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AdultMagazinesPDF kind of gives away their whole gimmick with the title, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I appreciate the clever shit as much as the next guy, but sometimes it’s nice to know right upfront what you’re getting and not be misled. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when I found out Amazon sells everything but big-ass tall bitches with huge racks.Yup, you guessed it, ladies and gentlemen: is a growing archive of porno rags in convenient PDF and JPEG formats. I know, I know, PDF ain’t all that convenient. Let me tell you, though; they’re a lot less annoying when you click on one intentionally instead of just tripping over an Internet landmine. You younger motherfuckers may not remember, but PDFs are also a lot more convenient than the glossy old physical format. It’s a lot easier to wipe cum off your iPad than try to wring it out of soggy pages.Download Some Free Adult, also called Adult Magazines Download, is pretty fucking new to the Internet. It’s really something of an anomaly, if you think about it. We’re living in the golden age of 4K ultra-HD anal movies and a burgeoning virtual reality porn industry that lets you experience the thrill of popping a teenager’s cherry through a screen door while wearing scuba gear. Most of the sites that come by my masturbation desk are trying to wow me with that high-tech shit, and here’s a site offering digital versions of paper magazines.There’s obviously still a market for the still stuff. Even in 2021, any truck stop has at least a row of plastic-wrapped skin rags on the top shelf of the magazine rack. If you live on the sketchy side of town, you may even still have a dank, smelly shack where you can buy the stuff in bulk. Honestly, I’d rather get a digital version so I can avoid the crackheads and glory hole fags that sometimes lurk in those places.I clearly ain’t the only one who feels that way. Maybe the pandemic is partly to blame for the site’s popularity, since now the porn store creeps will give you COVID while propositioning you for a totally straight male-on-male blowjob. Whatever the case, popped up on the net a few months ago and has really exploded over the last couple of weeks. As of this writing, they’re getting a couple of thousand visitors a day, with a line on the graph going almost straight up.Like Some Perv’s Personal CollectionOne of the immediate appeals of AdultMagazinesPDF is that it feels like some pervert’s sprawling personal collection of porno magazines. I mean that in the best way possible, like hanging out with your dirty uncle your mom warned you about and being given a tour of his personal library. Right on the front page, there are magazines from multiple decades: Teenage Sex #45 from October 1986, Lesbian Love #36 from October 1992, and Playboy Germany Special Edition: Stars from March 2018.The streamlined, unpretentious format of Adult Magazines PDF also enhances that personal-collection vibe. It’s a super basic WordPress page without any fancy graphics or other shiny bullshit. They don’t even have a logo. There’s nothing to distract you from the covers of these modern and vintage porn magazines.“I just read it for the articles” has always been something of a punchline with the old-school paper skin mags, but the word nerds out there know Playboy has always been respected as hell for both their journalism and literature. It’s a little different with rags like Hustler; those letter sections are arguably good reading, at least when you’ve got your pants down and your dick in your hand. Anyway, who’s to say Joyce Carol Oates didn’t really write those?If you do like some words on the side of your naked ladies, has you covered in more than half a dozen languages. There are only a handful of Japanese and Russian porn magazines, a fair number of Spanish ones, and a shit-ton of English-language magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, and Purely18.There’s a dropdown menu in AdultMagazinePDF’s header with 16 of their most popular magazines, though the actual collection runs much, much deeper. As of this writing, there are nearly 1700 PDF porno magazines in the stash. If the dropdown included every single different title, the entire web, as we know it, would need to be redesigned.Adult Magazines PDF has a lot of the popular big-name porno mags from the last few decades. Besides the ones I’ve already mentioned, there’s Lascivia, Penthouse Letters, Barely Legal, Cheri, 18Eighteen Magazine and 40Something. If you’re worried your mom will walk in while you’re looking at something as scandalous as nipples, they’ve got a dozen or so issues of Maxim to peruse. Thanks, I’ll stick to the hard stuff.Beating Off to Vintage Porno MagsRemember I mentioned how new this site is? When you’ve built a collection this big in such a short span of time, it’s because you’re building the collection rapidly. Adult Magazines PDF is adding tons of new dirty magazines every day. Today, they added a stack of Interviu magazines, Playboy, Eroticon, Hustler, Razzle, Silwa, Cavalier and more. I’ve got to flip through 3 pages of thumbnails before I get to yesterday’s additions.The sexy Asian chick on the cover of a 1981 issue of Hooker caught my eye. I clicked the image, which brought me to the full info page. Adult Magazines PDF is admittedly a little light on the info. The tags listed below the cover are pretty generic, ranging from Hooker to Erotic Magazine Hooker to Vintage Magazine Hooker. I get it, though; if you’re uploading dozens of porno mags a day, you’d need a fucking team working on tagging each one with every sex act and pornstar you found within.I clicked the Download button and found the actual PDF was hosted on NitroFlare. If I have one complaint at all about the site, it’s that the files are all on these file hosts. Again, I get it. It would be prohibitively expensive for a website to host thousands of sex magazine PDFs and let thousands of pervs a day download for free. This enables them to give away all those dirty vintage magazines without having to charge you thirty bucks for access.Browsing AdultMagazinesPDF is a spam-free affair. I even turned my blocker off to see what it was like, and it’s fucking cleaner than a pornstar’s butthole. The spam you may end up seeing, pop-up blocker or not, is going to be on the file host's end. You’ll also run into the typical problems associated with them, like having your downloads throttled if you’re a free user and funding the Russian mob if you’re paying.It’s also worth noting that even though it’s called Adult Magazines PDF, the files aren’t necessarily all PDFs. That very first one I snatched was a RAR file full of JPEGs. For most of you, this isn’t going to be a huge issue, though I know some of you nerds get picky about your file formats.Aside from the obvious frustrations of those file lockers, is still a pretty fucking solid porn site. I feel like such an old-school fucker when I’m cranking it to still pictures. I may be at home with a laptop and not in a public restroom with a magazine I just stole off the rack, but there’s a similar vibe. As a pornography scholar, I appreciate not just the history of these vintage nudie mags but their classic beauties and timeless photosets. A keen eye will notice a lot of techniques and shots that have carried over into today’s smut even as technology has gotten better and better.I actually have a musty storage unit where I’ve been collecting huge boxes of vintage porn magazines, but I realize most of you haven’t received the same research grants from MIT to study naked lady pictures. If you’re looking for some vintage porn magazines or newer issues of your favorite skin mags, check out the stash is building. The site’s still new and it’s already fucking huge, so I’m expecting some big things from these guys.