I wonder what can be seen at Brd Teen Gal? Is it a teen TGP? Well, are you a 30+-year-old male who has an unhealthy obsession with teenage girls to the point that it puts a strain on your quality of life by making you yearn for some sweet barely legal teenage pussy? Does this obsession govern over your overall mood and regulate your quality of life? Maybe you’re just a horny teenager or college kid who’s deeply, unsustainably in love with nothing but fresh ripe teenage booty? If you find yourself having improper, lewd thoughts whenever a schoolgirl sits beside you on the bus or walks closely beside you in public, brushing past you as you catch a whiff of her hormonal scent, then you’re definitely a top contender to enjoy some of the finest XXX teen content over at BRDTeenGal – one of the most popular domains on the internet for nothing but top-tier pornography featuring young petite teen girls in all their naked X-rated glory.This website contains troves on troves of teen-centric XXX content which is linked to various websites as well as BRDTeenGal itself, making it the ideal destination for anyone who's looking to fap to some quality teenage pussy that presents itself in all kinds of intensities; from softcore photosets to hardcore fuck flicks which are so dirty they’ll make you want to question your morality after blowing a load to them. Let’s take a look at what makes this website tick and see if we can uncover any flaws in its otherwise promising introductory presentation.More Photos Than You Have Sperm Cells in Your BallsA lot of the content on this website is in still image format, but the good thing about the photos is that not one of them is alone – every photo image link you see on this website leads to its corresponding photoset, allowing you to fully enjoy the photographed content from start to finish instead of being stuck with just one image that may or may not do the job for you.There are also a hell of a lot of different photo categories on this website, from girls taking their clothes off and putting toys in themselves, to softcore stuff that features some moderate nudity but is focused more on the sensual side of things and doesn’t depict any kind of intercourse – there are of course fully X-rated photosets on here which will definitely get the job done for those of you who are ‘hungry’ for some X-rated content with some kick to it, but I’d say that a good half of these photos are solo sets that feature just one model, and the other half are mostly stills taken from full scenes which show a classic XXX fuck scene enveloping right in front of your eyes which you’re probably familiar with by this point if you’re someone who's ever watched a porn video on the internet in the past decade – I mean come on, even your grandma probably knows how to identify a porno by now.Yes, There’s Videos Too, However…Alongside the various photo sets on this website which may or may not please you depending on their intensity, theme and whether or not you’re into fapping into images or not, there are also loads of teen-centric XXX videos on this site which you or any other given visitor could fully enjoy. That’s right – despite this site containing a LOT of photosets (more than half of all its content is images), it also contains a considerable amount of mesmerizing fuck flicks featuring young, ripe teens getting their holes plugged in various ways – a lot of the fuck flicks which can be accessed via this website tend to lean toward the ‘artsy’ side of things as they’re filmed in soft lighting and focus on portraying ‘making love’ rather than straight-up animalistic sex, but there are also the standard animalistic fuck flicks on here which are made by studios the likes of ‘TeamSkeet’ and they’re guaranteed to meet your XXX needs.However, one of the things which annoys me about this site’s content, in general, is that it’s impossible to tell whether any given piece of content is image or video-based when pressing its respective thumbnail link – there’s just no defining title that lets you know what you’re opening, which really sucks for those who are itching to open up a good teeny fuck flick but end up opening some photoset, and there are a LOT of photosets on here so this could definitely be an issue.Categories go Far and WideAs far as categories go, this site has plenty of them – not only do they cover the basic stuff which we’re all used to seeing by now on various porn websites, especially the more popular ones like PornHub and XVideos, but there’s also plenty of hardcore categories too that could definitely make the cut for you if you’re someone who needs some extra ‘oomph’ in the porn they’re viewing.Optimized For Mobile (At Least the Native Content)The entirety of this website can conveniently be opened and properly viewed from any mobile device, which is good news for all you ‘on the go’ fappers out there who are too busy or too horny (or both) to sit in front of a desktop PC and jerk off, and instead prefer to fap to porn on your phones, which is now becoming a rapidly growing trend due to the fact that over 50% of all internet traffic is accessed via a mobile device.However, due to the fact that a lot of this website’s content opens up on literally dozens of alternate XXX portals, it’s impossible to determine if all of the content linked here can actually be viewed from a mobile device with no issue – yes, there’s a great deal of content that’s native to BRDTeenGal, but a lot of it is uploaded on various other websites which may or may not agree with your phone screen’s dimensions.Unfortunately, Some of the Linked Content is Locked Behind PaywallsIn addition, another thing that admittedly annoys me about this site is that a significant amount of its content is locked behind some sort of paywall, and this goes for both image-based stuff and videos. There is a good deal of premium ‘pay-to-view’ stuff that’s linked on this domain, and it’s impossible to tell which piece of content is premium or not judging from the thumbnail link on this site that leads to it – at the end of the day all of the content that’s on BRDTeenGal itself is completely free, which means that technically this IS a free website despite it containing content links which lead to premium domains.Fun Tip: A Google Is Your FriendOne of the redeeming things which isn’t about this site’s content but more about the stuff that’s linked to it from various websites is that you may still be able to access the premium stuff for free, but it will require some Googling. Let’s say you’ve run into a hot photoset on here that made your dick hard faster than you can say ‘hot damn’ – you open up this photoset, but you’re disappointed to see that only a handful of the images can be viewed, with the better ones being locked behind that miserable, God-forsaken paywall.This, of course, makes your penis deflate faster than you can say ‘damn’, but there is still a way you can get your hands on the full photoset if you’re savvy enough with Google. All you have to do is search for the title of the content in question on good old Google web search, and you might be greeted with an alternate link where some porn-warrior of justice has decided to upload the content in question in full, just so that his porn-warrior brothers can fap to it without having to pay for it and succumb to the iron fist of capitalist consumerism.There Are Just Way Too Many Options on the Site’s Landing PageLastly, this site’s way too complicated for my taste when it comes to its landing page – instead of giving you a nice, organized set of content or navigation options which allow you to get an introductory feel for the website as a whole that allows you to properly enjoy it, you’re greeted by a literal fuckload of options that lead to photos and videos (especially when viewing it from a desktop PC/laptop). This can definitely be refined, as it’s nothing more than a layout issue, but an issue regardless.