Coed Cherry

College chicks at CoedCherry have the hottest bodies, perkiest tits, tightest assess, and they are kinky as fuck. Everyone knows that the best sex in the world is with a freshly 18 or 19-year-old teen slut. Especially if they’re inexperienced. You know that pussy is going to be so damn tight. But teen porn is always hard to find without getting put on some sort of list. No, you don’t want that creepy, questionable age shit, right? I hope not. Shits illegal. You want quality, legal teen porn that you can fap to without worrying about a swat team bursting through your front door.You might find some videos or galleries scattered across other sites, but what if I told you that I found a gallery site dedicated solely to showcasing hot, young, teen babes doing all kinds of dirty, kinky shit? I hope you’d say something along the lines of “fuck yeah PornDude! Show me what you got!” because that is exactly what I’m going to is a gallery porn site full of hot college sluts baring it all for your viewing pleasure. This site has been around since 2014. Not too long ago, but think of how many girls turned 18 in that short period of time. Talk about a constant source of content. Coed Cherry shows no signs of slowing down either with millions of new page visits every single month! And many of these models and pics are popular on certain subreddits over at So, if any of these busty babes look familiar then you may very well have spied them over there before.Minimal Site Design Makes for Easy NavigationThis site is simple and clean. When you head over you are greeted with a whiteish-pink background and a page full of high-quality pictures of college girls doing all sorts of sexy things. The page initially sorts by the newest to oldest content on the site. It actually shows you what pictures were uploaded on each day of the preceding week. But if you want to switch up that order you will have to pop over to the “pics” page where you can sort by newest, popular, or just randomly jump to a gallery.All of the previews are big and easy to see. It’s hard not to get lost just scrolling through and checking out all these mouth-watering, dick-hardening babes. The page itself looks so clean because there is no information on the page itself aside from the pictures. No picture counts, titles, model names, or anything at all. It’s a bit jarring at first and you can easily get confused, but there is a bit of a solution to this. If you hover your cursor over the preview you will get some sort of title. Sometimes the title will have the model’s name in it, but oftentimes it just says something like “brunette teen masturbates with pink rabbit.” Not very specific and the previews themselves are static and don’t flip through any of the other gallery images.Wide Selection of Galleries, Models, and SitesIf you aren’t really feeling the lineup on the front page or pics tab, then you can actually narrow your search down by going to their “Models,” “Sites,” or “Categories” pages. Let’s start with the models' tab. When you got to the tab you can sort out the models by newest, popular, A-Z, or jump to a random one. You can also search exclusively on the model’s page, which is handy feature for finding content from your favorite model.When you click over to the model’s page you get full HD previews of every single babe on the site. The previews vary from full-bodied pics to action shots of them sucking some dick or taking it in the ass. Personally, I think Mila Azul is one of the best models on here. Plus, she has a ton of great content. But when you click on a model you get all of their shots from everything they have been in. You could spend hours, or minutes if you’re weak, jerking it to only your favorite sluts on here. There is also a tab for their bio, which tells you just about everything you would need to know about someone. Height, weight, aliases, etc. The site also tells you if the model is still active, so you know whether or not to expect more content.The sites tab is where the true nature of this site comes out. All of these galleries are usually taken from bigger galleries or videos from different porn sites. Every site that is featured on Coed Cherry is listed out on this page. The goal here is to get you to pop over to those other sites and sign up with them, which is likely how coedcherry makes their money. Especially since you won’t find a single ad on the site. Thankfully, there’s no limit to the number of free galleries you can check out on the site itself. I found that there is plenty of content to view without needing to even visit those other sites, but that’s ultimately up to you, of course.Seemingly Endless Categories and a Pleasant Mobile ExperienceThe categories section is pretty fucking great. There are so many sections here to choose from. You even have pages for shit like “painted nails” or “puffy nipples.” I couldn’t even find an end to the categories page after scrolling for a couple of minutes. And it’s not just a list of category names, every section has a big preview picture showing off the kinds of kinky shit that lies within. Some of the categories seem to repeat a few times, but there’s different content even when they do! It can be confusing to navigate the entire thing by scrolling, so I would definitely recommend typing what category you are looking for up in the search bar if you want something specific.The mobile site is just as good as the desktop version. There’s a nice sidebar that lets you hop between all of the pages. No ads popped up while I viewed the galleries or anything like that. And everything loaded quickly and without issue. One thing I noted on the mobile site was that there is an additional section for “More Info.” There they had the usual stuff like contact information, but one thing stood out. A warning to watch out for scammers. Apparently, they have a bit of a problem with people pretending to be the site owners or models on the site trying to get you to send them money. So, watch out for that and don’t get fucked over by any scammers.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI really liked this site. It’s simple, easy to use, and has some great content. Sure, it’s all about redirecting you to other sites, but at least you have the option to say fuck that and stay put. My favorite thing about coedcherry is definitely the way they have the pics, models, and category pages set up. You get these awesome HD pictures to look at while you browse without dealing with all of the clutter of a usual site. It’s really some solid design work all around. Plus, there is just so much fucking content to dig into here. Hundreds of models, sites, categories, and thousands of amazing galleries.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy only minor gripe with the site would be that the previews are all static and the titles often don’t tell you enough to know what the gallery is going to be about. I’d like to see a short flip through of a few of the images before I commit to it. Maybe include some of the gallery tags when you hover your cursor or something too. There just isn’t enough information overall about the galleries. I know they want to maintain that sleek minimal design, but there must be a solution that would work.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsAll in all, is worth checking out. If you love quality teen porn galleries, then I can’t think of a better place to go get your rocks off. You don’t have to deal with ads, questionable aged content, or any bullshit like that. This site has everything you could possibly want and more with their massive, and I mean a massive, selection of porn. Don’t wait any longer. Head over to (often misspelled as "cherry coed" and "ceodcherry") and fap to all of those gorgeous, slutty "coed cherries" college girls.