Erotic Beauties

Want to see some hot naked girls at EroticBeauties? When you’re done with all the hardcore stuff that you’re inevitably watching if you’re a fan of porn in general, maybe you’d like to switch over to something more sensual and erotic. We all have those periods when we just want to chill out from all the rough and hardcore stuff and dive into a world where everything is meant to give us a sense of calm and passion. Erotic Beauties is up to the task, and it’s going to show you how softcore galleries and videos are making a comeback.Sexy softcore galleries with some of the hottest models in the businessWhat is, is basically a site where you’ll find some of the hottest and sexiest galleries of professional adult models. There’s all sorts of content and there’s a lot of it to go through. Specifically, we’re talking about thousands upon thousands of galleries with professional photography, as well as some more amateur entries to the website, though these are far and few in between and are but a shadow to the main content of the website which is the professional photoshoots.Completely free content with no hidden fees attachedAnd another thing that’s great about all of these galleries? They’re completely free to view and consume, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs or subscriptions. Simply find a gallery that catches your eye with its eroticism and click on it. You’ll get to a page that will list plenty of pictures for you to watch and enjoy. And with so much content being uploaded daily, you will probably never be able to see all that there is on Which is fine, of course.It’s not only pictures that you’ll be seeing, but there are also videos tooBut it’s not just pictures that are available on Oh no, you’ve also got videos, where some galleries have a special video that’s connected to all of the professional photos that are taken. This is great if you’re a fan of more classic porn but would just like to switch to the babe category where everything is a lot more sensual. Usually I’d call people who enjoy this kind of softcore content a bunch of weaklings, but to be honest, even I enjoy not seeing a bitch get her anus spread like the Red Sea when Moses got all up in that shit. Sometimes I just want to chill out with some softcore content.It’s easy to see when a gallery also includes a video in it. There’s a little icon at the bottom right of the thumbnail of every gallery that indicates whether this gallery is composed of photos or both a photo session and a video section. Those with both will have two icons, one of a video camera, and one of a regular camera. It’s pretty distinct so I don’t think I actually need to explain it to you unless you’re a bunch of kids with autism in which case you shouldn’t even be reading this review in the first place.Everything is neatly organized into categoriesAnother thing that I really enjoy about this website is their organization. Everything is in a category, both a regular genre category where you’ll even see some galleries fall into multiple categories, as well as categories for the models that are in the galleries, as well as the studios or websites that published them. You can make a search input using any one of these parameters and you’ll be good to go on your search to find the perfect gallery for you that you can enjoy.A few discrepancies here and there but nothing majorBut if we break it down, we’ll notice that some galleries are put into categories where they don’t belong. Specifically, a few categories such as the ‘busty’ category, or anything that has to do with some more vague determinants can include some galleries that simply shouldn’t be there. For instance, I’m pretty sure a lot of these girls in the busty section are B cups at best, so you shouldn’t really expect a completely accurate representation in the categories on categories are a lot better managed, where you’ll notice that all of the galleries in the ‘outdoors’ or the ‘beach’ genre are really shot in the outdoors or on the beach. There are some categories such as the ‘celebrity’ one which has almost no content, so that’s a bummer. But hey, what can you expect, at least you’ve got thousands of other galleries in other categories, so I don’t think I should make too big of a fuss about some categories not being that full of content.Check out your favorite adult models or studiosThe models and studios are a lot better where you can pretty much expect that everything is 100% correct as far as information is concerned when it comes to models and the galleries that they star in, as well as the studio that published them. I mean, it’s pretty difficult to fuck that one up, so I’m glad that they’ve got a pretty solid track record here. This means that you’ll definitely be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for if you know what studio you enjoy or at least which model you really like seeing.The design of the website is nothing spectacular, however. You’ll notice that it’s pretty bland and basic, which isn’t that big of a problem if your main priority is speed. And I’ll give credit where credit is due, is really fast and the pages load pretty much instantly. Then again, if they’re going for a glamour and erotic aesthetic here, they should at least do a little bit of something to spice up the look of the website. Not that there’s anything too wrong with it at the moment, it just needs a little bit of oomph to get it rolling with that erotic vibe that they’re going for.A bit heavy on the layout side of things with some clutterThe layout is a bit busy if I am to be completely honest, but it’s not like it’s the end of the world. If it was up to me, I don’t think I’d have this many sidebars and tabs and buttons all around the place, and I’d limit myself to a lot less so that it looks more professional. This way it seems a bit cluttered, sort of like a flea market. You’ve got all the tabs that are on top of the page on the left-hand side as well for some reason and while they can be useful, I don’t’ see why users can’t just use the tabs at the top of the page.And so what are the specific tabs that are the most useful here? Well, they’re exactly the categories that we were talking about earlier. So, you’ve got the Models, the Sites, and the OG Categories and they’ve all got their own little drop-down menu at the top of the page. Pretty great if you’re looking to navigate with maximum efficiency. Just go for whatever your taste dictates and you’ll be sure to find something that’s interesting to you. You’ll be seeing galleries left and right that suit you.I’d say that overall, this is a pretty solid website with some okay graphics, amazing free content, and a massive potential to become even better with every new addition to the website, at least in terms of content, cause some of this layout clutter has to go. The galleries themselves are amazing though, and I love how professional and sexy they are. And with some of them having softcore videos attached to them, it makes for an even better experience than just having the photos alone. is an easy recommendation for all people who enjoy softcore galleries.