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DDFBusty calls their site a Big Titty Wonderland, which sounds like my kind of place. Big boobies are a perennial best-seller in the world of porn, as dudes are just hardwired to appreciate these big, soft indicators of ripeness and fertility. Cavemen loved ‘em, and so will the futuristic superhumans of tomorrow. If you aren’t a titty man yet, maybe the world-class melons in this premium porn paradise will make you a believer.DDFBusty.com is a paysite devoted to, you guessed it, busty beautiful women getting boned. The Euro-porn outfit has been plying their trade for a long-ass time; they uploaded their first flick of a well-endowed babe eating dick all the way back in 2004, which was forever ago in Internet years. MySpace passed their prime and drifted into obscurity years ago, but these guys are still kicking. I’m sure the big boobies are the main key to their longevity, but let’s find out what else they’re doing to stand out on this crowded superhighway of smut.Hot Big Names, Hot Big TittiesThe very first thing I notice when I hit the DDF Busty landing page is the caliber of the talent. Sometimes you hear the phrase “Euro porn” and expect a bunch of glorified amateurs, often with a noticeably slimmer body type than the American porn sites. Around here, they’re casting some of the hottest big names with big tits. If you’re a regular porn viewer, you’ll start recognizing girls immediately.Big promo shots for recent flicks slide by the top of the page, showing off prime poon like Romi Rain, Lucie Wilde, and the stunning Ella Knox. There are also some truly juicy, genuinely thicker babes on the menu, like MILF Jordan Pryce and Sofia Lee. Rachel Cavalli is getting her twat stuffed in a thumbnail below, and my boner pulses when I notice Krystal Swift on the menu as well.The girls are beautiful and the production values look high, even just perusing the moving thumbnails. There’s only one thing I don’t like on the page. They list the upload dates for all the newest flicks, so I can see they added one yesterday and another the day before. Two updates in two days is great, but it was three weeks into the month before they added the first one.So far, 2021 has been a really slow year for the site. I’m writing this in the last week of February, and DDFBusty has only added 2 new films a month so far. Maybe they’re struggling with social distancing considerations like a lot of other paysites, but they were adding multiple updates per week throughout 2020. Hopefully, they start banging them out again soon.The good news is, having been around so long, there’s already a sizeable collection to keep your hands busy for a while. As of this writing, there are over 2100 big-titty pornos in the DDF Busty library. I hope you’ve got killer forearm stamina and plenty of lube.Bigger Boobies for Lesser DollarsI admit, I was a little bummed about the slow update schedule. I got a nice little surprise when I reached the signup page, though, which helped perk me back up. It turns out; a DDF Busty membership is cheaper than most paysites. They’re asking just twenty bucks for a monthly membership, which is already ten bones less than the going rate. The three-month plan breaks down to just ten a month, which is one of the better deals I’ve seen without making you spring for a year.It’s definitely worth mentioning that DDFBusty.com memberships include downloads. It wasn’t that long ago I never had to mention this, but so many paysites have been phasing out the feature or charging extra for it. You’ve got your pick of video resolutions so you can make the best use of that external hard drive, and the newer films go all the way up to 4K ultra-HD.The signup page does say they add 3 updates per week, which we’ve already established ain’t currently happening. The upload dates out front make it clear how frequently they’re adding new shit, so make sure you check those out if you’re worried. Unless you really like scheduling your faps based on porn release dates, I think most subscribers will be happy with the overall content volume, especially if it’s good quality. Speaking of, I think it’s time to start my official fap test.Fapping to a Busty Personal FavoriteI’ve been hooked on Krystal Swift’s work ever since catching her on one of the premium VR sites a while back. She’s got the opposite body type you expect when you hear a babe’s from the Czech Republic, thick with the type of luscious natural tits that make her a perfect fit for DDFBusty. Throw in the pretty face and fun, sexy attitude and I’m practically in love. When I saw her out on the tour page, I knew I’d be shaking my dick at one of her movies as soon as I got the chance.Krystal’s got 16 movies on DDFBusty.com, dating back to 2011, so I know what I’m doing this weekend. In the meantime, I’ve got important, official business to do, and that means lubing up to watch her newest movie on the site. Pummeled, Probed and Properly Pounded is an hour-long group sex movie starring Krystal and frequent collaborator Sofia Lee, not to mention a couple of really lucky motherfuckers. (If you like seeing the voluptuous duo at work together, this is their third film on DDF Busty.)Released a couple of months ago, the flick is new enough that it was shot in 4K. It starts streaming in full UHD with minimal buffering as soon as I hit the play button. Krystal and Sofia are hanging out by the pool, having a conversation about their huge jugs, which naturally leads to mutual groping. Krystal’s top comes off at the 90-second mark, and it just gets better from there.A bottle of oil soon comes out, and the girls rub their racks together to get all good and greased up. Both chicks have fully naturally melons, which they lift up, smack against each other and juggle around while giggling. There’s something almost wholesome about their intimate girl time, though I’m definitely not behaving wholesomely on my end. I’m actually typing this with my boner.It’s a nice, long film, so the girls have plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company while I enjoy some alone time. There’s a lot of moaning, giggling and heavy-accented dirty talk. I’ve seen these chicks before, so it’s no surprise to see them having so much fun on DDFBusty. I’m already hooked on the site before the male talent shows up, 15 minutes into the porno.The girls are playing with each other’s big boobies when the pool boys walk in, pretending for a moment not to notice the loud topless girls feeling each other up. They put on a little show for the newcomers, but it’s only a matter of time before any dude has to get involved with the situation in a more hands-on manner.The movies at DDFBusty.com have high production values, all the way through. It’s not just the top-shelf talent on display, but the clean, expensive sets and impeccable camerawork. It’s a more traditional porn production style than the reality porn a lot of premium joints are putting out these days. Instead of shaky handheld cams and webcams sitting on the counter, they’ve got pros shooting from multiple angles, flawlessly cutting shots, so we never miss any of the best action.The biggest and arguably the only real downside to DDF Busty is the recent lack of updates. I’m hopeful this will be corrected soon, as suggested by the signup page. Even if they keep the glacial paced two updates per month, I feel like most porn consumers are going to be satisfied with the overall volume of content, especially given the low price relative to the competition. The babes are consistently busty, talented and beautiful, and the movies are themselves are fucking fantastic.If you’re into pornstars with huge boobs, DDFBusty.com should definitely be on your shortlist. As a porn reviewer, it’s pretty easy for me to see why these guys have been around so long, even as the Internet gets crowded with more and more premium porn sites. DDF just knows what they’re doing, and they’ve got the budget to pull it off in a big way. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have further masturbation to do.