Divine Breasts

When I talk about Divine Breasts, I’m speaking of truly heaven-sent giant jugs, holy overinflated mammaries and massive racks that are gifts from God. To tell you the truth, I was never much of a churchgoer, but maybe that’s because none of the local Jesus shops are extolling the virtues of extreme boobs, sexy fat chicks and the sacred glory of lactation on film.DivineBreasts.com has been preaching their gospel of premium big-titty porno since 2010, when they uploaded their first movie of a super-stacked model stripping down to a smooth jazz soundtrack. Big breasts have always been a perennial bestseller in the world of masturbatory entertainment, but Divine Breasts arguably takes their focus on extra-large lady glands to the next level. If you ever find the usual set of big-name pornstars lacking in the boobie department, this may be the fap fodder you’ve been searching for.Who’s Ready for Divine Breasts?The setup and layout on the tour page of DivineBreasts ain’t all that different from your typical premium smut depositories. The design is polished and modern, with a classy, colorful logo, a wall of recent and popular thumbnails, and a set of large promo images sliding by the top of the screen.The promo shots are the first immediate sign that this ain’t your typical reality porn funhouse or everything-goes smut network. You can look at just about any adult site and probably think, “Damn, this slut has some big-ass tatas!” Well-endowed women have always been ideal starlets of the myriad sex flick genres, but the size of the knockers here makes your typical paysite look like a training bra try-on club.The very first babe I saw upon pulling up the page was a thick blonde chick with a flower in her hair that matches her red lipstick. Oh my fucking God, it’s no exaggeration in the world to say this goddess has Divine Breasts. A couple of seconds later, she flashed off the screen, replaced by chubby brunette MILF with dangling boobs bigger than her head, and then an older babe falling out of her marvelously ineffective bikini top.Scrolling down a bit, I see they’ve got a killer selection of super-boobed amateurs showing off the goods and getting nasty on camera. There’s a little variety in body types, but they definitely lean toward the bigger chicks, plumpers, chubs and BBWs. The big’uns come with the territory, as fat chicks are typically the ones with the absolute hugest breasts. I’m not sure if DivineBreasts.com even bothers with fake tits, because all I see are gargantuan naturals out front.It seems like most of the bigger paysites have been ditching the free video previews, instead shuffling you to the sign-up page when you think you’re about to jerk off to a trailer. Divine Breasts lets visitors watch 10 free videos without signing up. I have to admit, I tried to crank out a free load, but those short clips are a pretty fucking effective tease. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any more premium porn today, but found myself clicking my way to the signup page.Cheaper Than a Date, with Bigger TitsThe titties at DivineBreasts.com are big enough that we may have entered fetish territory. You can often expect to pay extra for extra kinky material, simply because there ain’t much of it to go around. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these guys are actually asking less than your typical paysite in 2021. A monthly membership here will run you just $26, with big-ass discounts on the 3-month and yearly plans.That low rate is immediately appealing, and the whole package looks even better when you see just how much big-boob bang you get for your buck. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, paysites have been struggling to figure out how to keep putting out movies with the obstacles of social distancing. I’ve seen a number of big players slow down their updates, which makes DivineBreasts’ continued output all the more impressive.They’re putting out multiple movies every week. Today they released a fresh flick of a fatty with big tits and a red fishnet outfit, which she exchanges for a tight winding of plastic wrap. Who likes leftovers? Yesterday was a mukbang porno of a topless GILF eating a plate of food using her giant rack as a table. Earlier this week, they had a cutie pressing her enormous, oiled-up hooters against a plate of glass, and a trio of broads bouncing their monster melons in a public park setting.It’s impressive when a premium site can keep banging out the material at this rate, and there’s another benefit when a website’s been around as long as DivineBreasts.com has. These guys have been building their porno library through their whole ten-year existence, and dude, I hope you’re all stocked up on lube and fuckable silicon boobs. There are currently almost 2,000 big-titty pornos in their collection.Sexy Babes, Solo Shows and BondageOne of the downsides to Divine Breasts is that most of the videos are solo shows. Most paysites lure you in by trying to be filthier than the other guys, showing you pink holes getting all stretched out and filled up by giant cocks and gallons of jizz. By contrast, DivineBreasts ends up looking relatively softcore.I think many of these vids are so soft because these chicks ain’t necessarily pornstars. Hell, some of them ain’t necessarily even models. There are a ton of chicks on the site who were clearly chosen for those enormous jugs and not for their snaggle teeth or grandma faces. Sometimes a chick’s not comfortable fingering herself on camera, but we may be genuinely lucky to even see her topless in the first place. That’s what happens when you’re working with the literal fat girl next door.Big boob fans will have to settle for watching some of these girls jogging, others smoking cigarettes with their breasts out or measuring their rack for the camera. There’s really a surprising variety of ways they’ve chosen to showcase those gazagongas, from fun and innocent to fairly fucking kinky.Divine Breasts movies typically run around 10 minutes each, and you can expect a slightly different kind of show every time. They just added one with a big-boobed blonde inviting you into her home, acting cute and flirty with the camera and showing off her cleavage. The other day, an older babe with pink was playing with her tits in the back of her Uber, and the one before that was a MILF modeling a few new bras.There is some harder material in the collection if that’s all you can cum to. A couple of weeks ago, a chick was catching fake sperm from a couple of dildos, and there’s been a fair amount of tit bondage lately. I scrolled back a couple of pages and also found a BBW giving a blowjob and a titfuck.You can find the hardcore scenes using the Advanced Filter, but I’ll tell you now, there ain’t a ton of them. All the “bukkake” scenes use fake dicks, and only half of the “cum on tits” scenes use actual cum. The handful of blowjobs are real, though, and altogether there are a couple of pages of hardcore videos.That minimal amount of actual sex is going to be a dealbreaker for some wankers, but I don’t think they’re necessarily the target audience for this site. If you’re just looking for hard sex and bigger-than-average tits, you’re probably better off with a porno paysite like BigNaturals, which I reviewed the other day here at ThePornDude. DivineBreasts is more for the true fans of truly fucking huge tits, the kind of perverts who appreciate nothing more than an absolutely enormous pair of boobies.That’s the simple but very effective formula at DivineBreasts.com: women with boulder-sized fun bags that put the most well-endowed porn starlets to shame, showing off those special endowments in exclusive nudie flicks. Most of the content is solo and softer than you’ll find elsewhere, but you’re going to have a hell of a time finding boobies this big on another paysite. My advice is to try rubbing one out to the tour page; if the free previews leave you aching for more, that membership is going to be well worth the scratch.