Big Tits Tokyo

Who wants to visit Big Tits Tokyo? Asian pornography is widely known and appreciated for certain features, like giggly submissive girls, cosplay, extreme depravity and censorship, but massive, oversized racks aren’t really one of the expected perks. Maybe it’s an inaccurate stereotype, or perhaps it’s just a consequence of diet and genetics. Fans of monster jugs often gravitate toward Latina or Ebony porn, or just whip their dicks out to all the White video whores with big, bouncing surgical enhancements.But what’s a horny motherfucker to do if he’s got an aching case of yellow fever and a deep appreciation for oversized fun bags? You could sign up for some random Asian sites and hope a few of the vids meet your bra-size requirements, or sign up for a big tits paysite and hope they’ve got a few Asians. Alternately, you can put on your smart guy hat and check out what BigTitsTokyo.com has got on the menu. Fuck, my dudes, it purports to do exactly what it says on the tin: this is premium JAV with the biggest-tittied sluts in Japan.Some of the Biggest Japanese Tits EverThe header image on BigTitsTokyo’s landing page shows off a trio of seriously busty Asian chicks. “Girls With Big Tits In Action,” reads the caption. “Enjoy the Biggest Archive of Busty Asians!” Just about every adult website boasts about being the biggest and best at something, so I always take these brags with a grain of salt. On the other hand, the numbers listed out front may just back up the claim. As of this writing, they’ve got nearly 1400 Japanese big tits videos.That isn’t a bad number of movies at all, but wait, there’s more. For whatever reason, there’s still a lot of emphasis on the DVD format when it comes to JAV (Japanese Adult Video). On top of those 1400 vids I already mentioned, they’ve got around 5500 full-length sex DVDs with busty Asians. A range of DVD covers stretches through the middle of the page, reminding me of browsing old-school video racks.Perusing the thumbnails, their dedication to the big-boobs genre is clear. Every beautiful AV model on the page has an amazing, killer rack. I see a few obviously fake jugs on the page, but it looks like most of these girls are either naturally well-endowed or have seriously fucking good surgeons. Every single image destroys the stereotype of the small-titted Asian.If you’ve been into JAV for a while, you may recognize some of these girls and their gazongas. BigTitsTokyo features some of the hottest, bustiest Japanese pornstars and AV idols. Those sex scenes and DVDs are packed full of girls like Mikoto Yatsuka, Okina Anna, Rina Araki and Hanyuu Arisa. If you’re new to the genre, well, I guess it’s always a good time to pick up a few new favorite pornstars.Forty Bucks for Some JAV JugsI clicked on the newest video out front. Like other JAV, it’s got a really catchy title: Appetizing Asian MILF With Huge Knockers Jumps On Cock. I was really hoping for a preview to figure out what the censorship situation is at Big Tits Tokyo, but the Play button just gave me a price list of their membership options. Sneaky!The bad news is that a BigTitsTokyo.com membership is going to run you $40 a month, though you earn a solid discount if you sign up for a few months or a year. That’s more than the usual $30 they want for an American porn membership, but in line with what I expect to pay for a JAV site.Now, on to the good news: membership includes access to 24 premium JAV sites. They’re adding new ones so fast they can’t even keep up; the tour and signup page both list smaller numbers that haven’t been updated. Besides BigTitsTokyo.com, you’ll have access to themed paysites like Japanese Slurp, Japanese Cosplay, Anal Nippon and Bukkake Now.I reviewed a site called AVTits.com yesterday, and I can’t help but notice the similarities in their offers. That’s another big-booby JAV site that’ll run you forty bones a month, and it also includes access to a massive JAV network. One of their gimmicks over there is uncensored JAV, which is a surprising rarity on an increasingly perverted Internet. Big Tits Tokyo’s tour page makes no such claim about unobscured genitals, so now I’m really curious how the sites compare.Fresh Busty Asian Babe on the DailyAs soon as I got signed up and logged in, I checked out the newest releases on the site. Big Tits Tokyo has a really fucking respectable update schedule, adding multiple full-length movies every day. It looks like they’ve been adding 3 a day for a while now, which helps explain why their overall collection is so large.Today alone, they’ve added around 90 minutes worth of content in 3 big-tits JAV pornos. There’s a Japanese teen getting her huge tits fucked and cummed on, a sexy nurse taking it doggystyle wearing nothing but stockings and her pink nurse hat, and the adorably cute, busty Nakamura Chie giving a POV blowjob and titfuck in the bathtub.Honestly, it’s hard to know where to start because there’s such a nice, wide variety of pervy shit going on. The flicks are all united by those titular Big Tits Tokyo, but the girls are getting into all kinds of naughty situations. There’s oral and anal, facials and creampies, lesbians and foursomes. There are tied-up chicks in bondage scenes, freaky babes squirting, and nearly a hundred movies with full-on fisting.Where the Asian Coochies at?There’s a nice menu of advanced search options that pops up when you hit the Show Filters button up in the corner. It lets you filter by length, date added, rating, and a checklist of 45 different pornographic subgenres. There’s an HD button, but when I clicked it, I got a NO RESULTS message. That’s kind of fucked up. Most Western paysites are moving to 4K UHD, but BigTitsTokyo is another JAV site still putting out sub-HD movies.I already mentioned the JAV industry’s continued reliance on DVDs, and that’s reflected in the relatively low resolutions you’ll find here. That sucks and everything, but I was even more disappointed when I hit the Uncensored box. I got a mere dozen results back, and I can already see the fucking pixels in a few of the thumbnails. Uncensored my ass! (Fun fact: Japanese obscenity laws do allow buttholes on film until they’re penetrated, at which point they get the pixel treatment.)I spent some time in the meager uncensored aisle, fap-testing a group sex movie with a MILF, followed by a couple of busty Asian lesbians and a chubby redheaded cosplay gal pleasuring herself. The movies all play very smoothly, with no apparent buffering, but at less than HD, they fucking better! Each movie comes with a gallery of screengrabs, though they’re automatically generated rather than hand-picked, so they’re fairly mediocre. Downloads are included, which is cool.I have to say; I’m really fucking disappointed by all the censorship. It is expected within the JAV genre, but what frustrates me is how difficult BigTitsTokyo makes it to find the good stuff. I’m finding censored material tagged as uncensored, and I’m sure there’s uncensored smut buried in there without any tags to help you find it.I have to bring up AVTits again here, because the contrast is a little stark. Both big-titty Asian sites cost $40 and come with access to a full network of JAV. The network that comes with BigTitsTokyo has a slightly larger collection, but considerably less uncensored content and lower video resolutions. If you’re trying to decide between the two, it’s mainly a choice between volume or unobscured Japanese pussies. I know exactly which one I’d pick.Censorship is fucking ubiquitous in Japanese porno, so a lot of you weeaboos and neckbeards have gotten used to the blurred-out genitalia over the years. If that ain’t a dealbreaker for you, BigTitsTokyo.com does offer a pretty impressive collection of JAV starring seriously busty Asian chicks. They’ve got thousands of videos available to stream and download, and the membership comes with access to one of the biggest Japanese Adult Video networks I’ve ever beat off to. There’s a cheap preview if you want to poke around a little first, but don’t forget to cancel before it autobills at an inflated rate.