Big Naturals

My love for Big Naturals is pretty well known. Visitors to ThePornDude.com regularly read my obsessive raves about giant-jugged pornstars and well-endowed amateurs, and the busty girls in my town all know me as the weirdo with the staring problem and conspicuous tent pants. To tell you the truth, though, those local babes haven’t seen me in a while and I’ve even been slacking on my porn reviewing duties. Why? Well, I guess I’ve just been too goddamn distracted lately.So, what’s got me all worked up and way too horny to do much more than whacking off? It’s a little website called BigNaturals. I guess calling it “little” is a bit of a misstatement. For one thing, all the titties are massive and real. For another, this site has been building its porno collection and fanbase for a good two decades now. They’re practically an online institution when it comes to premium big boob smut. Thousands of visitors are tuning in to their brand of titular entertainment every day, and I’m about to join the crowd.Who Loves Big-Ass Titties?BigNaturals.com starts hitting you with the good stuff the very moment you get through their industry-standard adults-only warning screen. Right away, you’ll see some of the most well-known and popular pornstars in the business. Banners slide across the top of the screen, showing off some of the latest busty starlets to grace their flicks. Skylar Vox, Ella Knox and Liya Silver are among their featured babes right now, and they’ve also made recent movies with Kendra Sunderland, Jessica Starling and Chloe Kinks.There are nearly 500 girls in the Big Naturals archives, many of whom already live in your masturbatory fantasies. Fuck, it’s practically a who’s who of video whores with the hugest knockers. Lana Rhoades, Valentina Nappi, Lena Paul and Ava Addams have all shot movies for the site. Angela White’s massive natural jugs are all oiled up in the JOIN NOW image, and I’m more than primed to do what she says. I’ve just got to see more.It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the site is working with a range of world-class hotties. Big Naturals is, after all, a Reality Kings production. In the twenty years the reality porn kingpins have been in the business, they’ve often set the curve and defined the format. The talent ain’t the only thing that’s visibly high end, even on the tour page. From the lighting to the camera angles to the sets, they’re clearly a professional-as-hell operation, through and through.Most of the Play buttons you find out on the tour page are fake-outs, leading you to the signup page instead of giving you a taste. There are a few free video trailers available if you click the featured movie banners at the top of the screen. I watched a short montage of Ella Knox oiling up her body, sucking cock, getting tit-fucked and pussy-drilled, and you know what? A one-minute preview just isn’t nearly enough. I guess I’ll be buying a ticket for the main event.Cheaper and Realer Than a Pair of ImplantsA BigNaturals.com membership costs $30 a month, with deep discounts if you sign up for three months or a year. That’s pretty standard on any paysite these days, though the subscription model is a bit different here. You get quite a bit more bang for your buck, because it turns out the membership price gets you full Reality Kings network access. That’s over 45 porno paysites for what one normally costs.Let’s talk about what that really means. Overall, you’re buying into an absolute fucking shit ton of premium pornography. There are about 14,000 movies on the network, with a couple of new scenes added every single fucking day. If you’re the kind of guy who buys your rubber vaginas by the case because they’re cheaper that way, you’re going to absolutely love this bulk deal on smut.The catch is that those releases are spread out across those dozens of sites. There are around 800 dirty movies filed under the Big Naturals banner, which is respectable as hell and probably worth the membership price on its own. The bad news is that they’re released very sporadically, so you may not see a new one over the course of a month-long membership. The most recent one came out nearly a month ago, and that was after a two-month dry spell.Another major buzzkill is the download situation. Reality Kings charges you extra if you want to save your favorite movies forever. Remember, when I mentioned how these guys help set the standards for premium porn? Yeah, well, I’m not saying extra-cost downloads on paysites are entirely their fault, but I sometimes wish everybody would stop following their lead, at least when it comes to pricing strategies.Big-Boob Starlets in Top-Shelf SmutWith so much top-shelf titty on the menu, I had a little trouble deciding where to start shaking my dick at Big Naturals. The Skylar Vox movies were enticing as hell, as per usual, and I couldn’t help noticing busty Asian beauty Jade Kush working her stuff on the first page of member material. I ended up gravitating toward one of my perennial favorites, Valentina Nappi.Valentina has been in a couple of dozen movies on the RK network, including two under the BigNaturals imprint. She’s wearing a sheer top, getting her tits oiled and giving the camera a fuck-me face in the title card, which was more than enough to get my drawers all sticky with precum. Thanks to the tags, I know that Confident And Curvy includes blowjobs, titty fucking, reverse cowgirl and doggystyle positions, just to name a few.Reality Kings has a fucking great baked-in video player. My favorite feature is the set of timestamped sex acts accessible via tagged buttons below the video. With just a click, I can jump to one of the scene’s many cocksucking sequences, the cowgirl ride or any of the parts where Valentina got her sweet, sweet twat licked.The movie opens with Valentina strutting into a house looking all sexy. The cameraman acts like she’s a total fucking stranger wandering in, asking, “Uh, can I help you?” She doesn’t answer immediately; instead, she acts like she owns the fucking place. Confident and kind of bossy, Valentina proceeds to show off that bod for the camera, lifting her skirt, twerking, groping her tits and demonstrating her stripper-pole athleticism.What Reality Kings Does BestEven if I wasn’t familiar with Valentina’s work, I’d expect some filthy, well-filmed sex in the movie simply because Big Naturals is a Reality Kings production. Sure enough, Valentina throws the dude on the couch, climbs on top and puts her tits in his face. She pulls out his boner, strokes it, and then cuts a hole in her own top for some titty-fucking.I could keep going and give you the play by play, but my words can’t do justice to the way any of the BigNaturals.com babes fuck. Valentina’s world-famous for two reasons: she’s absolutely gorgeous and fucks like a goddess. Both of these special features are on full display throughout the full length of the film as she eats dick, rides on it, and lays on her back to take it all up in them guts.The movie's overall high quality makes for some absolutely fucking killer wank sessions, but I can’t help wishing I could download the flick for later. It’s funny, the lesser paysites are eager to lure you in with included downloads, but usually, I don’t care that much. In this case, I’d really like to keep the MP4; I just can’t unless I spend more money.The paid downloads are one of two issues with the site, the other being the sporadic release schedule of the BigNaturals brand. For most users, these problems are going to be greatly outweighed by the high quality of the smut and performers, not to mention the absolutely massive reality porn network you’re getting access to.BigNaturals.com is a fucking winner. If you’re into women with big, natural boobies, you are going to absolutely love the dirty movies they’re putting out. Reality Kings have been some of the biggest porn pioneers over the last couple of decades, and this site is one of their biggest and longest lasting legacies. You get access to the full RK network when you sign up, making it one of the best deals on premium smut going.