A Tug Pass can be many things to many different people. It might be the theoretical pass your wife has given you to get a handjob from a favored celebrity should the opportunity present itself. In shittier relationships, it’s the right to jerk off on alternate Wednesdays, the other days reserved for procreation or sad blue balls. For regular masturbators, though, a TugPass includes unfettered access to a whole network of perverted porn sites.That’s exactly the kind of shit we’re talking about at TugPass.com. Calling themselves the “Best Network Porn Pass,” they offer one-price access to eleven paysites. I’m kind of a sucker for a deal, which is how I ended up with a closet full of off-brand pocket pussies giving off a chemical smell. Tug Pass has been around in some form or another since 2009, though, which tells me they’ve got more to offer than toxic plastics and serious chafing.Tons of Pretty Girls Tugging CocksThey get right down to brass tacks on the tour page of TugPass.com, rattling off the names of those paysites they’re hawking under this unified porno banner. There’s teen porn like Petite18 and MILF smut at Over 40 Handjobs. Babes are milking cocks at Mylked, and the girls of Mean Massage are giving more than just wholesome backrubs.You may have guessed from the thumbnails and site names like Ebony Tugs, Club Tug and Teen Tugs that there’s a heavy focus around here on the art of the handjob. Handjobs are a common sight in fuck flicks, but they’re typically a prelude to harder fair like cock-riding, threesomes and all-out anal orgies. Here, a tug job is often the whole reason for tuning in.I’d be lying if I said it was all handies, though. While the pretty girls are mainly working with their hands on the front page of TugPass, there’s a fair amount of oral activity going on as well. Hell, sites on the menu like See Mom Suck were clearly designed to showcase the art of the beej. Another babe on the front page is getting her twat pumped with sperm.A nice mix of established pornstars and rising amateurs grace the thumbnails and full flicks in the archives of TugPass. They’ve got classic pornstar MILFs like Alexis Fawx and Cherie Deville, as well as modern starlets like Kimmy Granger and Sasha Foxx. They’ve got a lot of one-name chicks you’ve never heard of doing their dirty thing right alongside chicks like Charlee Chase and Reagan Foxx.A Million-Dollar Handjob Collection?There’s a big banner at the bottom of TugPass.com’s tour page claiming to offer “2 million dollars worth of content for $1 a day!” That sounds like when the police announce they’ve seized a million bucks worth of weed, but really it was a dime bag and they’re including the whole weight of the car they found it in. What does two million in fuck flicks even look like?Well, based on the numbers I’m counting up on their list of available channels, Tug Pass includes more than 2,000 videos/episodes scattered throughout their network of sites. That’s a fucking great number, but I’m skeptical that it’s worth two million. After all, there are other networks offering similarly sprawling collections of smut, and none of them are charging your life’s savings.TugPass is charging pretty much exactly as much as the other guys for a regular membership. Thirty bucks gets you in for a month, just like it does everywhere else. Their 3- and 12-month plans break down to pretty respectable rates, with the latter dropping to just under eight bones a month.One of the major selling points of the network, besides the massive volume of smut, is the fact that downloads are included with the basic price. It’s getting harder and harder to find premium sites that let you save videos without charging you extra. Many of them have even been going streaming-only, so I really appreciate websites that keep it old-school with the downloads.Fresh XXX Flicks on the RegularOut on the tour page, they’ve got thumbnails from all the recent shit across the whole TugPass.com network. They’re dropping a few new movies every week. There’s a new flick almost every day. They just released a POV kitchen blowjob from a blonde, a redhead drinking sperm, and an 18-year old Asian getting a creampie.One minor grip I have with TugPass is that the tour page is the only place to see all the latest shit laid out in one place. The thumbnails all lead to the sign-up page, making it much less useful than it could be for members who want to beat off to the freshest content on the network. You’ll have to consult the free page, sign into the member’s area and then choose your individual site.The main member’s area gives you a list of all the Available Channels, aka all those sites you signed up for. Mylked and FinishHim are the newest on the menu, offering just a handful of flicks each. TeasePOV has 50, while ClubTug has a killer stash with over 500 already.The Latest and Greatest HandiesI’m a sucker for the latest and greatest, plus I have a hard time choosing when presented with so many beautiful girls interacting with boners on camera. With that in mind, I consulted the tour page to choose one of the newest movies, and then clicked my way to it in the member’s area. Released as part of Cumblast City, Big Cumblast for Whitney stars Whitney Wonders doing exactly what you’d expect.The 9-minute episode opens with Whitney loosening her bra before going straight to town on a boner. It’s shot POV-style, so we get to watch the red-headed MILF from the perspective of the lucky dude getting the boob job. Whitney’s got a nice smile and an even nicer rack, which she lubes up with oil to help that ding dong slide.The video player is basic as hell, with no controls for adjusting screen resolution, playback speed or anything else. In fact, I’m not even sure if the movie is in HD. It doesn’t look terrible, but doesn’t have the sharpness I’ve come to expect from premium pornography. The video was added to the site less than a week ago, but I wonder if it was actually filmed years ago.Thousands of Short Porno MoviesTug Pass has an oldschool download format that I haven’t seen in a while. Most sites offer you the full movie in a range of different resolutions, but that ain’t how it’s done around here. You can snag the entire film, or you can download smaller pieces of it.This movie with Whitney ain’t even 9 minutes long, so it’s silly that it’s chopped into 5 segments. The feature was probably a lot more useful back when you had to burn your collection to CD, but space is cheap now. Does anybody download short porn clips?Next up, I watched an incest-themed fuck movie from Petite18. While TugPass has a ton of material focused on handjobs, sites like this one offer more hardcore pussy penetration. Uncle Warren Sniffs Her Panties is 12 minutes long, which you can download in one file or five. I’m a modern fucker, so I just streamed it and beat off until I got kicked out of the library.The panties movie was even better than the titjob/handjob MILF movie I just watched. Dani plays with her vibrator for a while before catching her uncle jerking off to her panties. Instead of having a #MeToo moment, she slurps on his dick before dropping her tight little twat on it. The girl is just gorgeous, and looks amazing as she takes a hard pounding.The biggest real issue with Tug Pass is that the movies are relatively short. If you’re mainly into marathon wanks to epic-length orgies, you may be underserved. Most perverts will find that the network’s rapid release schedule and voluminous back catalog more than makes up for the ten-minute runtimes. You’d be a truly legendary pole polisher if you could run out of fap fodder while signed up for a Tug Pass.Ultimately, TugPass.com is going to appeal most strongly to handjob fans who wish they could buy porn at Costco. There’s an absolute shit ton of manual labor going on in the thousands of movies they’ve got on deck, plus enough all-around perversion to keep you happy and fapping even if you need something a little harder. I recommend taking a look at the individual sites they’re including with the package. If your dick stays hard while flipping through, this is probably going to be a worthwhile network subscription.