I think it is safe to assume that we all know what Hard Extreme stands for, right? This is a site filled with the naughtiest kinds of kinks, including a couple of bizarre acts that would make your stomach roll. You know all those mainstream sites that claim they offer hardcore shit? Well, they got nothing on hard-extreme.com, as this place is the real depiction of hardcore and extreme.I do wish they gave some warning beforehand because as soon as you visit, you will be able to see everything; from the horrors of scat porn to some moderate hardcore crap, like BDSM. In addition, you have different levels of each fetish, so while some videos might include just a solo act of a certain weird crap, others include groups and end in blood.Simply but not a free site.We all choose what we want to masturbate to, but sometimes I have to wonder what kind of people like to masturbate to such extreme shit. Do not worry, I am not here to judge, but I will be telling you everything hard-extreme.com has to offer… that is why I am here. The overall design is very simple, there is not much that will make it stand out from the crowd.That is not really a bad thing, but seeing as this site is not really a free one, I expected a lot more. It will be quite obvious that what they have to offer is not free because you will have a button to join the site basically everywhere. You will also have a link to my amazing site, where you can check out some other reviews I have did if hard-extreme.com does not suit your taste.While they could have made the overall design better, I still liked the layout, because it was dark, and the site sort of screamed “fucked up”, which is exactly what kind of content it has to offer. On top, you will be able to see some of the major video categories they have, and from that, you should know whether they offer something that will make your dick hard or not.There is actually a lot of content on hard-extreme.com, so as long as you are into the kinky and hardcore kind of bullshit, I am pretty sure that you will have fun spending quality time here. There are many different videos, and they range from mildly hardcore to ‘what the fuck am I watching’ kind of videos, which is why you are all here, I assume.Another thing that I should have mentioned is that this is mostly a download site; so once you become a member, you will be able to download any of the videos to your PC. I mean, not everyone is blessed with such a good connection that they are able to stream the hottest videos in HD, so having sites that allow you to download from time to time, is not a bad thing.Everything you will need to navigate through this site and find the shit you are interested in is listed on top, but I do wish they would have included some other features. This place seems a bit minimalistic if you ask me, and again, there is not really a lot wrong with that, but then again, they could have made all of this shit different.What kind of hardcore videos can I expect, ThePornDude?It’s funny you ask that because I was just about to tell you the gist of their content. But, first of all, I have to say that if you are easily nauseous by some vigorous shit you see in porn, or you are feeling extra sensitive today, you might not want to even know what kind of shit hard-extreme.com has to offer, trust me.Now, for those who have stayed this far, I am here to tell you all about this place. The first time I visited hard-extreme.com, I was surprised by their content, and the category that surprised me the most was called Queensect, and that basically offers what you would expect it to. In my 100 years of browsing for naughty porn, I thought I have seen it all, but I guess I was fucking wrong, because what the fuck.You basically have videos where chicks will have their pussy stuffed with random insects, from words to smaller bugs or ants. Now, I am pretty sure that that is in no way safe for you, but I was so drawn by these bizarre acts, that I ended up watching a couple of videos. If you for some reason have a weird fetish or fascination with insects, or maybe you would just like to see what happens, be my guest.However, as I have mentioned, this section is definitely not for the light-hearted, because it made me, ThePornDude, go ‘WTF’ a couple of times, and I do not throw that phrase around lightly. Of course, you have a whole lotta other fetish-related videos around you, and after I have satisfied my curiosity, I proceeded to browse and see what else they have to offer.The first category that is offered on top, is scat, and is it safe to assume that we all know what scat entails? Basically, that is shit porn; so, if you like to watch people shit, smear poop all over each other, or eat crap, then you should browse that section. However, I think that is one of the most obvious categories, just like fisting, being, BDSM, and femdom, which are all offered on this site.With that said, I need to clarify that while some of those categories seem a bit mainstream, just imagine the categories being 10x worse than whatever you have seen so far. I mean, they are not calling themselves the hard-extreme.com for nothing. For example, a simple fisting video ended up with a hottie getting her ass turned inside-out.The same applies to all other fetishes presented here, while they might seem a bit mainstream, they are actually taken to the extreme. There are also a couple of sections you might not be that familiar with, such as Queensnake, which is a fetish of being stabbed/impaled by small needless in your private parts. It includes a lot of bizarre interactions and stuffing… It was really a weird one to explore.I’ve seen chicks get stabbed many times by small needless, or have their nipples completely clamped with random objections… there were also many other clips that are not so easily explained, so if you are interested, just check out their content yourself… I gave you the gist of it. You should also know that there is a whole session on chicks having their insides out, which I found quite fucking weird.Probably, the weirdest thing I’ve seen here included the last section, Tweetney, and not because they included some weird shit, but because they basically did not. That is just a section for the teen beauties who are aspiring to do weird shit. Most of them were doing some hardcore ramming, with giant toys or their fists, but there was nothing I would call extreme after what I just have seen.So, how much do you like fucked up shit?As I have mentioned at the very beginning, there is a lot for you to see here, but you will have to register to be able to download any of their videos. When you open any clip on the site, you will get to see a small preview of 30 seconds, which will be enough to tell you just what the video is all about, believe me.After that, you can decide whether you want to download the clip or not, but I am assuming that is why you are here, right? Well, you will be given three different memberships, and honestly, their prices are more than affordable if you ask me… You have the 31-day membership of $19.95, the 90-day membership of $39.95, the 180-day membership of $69.95, and the 2-year membership of $89.95.So, as I have already asked, how much do you like to watch actual extreme and fucked up shit, because this site is filled with that. If the videos I have described and the shit you see on the site make your perfect weekend, then, by all means, create an account and subscribe for a premium, you will not regret it. Hard-extreme.com is filled with the most hardcore and extreme shit I’ve seen so far, and it really will make your stomach turn.