Whenever I think of Pure CFNM, I remember that incident I had at the local Starbucks a few months ago. I’m not even sure how exactly it happened. I was camped out, my cold brew long since finished, leeching off their wi-fi while writing reviews for ThePornDude. I guess I got carried away, because all of a sudden, I was fully naked with a trio of uniformed baristas politely but firmly urging me to get the fuck out of the establishment because the police were en route.PureCFNM.com serves up pornographic scenarios that are straight-up nightmare fuel for a lot of guys, but a total fucking turn-on for a certain, kinky segment of the population. Did you wake up from naked-at-school dreams relieved or disappointed and extremely horny? Pure CFNM has been tapping into those buried fears and latent desires since 2007, building a library of premium porno movies with Clothed Females and Nude Males. Without any further ado, let me take my clothes off and check this thing out.Want to See Some Pure CFNM?I’ve obviously learned an important lesson about reviewing porno while at the coffee joint, which is why I’m banging out this one from the library. It’s still early, and I don’t think any of the other current patrons will rat me out for the indecent exposure. Still, I keep wondering: what if I was surrounded by beautiful women instead of homeless people talking to themselves?That’s the rough premise behind every video at PureCFNM, who call themselves the “Biggest CFNM Site in the World.” Every porn site claims to be the biggest and best at whatever, and I’m usually very quick to call bullshit. In this case, I’m ready to believe it. Their catalog has nearly 800 CFNM scenes, an impressive number when we’re talking about a niche fetish.CFNM moments ain’t too uncommon in pornography, but they tend to be fleeting. The girls always get undressed, too, just as soon as they walk in on the boss or discover step-bro jerking off in the closet. Since Clothed Females and Naked Males are the whole gimmick around here, that skewed power dynamic remains throughout the movies.In every thumbnail on the landing page, there’s a fully naked dude outnumbered by a bunch of hotties in office attire, workout clothes, uniforms and casual outfits. It’s hard to fuck a woman’s pussy through a layer or two of clothing, so there’s less vaginal intercourse out front than you typically expect from a paysite. These poor naked dudes ain’t just sitting around, getting laughed at, though. Clothed or not, these girls are seen practicing their oral and manual penis-pleasuring skills.Cheaper Than Another Indecent Exposure ChargeFree, unregistered visitors get to watch a few one-minute video previews before getting cut off. I checked out the trailer for PureCFNM.com’s latest movie; Domina Shows Off. A trio of Ancient Greek women call in one of their gladiators to examine the specimen’s boner. The youngest chick in the group, a sexy redhead, is instructed to get on her knees and start sucking.CFNM ain’t even my fetish and I’m getting excited. They treat the dude like an object, never addressing him directly at all during the preview. I like the selection of babes, too, and the very clear hierarchy of power between them. It’s essentially one domina showing off her male property, teaching the young one how to suck cock, and letting the hot MILF lend her seasoned expertise to the matter.I’ve had ladies accuse me of being too quick on the draw, but one minute just ain’t nearly enough. If you want to see the full movies, you’ll have to spring for a full membership. PureCFNM.com will run you thirty bucks a month, which is in line with what most premium sites charge. Fetish sites often charge more, so it ain’t a bad deal. The discounts for longer memberships aren’t as deep as they are on other sites, but you can get a year for a couple hundred.Membership also earns you access to five other premium sites on top of PureCFNM. Sometimes the kinky sites will round out the package with some more vanilla offerings, but these guys are sweetening the deal with more femdom and Clothed Female Nude Male action. Crank it to Amateur CFNM, CFNM Games, and the similarly themed Lady Voyeurs. You’re going to love "Hey Little Dick" if you’re into small penis humiliation, and then there’s Girls Abuse Guys if you’re into more general violence, domination and humiliation by sexy sluts.Just Like Yoga Class in My NeighborhoodThe coronavirus pandemic has affected the porn industry in various ways. More people are stuck at home, in need of fap fodder for their lonely days, but the logistics of shooting new smut have been complicated by social distancing, to say the least. I’ve seen a lot of paysites throttling their updates, but these guys are still adding a new Pure CFNM scene every week like clockwork.A thumbnail from last month’s Yoga Perv caught my eye. I’m a sucker for women in yoga pants, but I haven’t gone to any classes because I’m worried my boner will fight its way out of my gym shorts. From the looks of the screengrab, that’s what happens to the dude in this flick in front of four hot chicks.The movie starts off with the dude walking into the class of women, already in progress. The broads look fucking gorgeous in their workout outfits, so I’d be popping wood as soon as I got there. This dude is clearly a professional, though, and manages to completely hide his desires for a few whole minutes. It’s those cat/camel poses that does him in, those tightly wrapped asses going back and forth in front of his face. The viewer is treated to some lovely booty close-ups.The babe with the red dye job notices him stroking his cock first. She watches quietly for a few before finally calling him out. The whole class confronts him, first grabbing his package through his shorts and accusing him of smuggling sausage. They pull off his clothes, and the Pure CFNM starts about halfway through the ten-minute scene.Yoga Stretches for the Penis“Let’s see what yoga stretch we can do to the penis,” says the instructor to laughs from the class. They get the dude on the floor, laying on his back, with multiple women caressing his balls and tugging on his dick. There’s some light humiliation, but the girls ain’t too mean in this clip. On the contrary, they eagerly massage his hard cock, giggling and telling him what a lucky boy he is.The tatted-up redhead is my favorite. She’s got the nicest rack in the group and a nice sports bra to show it off, plus she really takes the lead with the handjob. She makes him nut all over himself and milks it dry, then the girls all stand up and step on his thighs and balls.“Look how pathetic you look,” says one of the babes, “how stupid you look.” They throw his shirt on his face and leave him lying on the yoga studio floor, jizzy and naked. It’s a humiliating finish, though I think that’s a big part of why you perverts are going to love it. Many of you will take advantage of the included downloads for members, saving the scene for your permanent offline spank bank, safe from any endtimes scenarios.My one complaint is that at just ten minutes, it only gave me enough time for a quick wank. They’ve got hundreds of PureCFNM scenes, so I guess I could string a bunch of those together if I want a longer fap session. In fact, that’s what any fan will have to do if they want to settle in for a long night with your dick out; ten minutes is pretty average around here, with some recent scenes running as short as six minutes.Most CFNM fetishists will consider the massive library, the biggest of its kind anywhere, a more than adequate tradeoff for those short videos. It can be a pain in the ass trying to find movies that cater specifically to your kink(s), but PureCFNM.com has been focusing on Clothed Female Naked Male scenes for over a decade now. If your fantasy is being naked and getting your rocks off in front of a bunch of fully clothed hotties, I think you’re going to be really happy.