Evil Fist! If you’re a person who is into some extreme shit, and I mean that both in a metaphorical, but quite honestly in a very literal sense too, then I think that you’re going to really love what I found for you guys today. It’s a site called EvilFist.com, and it’s pretty much everything you have ever wanted when it comes to a platform that concentrates on fisting videos that really shape the bounds of what is insane and what can be done. Okay, so that’s a lot of talk for a site that seems way too simple in order for it to actually offer something concrete, so does EvilFist manage to survive when under scrutiny?Amazing fisting porn videosThat really depends. Some people will say that the content on Evil Fist is the best fisting content that they have ever experienced, and others will probably say that this stuff goes a bit too far for their taste. It depends on what you see as good content. If you are into this kind of extreme shit, which I’m sure you are because you clicked on this review, then you are really going to like what this place has to offer. But if you misread the site as something not as sinister as Evil Fist, then you might be surprised when you see a dude shove his fist elbow-deep into some slut. Yeah, things get really fucked up on this website.Fisting is not something that many people fancy, so if you like it, you can see yourself as a pretty fucked up mind if you enjoy this stuff. I mean, I’ll be honest, guys, I’m The Porn Dude, and I’ve seen every kind of porn there is and this is the kind that I still find fucked up to this very day. I mean, there are some even worse things, such as porn sites that concentrate on shit in their videos, but this is pretty high up on the list. EvilFist.com is not for people who have a weak stomach. If you can’t stomach the content you see on this platform, then you won’t have a good time watching all of these hot fisting porn videos here.Premium file sharing account is neededOne thing to keep in mind is that while it might seem that EvilFist.com is a free site at first, it actually isn’t completely free, it seems. You click on a post and you get to see screenshots of it and there seems to be a convenient link for watching and downloading the video, but it ends up being so that you have to get a Premium account on some file hosting platform in order to stream the video and to download it too. This defeats the whole purpose of potentially free porn sites, and you are forced into buying this crap, which I am not a big fan of. If you want people to stay, then offer them some free content too.The way EvilFist.com does business, I feel that they are trying really hard to make it so that they are one of the only sites that offer this level of fisting porn. And I guess that they managed to that in some sort of way, but at the same time, I feel like this site does not do certain things to make itself more appealing to a wider audience. If anything, this site actually drives people away with the prices because it seems to be selling itself as a free porn site and then, in the end, asks you to pay for a premium account on some other website just to be able to watch the videos that are offered on EvilFist.com. That doesn’t make sense.Free fisting porn images to enjoyThey even have a category for Free HD Porn… Well, guess what; it’s not free! That’s low, even for a site that is all about fisting. I can understand that they are trying to earn money and do good business, but that is not how you do good business. You can’t say that a video is free for you to watch and download in HD and then just fuck the person over by making him pay for a premium account on that other file hosting site. Also, I feel like it is important to mention that I could not find a single video that I could watch for free on this platform. You’re stuck with the free images that are included in every damn post.The images are okay; they seem quite hot. However, when you get down to it, it just can’t satisfy your needs all that well. You’re here to watch fisting porn videos, but instead, the only thing that you get for free are the free fisting porn images. Not ideal, but at the same time, it’s not like there are many other sites in this niche out there. If you really like fisting and want to get a lot more porn in that category, you will have to check out EvilFist.com, unfortunately. And if you are ready to get that premium account all sorted, well I think that you can actually have a good time watching all this stuff.Over 16,600 fisting pornos to exploreAnd trust me, once you get that sorted, you’ll be able to stream and download videos till the end of time since there are so many of them on this platform. There are literally over 16,600 videos to watch here, and that’s just amazing. I don’t know any other porn source that will provide you with this many fisting porn videos. Even all the free porn tube sites pale in comparison to this, I feel like. The fisting porn on Evil Fist is second to none, and it really can provide you with a lot of content if you want it. I don’t know why you would want this many porn videos of girls getting fisted, but hey, that’s all on you, dude.All EvilFist is doing is providing you with over 16,600 videos of hot fisting action, and it’s on you to decide how you’re going to use all that content. I mean, no matter how much you watch porn and how many times you jerk off to fisting videos on this platform, you are literally never going to be able to actually go through all this content. It’s that simple. It is just IMPOSSIBLE for you to do that. I swear, if you try to tell me otherwise, I will simply laugh in your face and that’s that. And besides, it’s not like you will fancy all of the videos. I’m pretty sure you will only like some of the fisting videos offered up here.Very long page loading timesMoreover, there are other things about the platform that aren’t that great that will probably stop you from seeing all the offered videos. One of those important factors for EvilFist is that the site loads its pages very slowly. I mean, I know it seems like I’m exaggerating it or something, but it actually isn’t the case at all. EvilFist is the sort of site that you have to wait for like a minute at times for a page to load. This is unacceptable by many standards, and if it seems like something that you cannot get over, then I guess you just shouldn’t use this site or wait for non-peak hours.However, this just means that you have to use EvilFist when it wants you to use it and not when you want to use it. Also, it’s not like it offers a lot in the way of features. Honestly, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing since all of the content is right there and the usage of the website is streamlined so that you do not have a problem with it. It just makes everything simpler when you use Evil Fist in this way. Anyway, after you take all of those things into consideration, I will just say that a real fan of fisting porn will not care about most of the things I talked about ant they will probably use Evil Fist anyway!