AV Tits

Who wants to see some big AVTits? In case you’re confused about the AV tacked onto the tits, it doesn’t stand for Audio/Visual, even though these dirty movies certainly do have sound. You Asian enthusiasts are already way ahead of me, though. The AV here is the same as the AV in JAV, also known as Japanese Adult Video. Yes, my masturbating weeaboo friends, today we’re going to check out a premium porn site devoted to huge boobies.AVTits.com is part of the JAVHD porn network, which I’ve mentioned a time or two here at ThePornDude. The world-famous smut peddlers have spent years helping Westerners get their fix of dirty movies straight from Japan, which helps explain why they get nearly 25,000 visitors a day. I’ve never been much of a bandwagoner, but hey, sometimes the masses are really onto something, especially when it comes to massive Asian breasts.Giant Tits and Uncensored TwatsWhen we’re talking about American dirty movies, everybody always expects hardcore action, with lots of close-up shots of dicks spearing pussies, buttholes being penetrated and pretty mouths all stretched out from the sheer size of the cock being shoved into them. The expectations aren’t quite the same in the world of JAV. While you may desperately want to see those beautiful Japanese women getting pounded raw dog and creampied, you’re often faced with a stack of pixels where you should see the penis going into the pussy.Japan’s anti-porn censorship laws ain’t even all that clear cut in their prohibition of the naughty bits. Still, fans of the genre are sadly used to seeing the goods blurred out, and the question of censorship is always one of the main concerns on any JAV site. I’m happy to report that AVTits features a ton of beautiful babes getting their uncensored twats fucked in HD video.As an American, it’s fucking weird as hell to even talk about censoring the wee-wees and pee-pees and bungholes in 2021, but what can I say? AVTits.com really smashes my low expectations on this front. Not only do they have uncensored Japanese big-tit porn, but they’ve also got these girls going buck wild in all kinds of flicks. On the tour page alone, I see girls eating dicks, giving titjobs, squirting girlcum and dripping boycum after getting creampied.These ain’t rando Japanese broads, either. AVTits consistently posts movies with some of the hottest Japanese AV idols, amateurs and pornstars. Big-boobed cutie Alice Ozawa is spreading her pussy lips and getting fucked in a recently added scene, and wait until you see what Azusa Nagasaw does in the bathtub. Watch Ryoko Murakami give a boob wank, see Rie Tachikawa get stimulated with toys, and then enjoy Rie Tachikawa getting her huge knockers hosed down with sperm.How Many JAV Sites Would You Like Today?I’ve got something of a mix of good and bad news here. I’ll start with the bad: the standard membership will run you forty bones a month. Most American or Euro paysites are still charging $30, but you can typically expect to pay a premium for JAV no matter where you find it. AVTits.com has the rare treasure of uncensored big-boob JAV, so the price makes sense.Now for the good news: your AVTits membership comes as part of the JAVHD network, which includes 17 Asian porn sites. There are some conflicting numbers out front, which often happens when big-ass porn sites forget to update the stats on the tour page even as they continue to grow. I’ve done a little digging around to find accurate counts, though, and the library is really fucking impressive here. JAVHD has over 4,000 videos, around 700 of which are big-boob movies released as part of AVTits.There are nearly 1000 JAV idols and Asian porn sluts doing their thing in the archive, not to mention well over 100,000 dirty photos. The stash is over 6 terabytes, and you know what? Downloads are included in the membership price, so feel free to save the whole library to that new hard drive array you told your wife was for family photos.There is a three-day, one-dollar trial if you’d like to look around a little before pulling the trigger on a full membership. If you do use this option, make sure you cancel it before your trial is up! If not, congratulations, you just signed up for the $50 tier of their membership plan. It comes with no extra perks, but you do get to feel like a dumb motherfucker.From Asian Teens to Practiced MILFsThere’s really such a great variety of content on AVTits.com that I wasn’t sure where to start shaking my dick for my official review of the joint. The newest movie has a Japanese MILF getting her big tatas creamed on, and there’s no denying the fappability of any of those boobjob thumbnails. I love Hitomi Kitagawa’s smile as she gets her pussy spread open, and Rina Araki looks amazing wearing nothing but red bondage rope.In the end, it was the thumbnail for Teen Mai Hanano Filled Up With Cum By Two Guys that got me going. The dude eating her out while wearing her panties on his head clearly has some good ideas, and I’d like to subscribe to his newsletter. Mai herself looks fantastic, and her big, natural jugs are what AVTits is all about.The 34-minute flick opens with a couple of Japanese delinquents showing up at Mai’s house, where she’s just staring out the window in her underwear. There aren’t any subtitles, so I don’t know what they’re saying as they both start groping her, sniffing her armpits and feeling her cunt through her panties. She giggles and flops around as they tickle her, massage her breasts and suck her toes, but her smile tells me she’s enjoying herself.The first nipple slips out a couple of minutes in, and one of the dudes takes the opportunity to work the other out and start sucking on it. I may not speak Japanese, but Mai’s got that sexy squeal you expect from a good AV idol in a sex scene. I love the sounds she makes while panty-face eats her hairy pussy and the other dude tweaks her nipples.Up Close and Personal with the Cunts of JAVThe camerawork spends so much time aimed right at Mai’s twat that I wonder if they shot this knowing it was going on an uncensored website. I think JAVHD sources movies from a few different Japanese porn companies, so it’s hard to say if the directors knew we’d be jerking it to the full uncensored version. We get many closeups of her twat as they stretch it out, showing us all the pink flesh and shadows inside. She’s got some long, fluffy-ass pubes and a tendency to squirt, which we first see about 5 minutes into the film.The streaming quality is great, with no buffering issues even maxing out the resolution at 1080p. They haven’t yet upgraded to 4K ultra-HD, which I think may be related to the Japanese porn industry’s continued devotion to the DVD format. Whatever the case, the flicks I watched on AVTits and the rest of JAVHD looked crisp, clear, and entirely fapworthy.Mai gets her mouth all slobbery during the double-blowjob sequence not even 10 minutes in, which quickly segues to a fingercuffing scene. Mai’s a talented babe, never missing a beat as she sucks cock while the other dude pounds away from behind. Not even a third of the way into the movie, there are big wet spots on the bed. This is some fine pornography!Honestly, it’s a perfect example of what has made JAVHD so popular over the years. If you’re into seeing Japanese chicks getting banged, JAVHD is one of the best places to see them. The network seems to have better access to uncensored Japanese smut than any other porn site out there. With AVTits, they’ve added giant boobies to an already winning formula, and the results are as spectacular as you’d imagine.The one and only downside I can find to AVTits.com is that the monthly membership costs more than an Asian site based in the USA. That might be a concerning issue if you’re struggling to pay rent thanks to pandemic woes, but most JAV fans will find the extra ten bucks a worthy investment. Not only do these guys have uncensored JAV, but you get access to a full, 17-site network of the stuff with JAVHD. Seriously, my dudes, if the preview page gets you all hard and drippy, you’re going to fucking love this one.