The Hun is a classic! When I first stumbled upon The Huns Yellow Pages, I didn’t think much of it. Actually, I was too busy thinking about what the name was all about. Did they mean hun as in a hot woman, or did they mean Hun as in those nomadic tribes that pillaged and raped their way through the middle of the first millennia AD? I’m pretty sure it’s the latter one in the end with all the illustrations on the site, which look quite good by the way. Only after I answered that question did I start wondering what this place was really about, so let’s jump into it.Good for the users, good for the content creators, what more could you wantThis place is a bookmark site that serves as a great opportunity for both people who are looking for good content, as well as people who are looking to get more exposure for their website. Both of these groups can get a lot out of this website, but TheHun.net makes sure that only the best content gets featured on their website. In fact, they get so many submissions, that their site would be flooded if they didn’t pick out only a few each time. The users don’t mind of course, as this means that the content that gets served is of the highest quality. And I can attest to that, this place is full of amazing galleries with some really sexy videos and pictures.A hub for new content that you can discoverSo how does it all work? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. The Hun is set up like Yellow Pages where you can scour through an endless amount of content and choose something that appeals to you. There are two views of the website that allow you to do this. There’s the Classic layout and the Thumb layout, and both have their pros and cons. At the end of the day, it depends on what you like to see, and you can easily switch between the two since there’s a link at the top of the page.Get a taste of every gallery before you even click on itThe Thumbs layout is the default one that you’ll get when you first visit TheHun.net. This layout gives you a few images for every gallery that gets posted so that you get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into visually before even clicking on the gallery. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what you’ll get just by looking at the title of the gallery, so this layout is a great way to avoid confusion and get straight to the content that you want. The only problem is that all these images make the site look a bit cramped and claustrophobic.A more organized approach without any clutterOn the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got the Classic layout which does the complete opposite. You avoid all the messiness from the Thumb layout and every title is presented in text only, one under the other. This looks very clean and organized, but this also means that you won’t be getting that sweet visual representation of what you’ll be getting when you click on the link. I mean, if you’re intuitive enough you can get a general idea from the title, but let’s be honest, you won’t get it right every single time.The design is not the focus here, but it could definitely use workWhile we’re on the topic of layout, let’s talk a bit about how the hun's yellow pages looks and feels to the user. Overall, this website feels a bit lackluster and all over the place with its design, and generally, it looks like they didn’t really care that much about the looks of the website. That’s fine and all since they’re a bookmark page and it really boils down to how the sites that they show on their site present themselves. Users come to TheHun.net to get some of the best galleries from the best sites, so if they find a site that they like, you better hope that that site has a nice look to it.Aesthetics are very important with any website though, so I really do have to say that TheHun.net could use some work, overall. I mean, it could be better stylistically, as TheHun.net looks like it’s lacking when it comes to how a modern site should look and feel. We all expect a slick and modern design these days, and I think it’s good that we don’t settle for less. There’s that and it could also be better with some simple alterations to the style code since it looks kind of amateurish when you see literal blue links with an underline when you hover over it. That kind of shit is reserved for Wikipedia, alright?It really is all about the content when you think about itBut that’s just the look of the website, and I won’t be too harsh here because, at the end of the day, the user is all about the content when it comes to bookmark sites. And TheHun.net doesn’t disappoint here. They really do allow only some of the best galleries to pass through their rigorous selection process. Not only do all posts go through a bot that filters out all the spam and crappy sites, but they also handpick the best galleries even after that process is over with.All of the submissions get reviewed automatically as well as manuallyIt’s simply amazing how much work and dedication the guys over at TheHun.net put into their website and the content that gets put up on it. I can definitely say that these are some of the best galleries that I have ever seen. And it’s not like the amount of content suffers because of this handpicking process either. On the contrary, they put up so much content, that there’s no way that you’ll ever be able to go through all of it. I mean even the guys on TheHun.net probably didn’t see all the posts on their site since it’s actually a team of people doing this.Free exposure for the best sites with the best contentBut it’s not just the users that enjoy the work of TheHun.net, it’s the sites that get featured as well. When they get featured on here it’s like free advertising. And while TheHun.net offers advertising options to people, it’s really much better to be featured as actual content rather than an advertisement. We all know nobody cares about ads really, so everyone will always skip straight down to the links. Being featured here means so much exposure to the site that got submitted, and it’s wonderful to see.Garbage doesn’t get allowed here, only actual qualityOf course, not all sites get a “go ahead” on TheHun.net. There’s a fair bit that this place doesn’t want to allow. Absolute startup sites get rejected automatically. Sorry smaller guys, but you have to build up your following organically before you can be featured on this hub. They also don’t allow any warning pages, or disclaimers or anything of that sort, which is always good. Who even wants to see that garbage? It’s a very good thing that they go through each and every post individually to catch these out.Overall, I’d say that TheHun.net is a really great porn bookmark site that you can visit regularly to get some of the most amazing content out there. We’re talking about some of the best galleries that are filled with videos and images of the highest caliber. Quality and quantity is the name of the game, and you can rest assured that TheHun.net will provide you with both when you visit the page, and you’ll be wondering why you’ve never stumbled upon this place earlier. Go ahead and check it out.