Some of you fucks love dick. I’m not here to judge your weird-ass tastes. I just prefer to go balls deep in some tight bitch’s pussy, but you do you. If you like yourself some boy pussy then I’ve gotta to help you get your fap on as well. I’m talking dick girls, shemales, trans ladies, or whatever term those chicks are being called these days. I don’t fucking know anymore. But if you like the idea of fucking some shemale in the ass while her dick flops or getting on your knees and swallowing some hung bitch’s thick gooey load then boy have I got a treat for you.Transporn.vip is a premium tranny porn site full of chicks with dicks. With a .VIP domain it should be no surprise that you need to pay for this shit. Though I will say that you can get a taste of the site for free. It’s a weird set up to be honest. You can browse through the entire catalog of videos and fap to them to your heart’s delight, but you’re stuck in the stone age watching them in 320p. If you want 4k or 1080p then you’ll have to dish out some of that dosh for a membership. Oh, and you can’t skip around the video at all either if you’re browsing for free.Relatively Cheap Membership for 4k VideosIf you’re looking to get down and dirty with some thick dicked chicks, then you’ll be paying anywhere between 10-12 bucks a month depending if you want to go Premium or Premium Pro. I hate that shit. Just give me one damn subscription and let it be over with. Don’t give me this double membership bullshit. Anyway, this site is pretty new. It’s been around since late 2018 and currently brings in around 1.6 million tranny addicts to the site every month. Not too shabby for a newish site.The site looks fine enough, but you’ll have to deal with over a quarter of the site page being taken up by an ad to upgrade to premium no matter what page you go to. That shit is annoying. Put in a header or something instead. I don’t need to be looking at that shit the entire time I’m on the site. I get it. You want my money. At least they have a link back to my site on that ad. That way you can go find somewhere that isn’t going to pull that shit on you, just saying. There’s also a link to a scat site if you’re that kind of degenerate.Site is Really Lacking in Categories, Filter Options, and TagsIf you pay for a membership, you can toggle the quality off to the left for the video results… and that’s fucking it. You want categories? Too fucking bad. How about tags? Nope. Pornstars? No page in sight. You can’t even filter the homepage by views, rating, video length, girl-dick girth, or anything like that. You’re stuck just browsing through the over 30 thousand videos they have on here without any help. Sure, they have a search bar. But that’s like throwing someone who’s drowning in the ocean a fucking straw. What am I supposed to do with that?It’s a real shame, too. They have a lot of awesome 4k and 1080p HD videos. You’ve got content from bitches like Sexy Jesse and Yuuki Tominaga to fap to, but you have to filter through it all page by page. If they added those other pages in you’d be fucking set.But let’s move past that, because there is some good shit to be seen on here. The homepage that acts as the rest of the site is organized well. You can scroll through a quality selection of video previews, but before I talk about those I want to mention the book at the bottom of the site.There’s a site message. That’s fine. Every site has one, but holy fuck. These fucks go on about the site and how hot their videos are for over 700 words. Christ. That’s my job, not theirs. And it doesn’t even say much except for a lot of humble bragging about the cherry-picked selection. People are there to fap to hot trans babes, not read a novel. And the text is so damn small it makes it pointless to try and read anyway.Hot Previews and a Quality Video PlayerThe previews are nice enough. You get a big ass HD preview image of whatever trans babe is in it fondling her cock or getting fucked in the ass. You also get the title with the pornstar’s name in it, when it was uploaded, how many views it has, which studio it came from, and a download button right upfront. No video length. I guess you don’t fucking need it for some reason. There’s also a tag at the bottom of each preview, but every tag just says “transexual porn.” Yeah, no fucking duh. Who would have guessed? Why even include that if there aren’t going to be other tags?The video page is good enough. You get a large video player with quality toggle options and all of that good shit. But man do they push that premium subscription. I was having to close out banner after banner ad that would pop up on the player trying to get me to subscribe. And I found that you can watch the entire video if you just let it roll on through, but it will freeze up and ask for a payment if you try and skip at all. And the quality didn’t look 320p to me. I don’t know. I think they just say that shit to get you to buy. The quality looked at least 720p, but who knows. I’m a porn expert not a video quality expert.Solid Mobile ExperienceAs expected of a premium site, the mobile version was pretty on point. You get access to the full site and all of it’s menus, which isn’t too hard since there’s only one menu to begin with. The video players are a reasonable size, and everything played on mobile without too much buffering. It was good. I don’t really have any complaints about the setup. You get a decent mobile experience without any notable hiccups.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThe selection here is pretty damn solid. I’m not a tranny fanatic like some of you ball-sucking deviants out there, but I can still get behind a good catalog of videos. You get quite the selection of hot videos of dick girls getting pounded. And there are videos on here from all of the big-name trans babe studios like TGirls.xxx, Transsexpov, LadyboyLadyboy, and GroobyGirls. Those are just to name a few. If you like chicks with dicks, then you can’t argue that over 30 thousand 4k/1080p full-length videos aren’t enough. For just 10ish bucks a month you get access to some quality porn.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy main complaint is the lack of categories and tags. I’ll excuse the annoying premium ad shit, because they have to rake in that cash somehow. But the complete lack of filter options sucked more dicks than the babes on this site, and that’s definitely saying something. This site would be so much better if they just had a basic tag or category system to help you narrow down your search. Oh, and the whole two subscription options thing was annoying. Just condense that into one premium subscription.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Transporn.vip is a pretty good premium tranny porn site. It’s still a relatively new trans porn site, so hopefully, they make some of the improvements I mentioned above. But even if they don’t you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck on this one. If you have an insatiable lust for 4k tranny porn videos, then you’ll be fapping like mad over at Transporn.vip. They have one of the biggest selections of premium shemale porn that I have ever seen. The site design is solid on desktop and you can browse as much as you want on mobile. If any of that sounds good to you, then at least check out the site for free over at Transporn.vip.