3X Planet! Everyone who prefers to watch Asian porn will surely enjoy what 3xplanet.com has to offer, as this is a site dedicated to all Asian porn clips. There is really a lot of content for you to explore here, from basic porn to hentai and a lot of other shit. However, as every other site, the ups and downs will always exist, and I am here to tell you the good and bad side of visiting 3xplanet.com… although seeing as their overall content revolves around Asians, I am not sure how anyone could not like this place.I mean, this all depends on your personal desires and all that crap, but for the most part, I am pretty sure that everyone will enjoy the shit that 3xplanet.com has to offer. I will be a bit biased when it comes to reviewing since I love to watch Asian pornography, but when it comes to the technical shit, I will tell you all you need to know… whether you like the content or not is something I cannot predict.Very simple place, with loads of content.The first thing I should probably mention is the fact that this is not a place where you can watch porn, but rather a place where you can download everything to your PC or other devices. This will not be free, but at the same time, it is really not that pricey, and I shall talk about that a bit later. First of all, why the fuck does 3xplanet.com look so old-school, outdated?Creating an attractive site is really not that difficult, not to mention that this is just a download site, so this shit should have been easier. Oh well, at least they are simple enough for even an idiot to understand what the fuck is happening, so no offense, but I am pretty sure everyone will know what the hell 3xplanet.com is and how the site functions.As for those who are wondering why the fuck do download sites still exist, well it is pretty simple really; not everyone is a privileged prick who has a fast internet connection to stream everything without buffering. Do you know how fucking annoying it can be to be in the heat of the moment just when the video starts buffering? Well, I speak from experience, as I used to have a very bad internet connection; luckily that changed.Well, some people still live in the stone age as well, so they do not even know how much better it would be to just watch everything online than to deal with random downloads. On the other hand, there are just those who prefer to make porn collections and watch anything whenever the fuck they want. I mean, this is all a matter of taste; just like I prefer to wank my dick to lovely Asian chicks, some people prefer to download porn.All the necessary options will be listed on top, and from that, you will be able to see what the frick this site even has to offer, because they are being very blunt, which is what I like. I hate being forced to explore the whole site to know what the fuck they have to offer, which is why 3xplanet.com was refreshing to visit.However, this is a place made just for people who want to download, so if you were expecting to watch any real Asian pornography you have chosen your sites badly. There are many other sites I have reviewed on my site, and you are more than welcome to explore those; some of them are free Asian porn websites that allow you to watch this crap online; so enjoy.So, what kind of content can I download from 3xplanet.com?As I have said, if you love Asian pornography, you will surely love 3xplanet.com, because that is all they have to offer. Sure, there is a special section for the Western chicks, but all those clips are pretty basic… then again, why would you visit a site that is dedicated to the Asians, and then scroll through their Western section… that makes no fucking sense; even less sense than the fact that they even offer that section, to begin with.Of course, while all the babes who are getting rammed on this site are Asian beauties, the scenes they are featured in are very different, so at the end of the day, it all comes back to your personal taste. However, I spend a lot of time browsing through their naughty crap, and I am happy to tell you all the naughty shit I saw and believe me, there was a lot.On top of the site, you have some of the basic search options, but I must say that I was disappointed to see that they were not that good with their overall searches. You just have the shit on top, that is the only searches that are actually useful. Pother than that, you have some options on the sides, but all that crap is pretty useless if you ask me.I feel like a broken record, but is it really that fucking difficult to create a plain category page at least? I mean, this is a free site, that is all fine, but creating a normal category page would not be that fucking hard. For now, you can choose whether you want to scroll through H-game, hentai (Japanese porn animations), JAV uncensored, JAV censored and Western pornography.Sure, there is also the search box, but we all know that that shit is pretty crappy. As for their content, I was pretty satisfied that they offered a variety, but at the same time, it was kind of difficult to be happy about something like that, when I ended up scrolling and scrolling until I found the shit that I was satisfied with.The first video I opened was of a hot babe with an enormous ass but in a tasty way. She was riding loads of cock, and moaning like a true Japanese slut... of course, I was able to see this after I downloaded the video, since, before the download, you can see some information about the clip, as the name of the pornstars, the studio, the language, and the downloads…Another clip featured a typical schoolgirl who was more than ready to bend over for her teacher, and after a while, a couple of students joined the fun. There were also the Chinese and Korean beauties who were also pretty horny and happy to go straight down to business. Some video shad plot, some were a bit bold… I guess it all depends on the video you choose.Other than the fact that you have to scroll and scroll to find the crap you will then have to download; I think that this site pretty much offers everything that you would expect it to. It has a lot of great porn videos featuring the naughtiest Asian cuties, and there is a Western section for all of you mainstream lads out there.The downloads are not free.As I have briefly mentioned, the downloads here will not be free, which is a bummer, if you ask me. However, I do understand why 3xplanet.com does not offer free content since where is the profit in that. The site does not have many ads or pop-ups, so they have to earn a living one way or the other. For the most part, you will have two different download sites, and they both pretty much have the same price.The first download site is called uploadgig.com, and there you will have four different membership offers; the 30-day membership of $12, the 980-day membership of $25, the 180-day membership of $40, and the 365-day membership of $70. Everything about the purchase and all that crap is self-explanatory and the same applies to the other download site called mx-sh.net, where you have pretty much the same prices; give or take a few bucks.While 3xplanet.com is a site with no valid search options, they offer so many great Asian porn videos, that that could be forgiven. However, you cannot watch anything on this site, you will need to download it to your PC after you become a member on one of the two provided downloads. Overall, I think that if you are ready to spend some money on quality downloads, you will love all the naughty Asian porn videos 3xplanet.com has to offer; I surely did.