While there are many sites where you can find porn videos of all genres, a lot of people today prefer to watch live webcam girls because they content is most likely going to be refreshing, and the fact that most of the cam girls are amateur beauties who just want some attention also has a certain charm to it.On piratecams.vip you will be able to find recorded sessions of live shows by some of the most popular webcam girls, which is fantastic for those who want are not big fans of sticking around until the juicy parts begin.The designUsually there is something shitty to talk about a site’s design, however, Pirate Cams does a pretty good job when it comes to this manner. The homepage immediately greeted me with a bunch of webcam sessions, and I could recognize all of the girls’ names which was a great sign.On the left side of the site, there are a couple of shortcuts to filter out sessions from certain sites such as Chaturbate, Myfreecams, homemade videos, premium videos, and a list of top girls. This is a nice touch as sometimes people prefer to look for cam girls that they can find specifically from a single source.Of course, there is also a search option, which is really fucking fantastic because without it browsing through hundreds of pages would be a big pain in the ass. However, there is one problem with the search options, and that is the fact that searching for certain keywords is just impossible.While it is quite easy to search by the girl’s name as that is always included in the title of the video, searching for anything else is going to be a major letdown. For example, I tried searching for the stockings keyword, and I only got a few pages to browse through. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if I knew that there aren’t that many videos, but since I know that there are tons which involve hot webcam girls wearing stockings during solo and couple sessions, I can tell the search is kind of broken.The last thing I can mention about the design, are those really unpleasant walls of text that the site throws at you. The first wall of text can be found on the bottom of the homepage, and while I am quite thankful that this beast was not placed at the top, they could have done so many things to improve it.I understand that the text stands there to inform the visitor about the content that the site offers, why the site was created and so on, but man…get a fucking editor or something because it looks very fucking messy. Also, while this wall of text is at the very bottom, when you open up some categories a different wall of text is going to come at you every time, which is really weird. Good idea, but poor execution.The contentNaturally, this is the most important part of the site, thus I will be going into deep detail about everything about it. Starting with the quantity of the videos, as I mentioned before there are hundreds of pages that are full of videos, and you could be browsing those pages for hours, maybe even days without stopping if you watch a couple of videos during that browsing session.Pretty much all sections have an equal number of videos besides the homemade videos section. This section, unfortunately, has only a couple of pages of content, however, the other sections definitely make up for it more than they should. While the chaturbate and myfreecams videos offer content from girls that are featured only on each of those two sites, the premium videos work a bit differently.The premium section is focused on exclusive videos that you won’t find anywhere else, and they are definitely the true beauty of this site. Because they are exclusive videos only, you will be able to find girls from all other sections and some other’s as well. Videos here usually offer something special, such as girls wearing some kind of a costume, or they show off some of their very rarely displayed set of sexual skills.Now, when you actually open a video, it will open a new page where you will be able to find all the information about the video, as well as the video itself. Some of the videos have quite a lot of information such as a good title, decent amount of tags, and a quick description of what you can expect in the video since some of them can last up to a whole hour depending on how long the juicy bits last.However, the majority of videos only has the fucking title and the tag of the girl which is starring in the video, which explains a lot about the poor search options that I have mentioned earlier in the review. On the other hand, all of the videos have some kind of suggested content on the bottom of the page, and the relevance is quite accurate which is nice.The quality of the content is quite superb, and there isn’t a single video that you will not enjoy no matter what kind of kinks and fetishes you have. The majority of videos is available in 720p and 1080p, however, there are a couple of 4K quality videos out there, but don’t count on too many of them.One thing I forgot to mention about the quantity of the content is that the site is updated daily with new videos, so even if you somehow manage to watch all of the already existing ones, you will always get a couple of incredible videos every day.Enjoying the contentRegarding the player, it works quite perfectly, however, if you want to watch it online, there is a catch. Because the site is hosting all of the videos on keep2share, you will not be able to watch any videos online for more than a minute and a couple of seconds depending on the video. While this might be enough for some of you to bust a nut, it definitely isn’t for the majority.Even if you cannot watch things online, you do have the option to download that same video, however, there is a fucking catch again. Like any file or video hosting site, keep2share will offer you the fast premium download or the slow download that anyone can access. While you can download all of the videos without paying anything, the slow download speeds are exactly what they say they are…fucking slow.If you happen to download a video that is in 4K quality which lasts for a longer duration, there is a high chance that it will take a whole day for you to download that video. While the site isn’t running any ads, I am quite sure that many of you would prefer if it did so you can avoid paying a monthly subscription for these amazing webcam videos, however, at the end of the day it will still cost you way less than spending money on the tokens for the actual live show which can have some insane prices.Regarding the prices of a premium account, you get to choose from two kinds of premium subscriptions, classic premium and premium pro. In my personal opinion, while the classic does seem enough for everyone, the pro package will allow you to watch videos online without any interruptions while also allowing you to download a huge amount of content every day.Even if the classic does let you download 20Gb every day, your streaming time is still going to be quite limited, and let’s be honest, sometimes it just sucks to wait a couple of minutes to download a video just to find out that its not that pleasing instead of just rewinding through it immediately.The prices are not that different, if you look at them on a yearly level as the premium pro will got from $11.75/month while the classic premium is $9.50/month. Of course, if you plan to pay on a monthly basis, things to get a little bit more expensive as the price per month almost doubles which is kind of bullshit.ConclusionIf you happen to be a big fan of live webcam shows, then you will certainly find piratecams.vip an incredible place. The subscription for the file hosting site they are using is not too much, and considering the daily updates and the quality of those updates, I would say that it is a steal.