Eros Berry? Sounds like my favorite kind of berry! When going through the endless sea of porn videos and porn blogs, it’s inevitable that you’ll see all kinds of content. What happens when a porn blog organizes itself quite neatly according to the type of content that it serves its users. We’re going to dive into the website ErosBerry.com and find out. Just be ready to see pretty much every type of content on here and we’re on our way. Strap in (or strap-on if that’s your thing, I don’t judge) and we can start checking out every aspect of this website.A site so simple that it puts modern art to shameThe first thing you’ll notice is just how simple Eros Berry is. There’s literally nothing fancy going on here, it’s just the website and the content on it. There are a few buttons to help you move around, a search bar, and that’s that. You’re left to your own wit to find something specific, so you better be fast on your feet. I mean you can always take your time since the chicks on ErosBerry aren’t going anywhere, but I still recommend that you pick up the pace, just so that you save your precious time.When left to your own devices, you often think whether or not the people who started the site even care about its users. I think they do in this case since they seem to have incorporated a very real and genuine rating system. You can slap a rating onto any piece of content that you come across. There are three main types of content on this website as well. The first one is the galleries that you can check out, the second one is the videos, and finally, there are the models.Professional porn picture galleries with some of the finest modelsLet’s talk about the galleries first since they’re the main focus of ErosBerry.com. How do we know that they’re the main focus? Well, they take the center stage on the homepage and you can basically see that they have the highest rating out of all the content. This probably means that these galleries are exactly why the visitors come to this site in the first place. If that wasn’t the case they’d probably put these to the side, as the less important part of the website.So, what makes these albums and galleries so special? Well, first of all, they’re obviously all professional sets. There’s not a lot of amateur stuff going on here. Instead, all of these galleries are just amazing porn photoshoots that got uploaded here in their entirety. I’d call this place a blog since the layout will remind you of one, but there isn’t any text that accompanies the galleries, so I can’t really call ErosBerry.com a blog. It’s still a great place to get your content from though.I mean, just looking over the site and the very first post caught my eye. Just look at the beautiful Lena Anderson and how she poses in the cover photo. How can you not click on that link? And indeed, when you open up the gallery you get treated with so many other pictures of her. It’s like a dream come true. One thing bugs me, and that’s the resolution of some of the pictures, so they could really use some improvement there.Not a picture person? How about some premium porn videos insteadIf we move away from the pictures for a second, we’ll notice that ErosBerry.com also sports a Videos section on here as well. There are thousands of videos to watch so there’s definitely something that will catch your eye. The videos are, again, all taken from professional porn. You won’t find any amateur content on here now that I think about it, so you better be content with the commercialized porn that you’re used to seeing usually. I certainly don’t have a problem with that. Heck, I love this stuff!The videos can be sorted according to their rating as well as the date of their release. That’s about it though, and there aren’t really any categories or tags that you can use to find a specific video which is a bummer to say the least. Still though, even without these features, you can still find some really nice videos on the very first page of the Videos section. You can also find the videos on the homepage of ErosBerry.com on the left-hand side.No categories, no tags, use the search bar or get lostThe only other way of finding new video content on here is if you know how to use the search bar, but even that is going to be difficult since many of the videos uploaded here have some really vague names associated with them. Your best bet is to search a certain studio name that you hold close to heart and to enjoy all of the videos from that porn studio. This way you can but the search bar to good use and get the most out of the website. Definitely don’t just skip over the Videos section though.Some of the finest babes in the business are hereWhen it comes to the Models section, there are over 1500 models on ErosBerry.com and you can see all of them listed here. You can filter them according to the first letter of their name, as well as some other parameters that you can find on other websites as well. With so many beautiful babes to go around, there’s probably at least one that will make you come back for more. These are all professional chicks, so you can expect them to do their jobs well in their respective genres.Some of them are more into hardcore stuff, while some of them like to take it softcore. Some chicks are young here, while some are tested milf veterans and know how to work a dick. You’ve also got your dirty slags versus the elegant babe, and I always know I’ll choose the elegant chick over the slut. I mean, if I need a quick fuck I won’t think twice, I’ll fuck either one of them, but elegant chicks just turn me on more in general, so that’s what I’m looking for usually.Bright colors and a minimalistic approachOne thing I didn’t really touch on is the design, and that’s because there’s not much to touch on. This place has been stripped bare to the bone. I don’t really know if you can get any more minimalistic than this. No descriptions, no block of text, just straight up content in your face, like boom. I mean that’s fine and all but I still think that ErosBerry.com is missing a few features here and there that other sites have implemented really well. Oh, and the colors are way too bright. I don’t know if they want their users to go blind or something but that’s what they’re accomplishing.I still think that they need a category section in order to make the use of the site easier. I would just really appreciate it if I knew what the hell I was browsing through rather than it being random. Though, I guess you can’t really expect them to make a category section if pretty much most of their content follows a similar category. It’s all professional gallery after professional gallery, and the videos are all just high production porn videos that you can find on your everyday premium website.When everything is taken into account though, you can’t go wrong with using this site. It’s still premium content that you’re getting for absolutely free and there’s no question about whether that’s worth your time or not. The only people that will be disappointed are amateur porn lovers who will have to settle for a different site if they want to get off. ErosBerry.com is all about bringing you that sweet, premium content both in the form of picture galleries and videos. Go ahead and check it out!