Do you want the Newest XXX? Are you one of those people who prefer to have their pornographic shit downloaded to their PC? Well, is mostly about that, but there are some other privileges you get from visiting this site. For the most part, all the videos that can be downloaded can also be watched online, so you could say that this is also a porn site.Now, there are a couple of things I need to tell you about this site before you visit, and if you are interested in a place that offers free streaming and premium downloads, then you have surely hit the jackpot. But, since most of the videos here are meant to be downloaded, you probably want to know how everything functions, and whether this place is worth that shit in the first place.Not your typical porn site.As soon as you open, you will see that this place is not really basic… as it does not resemble an actual porn site, but it does look like most of those cheap-ass download places, which is never a good thing. Honestly, they do offer lots of streaming options, but since they look so shitty, I am not really amused.They could have made the site look a bit more appealing, but at this point, I feel like a fucking broken record. Honestly, if sites want to look good, they can, most of them just choose to look like complete shit, there is no rocket science, and this place is not really different.Whether you will like this place or not really all depends on you, and whatever the fuck you are searching for.Most of you might be wondering, who the fuck still downloads porn to their PC, and the answer is very simple if you can get off your high horse. Not everyone is able to have the top-notch internet connection, not to mention that you cannot have Wi-fi everywhere you (technically you can, almost), and the downloaded videos ensure that you can fap wherever the fuck you are.I remember the dark times when I had to wait for the porn video to load completely to be able to watch it, since if I did not so that, I would have to wait for the fucking buffering… and it always somehow started to bug at the best part. Well, if you are someone who still needs to deal with that shit, you have this place to help you out.On the other hand, there are so many different fetishes out there, I highly doubt that having a kink for downloaded crap is that weird… Many people like to collect their favorite porn videos on their PC, so they can have a fap stash whenever the fuck they want. Personally, I browse for my crap online, but if you also prefer to download, you can check out this site mostly resembles a download place, even though you can watch the videos, I am assuming that the streaming serves the simple purpose of telling you what the fuck the video has to offer. Some of the videos could not really be streamed normally, while others could not be downloaded… I guess it all depends on the video you are checking out.On top of the site, you have the only listing or whatever the fuck options this place has to offer, and honestly, they did not really miss anything. There are a couple of things I would happily change, from their shitty design to their annoying ads… but for a site that mostly offers downloads, I do not think that this place needs anything more to do what it was designed to do.What kind of content can one download on, for the answer, everyone has been waiting, for, what the fuck kind of content does have to offer? I mean, not like it can be obvious from the name, and even when you visit the site, you will be more or less confused as to what the fuck you are getting yourself into… I know I was. Well, their content is pretty fucking random, and for the most part, they offered premium porn videos.When I visited the site for the first time, the clip I first saw featured the beautiful brunette Devyn Cole, who was getting hardcore rammed on the bed. After that, I had the pleasure to see the petite blonde babe named Dakota Skye, who was getting her ass rammed instead. There was also Daisy Stone who took all my attention because that chick has an ass worth slamming.I guess what I am trying to say is that I have no fucking clue what kind of content they have to offer, but what I can say is that they are pretty fucking random. There is a little bit of everything for all your dirty tastes, so just start exploring and you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for. However, it is probably worth mentioning that the content here can get quite funky, but you will not find any of the bizarre shit.When you find a link that looks promising (which you will be able to see from the one thumbnail posted) you can choose to read more about that video. Usually, all the videos will have a set of screenshots to help you decide whether you want to download the clip or not. If you are still not sure, you can choose to watch the video instead.The clips that are streamed are usually of solid to low quality, I did not really run into any that were of better quality. However, most of the clips I have downloaded were actually HD, so I guess that is the silver lining or whatever the fuck. There are loads of hot videos for you to go through, so take your sweet time when exploring.Downloads are not free.I somewhat mentioned that the downloads here are not really free, and for you to download anything this place has to offer, you will have to become a premium member at one of the two given download sites. However, their memberships are not really that expensive, so you do not have to worry about that at all.If you prefer to watch your porn from the PC, then this is definitely the place for you. I mean, most sites that offer HD downloads will not be free and seeing that does not have such expensive memberships, you might as well test out the shit they have to offer… or don’t. I really could not give a rat’s ass what you do.Questionable search options.Honestly, I was just happy to see that they had any sort of search options, to begin with, but since they were obviously not morons when it came to this, why the fuck didn’t they include actual good search options, to begin with? This makes no fucking sense… including a simple categories section with filters is really not that fucking hard.Well, you will have a categories section, but there will not be that many tags for you to explore… they pretty much covered only the big basics, and that is about that. You can also list the content by the clips, movies, siterips, top sites, and porn sites… there are some other options, but they are not worth the mention, because they will not really help you find anything.So, should I visit or not?I am sure most of you are getting mixed signals when it comes to whether is worth the visit or not, and I understand. However, I think that it is very simple; If you want to download naughty HD content to your PC, and you do not mind paying a couple of bucks to make that happen, then you will surely love what has to offer.However, if this place does not float your boat, or if you are searching for a site that has some actual content, there are many other places I have reviewed and listed on my site instead. You are more than welcome to check out my exquisite lists! Those who are not too picky, and who love to collect porn on their PC are surely going to love, since even somebody who is not a fan of downloading (aka me), did not mind downloading and watching some f their dirty videos on my PC.