Full site rips? Nowadays, anyone can open up a pornographic website on the internet and start digging around for something worthy of fapping to, something that will either visually stimulate them, be relatable for them in a sexual manner, or both. A lot of people who visit porn websites tend to spend a lot of time on them looking for a video worthy of blowing a load to, and they usually spend more time searching than actually fapping, which is admirable from a porn enthusiast’s point of view, but ultimately an inefficient way to masturbate because it’s just so damn time consuming.I know that plenty of you have fallen into that repetitive cycle of constantly opening up new video thumbnails on the fly on a porntube, desperately looking for the next best-looking thing to fap to with one hand on your mouse (or phone) and the other firmly wrapped around your suffocating dick.This is actually quite a common phenomenon that happens all the time with people who have a crippling addiction to pornography, and it’s not something that a lot of people would care to admit but I as an expert on all things internet porn know all too well that most of you who have bothered to open my site are definitely sufferers of this common phenomenon which I call “Fapper’s Indecsion”. It happens quite frequently to people and it’s honestly the result of too much choice; your horny brain keeps on getting lit up with visually-induced dopamine each time you see an attractive thumbnail, and the ‘similar’ videos which appear any given opened video make sure that this process is enabled, regardless if you’ve opened one or a dozen XXX videos to fap to.This is why sometimes, you just have to stop with this traditional way of consuming pornography which boils down to visiting websites and opening a video, and just download the whole damn website for yourself – this way you’ll have a whole website’s worth of videos for yourself and won’t have to worry about missing out on anything, making your whole process much less stressful and urgent.Pick from one of Many, Many CategoriesThere are well over a hundred categories on this site, so much so that they can be easily compared to tags; You see, categories on porn websites traditionally cover more generalized things such as visual factors, sex play and fetishes – tags, on the other hand, go much more in detail with the things they cover and tend to focus on smaller things that are just way too specific for categories. Now this site may not have separated its categories with its tags, but it doesn’t really have to since it’s not really a porntube or a traditional XXX domain that contains instantly accessible content on it – this is a siterip website, and as a result contains every single ‘category’ stuffed in one pace, sorted in alphabetical order, and the things that it covers are VERY diverse.For example, there’s the usual vanilla stuff which you and every masturbator you know can definitely enjoy such as ‘Anal’, ‘Blowjob’, ‘Doggystyle’, ‘MILF’ and so on, but that’s just the start of it – there’s a whole lot of diverse ‘categories’ on here that cover a ridiculously wide spectrum of things which capture the whole scale of intensity when it comes to pornography. You have your usual stuff that was previously mentioned, but you also have plenty of hardcore, fetish-centric categories which I’m sure the more seasoned porn consumer could definitely enjoy: Things like ‘Clamp’, ‘Master/Slave’, ‘Gaping’, ‘Humiliation’ and ‘Piss’ can be found in abundance on this site’s category section, as well as categories which focus on other things such as ethnicities (German), physical attributes (Big Ass), and miscellaneous things (Swimming Pool, Police, etc).Pick from one of Many, Many PornstarsSince this site focuses on delivering whole siterips to you for absolutely nothing but a few clicks, it has to have a long list of pornstars available which you can use to filter in/out certain kinds of content/siterips, right? That’s right, there are plenty of pornstars available in this site’s pornstar section, however, one peculiar thing about this site’s pornstar section is the fact that it leads you to an alternate website, which in fact offers you an alternate siterip that focuses on one pornstar. Let’s say you choose Aria Giovanni here – a well known classic. The site rip dedicated to her will contain dozens of gigabytes worth of videos that feature her in all kinds of positions, solo or otherwise.However, this pornstar-siterip dedicated website has a few flaws which are visible even from the first visit: For starters, the pornstars themselves aren’t organized in alphabetical order, which wouldn’t be a huge problem traditionally because there’s a search bar that allows you to look for a certain pornstar, but the pornstar selection itself is more or less lacking in choice. You won’t see a modern day model here like Gina Valentina or Lexi Belle – they’re mostly models who were at their peak during the mid-2000s, and to make matters worse, not all of them have their respective ‘profile photos’ attached, which makes the whole ordeal that much more bothersome and time-consuming.Just Need One Video?(alternate site for single videos) Sometimes you’re not bothered enough to download a whole damn siterip and look through dozens of videos in order to find something good enough for you to fap to, and all you need is just one single video to get down and dirty. Now, there are websites out there which are perfect for delivering videos to you fast and effectively, but there’s also a section provided by this website which lets you access single videos on an alternate link.This alternate link is basically the same fiasco as the previously mentioned ‘pornstar’ section, but instead of containing whole rips which are dedicated to one particular pornstar, it contains rips which contain just one video – usually it’s a full scene, so don’t expect many of them to be under 20 minutes long.All of the videos are in high definition quality, and they can all be viewed via a preview at first, which prompts you to access their download link when it finishes. Basically this alternate link was made for all you out there who need a nice, full XXX HD scene to download and keep on your pc - a lot of the scenes available for download here can’t be found on those regular porn tubes the likes of PornHub or XVideos, so if you do decide to fap to the stuff here be prepared to bear witness to some rare eye candy.All in All, A Very Barebones Site But it Definitely Gets the Job DoneSiterips doesn’t give you many options other than downloading, well, whole siterips – it’s perfect for those of you who want a whole library’s worth of porn content on your PC or device, but you won’t be able to see any video previews of the sites you’re about to download, which is a little annoying because all you’re given is screenshots and stills of the scenes you’re about to download and that’s about it.In addition, the fact that its pornstar and single videos options open up on other websites is a little annoying because it just makes the whole ordeal that much more complicated and drawn-out, but regardless of its handful of flaws this site definitely gets the job done – you’re given the option to download website’s worth of XXX content, provided via safe alternate links which you can use to get your hands on basically everything the site offers. If you’re a porn hoarder, or are looking to amass a giant library of pornography for personal or professional reasons, SiteRips is definitely the site to depend on.