, trying to replicate the experience by whipping milk all over the room.With hundreds of flicks to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Since HandjobJapan.com specializes in that titular sex act in every video, I decided to choose based on the pretty girls cranking it in the thumbnails. Aya Kisaka is a fucking cutie, and Uika Hoshikawa makes me feel all warm and squishy in a way that makes me realize I need to change my boxers.As you’ve probably figured out by now, your old friend ThePornDude is a bit of a depraved freak. I like the harder stuff, so I decided to start my official fap test by watching Yui Kawagoe and Shino Aoi team up on some lucky motherfucker. Like other JAV sites, Handjob Japan’s video resolution maxes out at a last-gen 1080p instead of 4k, but the streaming started quickly and smoothly at max res.It’s a POV flick, opening with Yui and Shino caressing this dude’s legs and brushing their hands against the junk in his drawers. Their voices are hella sensual, though if you like the words, you may find yourself wishing HandjobJapan put subtitles on their videos. They get a little more firm with the dick-grabbing through his shorts, and then pull the lizard out around the two-minute mark.It’s only a ten-minute scene, which is kind of a bummer considering they only release three a month. If you’re a bulk porno shopper, you may be a little disappointed. On the other hand, where else are you going to find this many uncensored JAV handjob flicks? When Shino spits out some natural lubricant, it lands on a fully unobscured cock, and both girls really go to town.They give him a pretty slow and mild fap for most of the video, gently caressing the shaft, the spit making squelching noises in their hands as they continue to talk dirty. Like any good tug job film, it gets more intense as we get closer and closer to the climax. He squirts into their hands and they play with his jizz.The art of the handjob is often neglected in pornography. Almost every sex flick features a little grabbing and stroking, but it’s typically only a few seconds of a much longer scene. HandjobJapan.com puts out relatively short clips compared to other paysites, but they put all of their focus on handicraft.Ultimately, it’s that focus combined with uncensored Japanese chicks that makes HandjobJapan a worthwhile site for fans of Asians tugging dicks. You will be hard-pressed to find a collection like this anywhere else on the web, so what are you waiting for? Check out the free previews out front. If you end up enjoying them, you can get the full ticket for a lot less than the average JAV site.