Damn, you really feel like you're getting into some special kind of shit when you look up a website, and it seems that the page has "vip" as the domain name. It gives off a spooky feeling, especially when the main thing with the website is the fact that it is all about girls and guys fisting each other. Well, so far I have not seen dudes getting fists up their asses on Fisting.vip, rather, they were the ones who were shoving their hands up inside people's butt holes and their vagina's. Does this information even matter that much to you?Well duh, I guess it is a very important thing to know. The content of Fisting.vip comes with a price, too, seeing as you would have to join the website before you could actually watch any of the movies, so yeah. The "Vip" in the link really does stand there for a reason. However, even the images that the website provides for everyone, even the people who don't feel like emptying their wallets for a page such as this one, are quite hot, to be honest. I mean, they are hot if you are into this kind of thing. The fisting doesn't get too extreme for the average person, though.For example, there are no belly bulges or anything of the sort popping up too often, as that kind of thing would be too extreme and too unhealthy. Imagine the damage your body takes when something like that happens. I mean, having a fist up inside your ass hole would hurt quite a bit if you are not a trained professional (Jesus Christ I make this kind of thing sounds way too weird) is quite a feat, and indeed, this kind of feat is a feat that would make the average person curl up and scream in pain, but the girls on this page take it quite well.I mean, taking a fat shit can hurt sometimes as well, so pushing out a huge turd is quite a feat, but these people can literally shit out a fucking fist with their assholes, and not only things, but their guts can take these fists quite well. The most impressive thing about this entire act is that they apparently get quite a bit of pleasure out of this, which is something I don't understand. But hey, each to their own I guess.This still doesn't stop me from wondering how does one actually acquire such a fetish and decide to train their asshole or their vagina to withstand things like this. It is truly amazing, but I'd like to be left out of this kind of thing. This is one experience I'd rather pass on. Who would have thought that the great Porn Dude would be repulsed by a sex act? Well, The Porn Dude is allowed to have preferences, right? I guess he is.Now, first off, I did not expect much from this website, seeing as the design happens to be quite normal, and the content seems to be quite normal as well (if you consider fisting to be a normal thing, which most people do not., obviously) , but the movies and the enthusiasm of the actresses who perform in them is indeed amazing. Like, these girls are so glad to get their assholes stretched out by fists of other girls and guys, it is unbelievable.I haven't been that happy when I received my first paycheck ever, so I have a hard time understanding their happiness, but hey, live and let live. Now, if you are a man who does not like spending a whole lot of money on pornography, it could be said that you are still in luck when it comes to Fisting.vip and the content it provides.So, I have already mentioned that the pictures that the website shows you are indeed sexy as fuck and that they alone are good enough to get the average man hard even if he is not that into fisting and insertion of large objects inside gorgeous gals, but I did not mention the fact that even though most videos in here would require you to get a membership or something like that, you still get to watch certain videos for free...however, these videos are all 30 seconds long, but this is good enough for some dudes.I mean, that's still thousands of videos that you get to watch, even though they are just 30 seconds long, and I'd say that this is pretty great. I mean, no one can come in 30 seconds, except for teenagers who are having sex for the first time, but hey, you can replay these over and over as they are packed with some super steamy and amazingly sexy action, and there is no limit to the amount of plays on one of these movies.I forgot to mention the fact that the website is not all about pure fisting, as there are plenty of videos where girls shove huge dildo's up inside of their tight ass holes and their pussies, so there's a bit of variation on the page, which is great. You get a lot of data on the movies you get to watch on the page for free as well, starting with the fact that the movies are in the MPEG4 format and you also get to see the audio quality.You also get to see the quality of the original movie, and you get to see the resolution of the movie as well, but not only do you get to see that, but you get to see the exact duration of the original video, which is nice, I guess. The name of the actress is often available as well. You also get to see the date when the movie was posted to the website, which is not that important, but oh well, I like seeing these nerd things on my porno videos. You know, all these numbers and stuff like that.You get to see the full name of all of these movies, and you also get to see the number of people who have seen the video before you as well, and yeah, not only do you get to stream the videos on the spot, you also get to download them, which is great. Now, categories don't exactly exist on the page, but you do get to see some tags, which is good. Do you even need to see tags, though? Like, even though I have said that there is some sort of diversity when it comes to these videos, it still amounts to nothing, seeing as these movies are very much straightforward, and they consist of nothing but people getting large objects inserted up inside of their holes.The looks of Fisting.vipWell, there really aren't that many things that should be taken into consideration when we look at this page, seeing as there are no categories, no special header tabs, pretty much nothing. But hey, at least the page looks nice, which is always a big plus. I mean, it is indeed an important part of the viewing experience. I can imagine people leaving websites that look ugly right as soon as they make their way inside them. Also, I should also mention that all of the movies of Fisting.vip are sorted out according to the month when they were uploaded. Basically, you scroll to the bottom of the page, and you look at the "popular videos in every month" section, and you click on any of these months, and then you see if you can find anything you like.However, no categorization system exists on the page, which is quite disappointing, but oh well, do we even need categories on a website that is all about fisting? Kinda. A category should exist for girl on girl fisting, a category should exist for guy on girl first, and some race-related categories should exist as well, just so that we know what we are getting into. Oh yeah, we should also have categories that are all about vaginal fisting, and some that are about anal fisting. I'm just giving yall ideas, but hey, not having categories is fine, too, I guess.Let's talk some more nonsenseI've previously stated on this review that I really like it when a website gives me insight into the "nerd stuff" related to their videos, and hey, I did not lie at all. The page also tells you about the total number of videos on the page, and it also tells you about the number of videos that have been uploaded in the past 24 hours, which is nice, I guess. All in all, the page is still a decent source of pornography. A land of plenty, but sadly, Fisting.vip is not "the land of the free," as you have to pay for some types of content. The account creation process is quick, and a basic account is free, but a basic account is no good, so you have to pay at least 20 bucks for a 1-month trial.