Nobody really knows why Pirate Cams bears the name it does. I mean, when you're going to put "cams" in the name of your website, it is expected that most of your content on the website is going to revolve around webcams, but trust me, it does not. I mean, sure, the lads at PirateCams.com use cameras to record their content, that's true...they have no choice after all. It's not like we can use voodoo magic to record porn or something, yet, but I bet PornHub will do that first, rather than some small website nobody has heard of. But hey, the rule "bigger is better" which seems to apply to everything in pornography doesn't necessarily apply to websites, but especially this one.The mascot of Pirate Cams is a little webcam dressed up as a pirate, which is even weirder since I don't see pirates having a major role in the bigger picture of PirateCams.com. Either way, loads of websites have random names just like this one, so I guess the "Pirate" part of the name isn't anything too weird for us to comprehend. Now let's get back to the main topic and see what's in store for us. Being the horny pirates that we are, we want to find out exactly what kind of content can be found on PirateCams? We've already mentioned that the main type of content here isn't webcam content, but what is this "non-webcam" content on this page?Well, as soon as you join the website you will notice that there are many tabs on this page and that every single one of them is dedicated to a specific type of content, and basically, every single one of these types is about "pirated videos" that were made from recording videos of webcam girls who perform live for a bunch of people. So that's where the "pirate" part of the name comes in, huh? I guess it does. There are many, many famous names on here, with my favorite girl being MIss Alice, at least in the past few weeks. I was so thrilled to see her name down there, knowing I'd get to see her doing some nasty stuff. It's great how people record these girls. I couldn't be more thankful.Now, I've also mentioned that only a fraction of the content on PirateCams.com is about webcams...while that is technically true, it's still probably the majority of the content, or at least half the content. However, the "other half" of the content is all VIP videos recorded by camgirls, and these most certainly aren't recorded by webcams, but rather, some fine HD cameras. These videos are usually made by leaving the cams on the table or somethin' and then editing the video a bit after the girl is done doing what she's doing. The girls usually suck their boyfriends off in front of the camera and let them fuck them from the back usually (I mean, in this angle, their butts look the biggest, so it's kinda obvious why they always choose this position), however, they will often utilize toys they don't otherwise utilize on webcams. That huge dildo you see stuck on the wall behind the girl while she webcams and plays with that little dildo that only responds to tips? Yeah, she fucks that on her "VIP" videos.It's not way too welcoming in hereI did not expect from a website such as this one to have a design way too great, and hey, I wasn't too wrong. I might start playing the fucking lottery or something at this point, as I can tell just from the name of the page what kind of page design am I going to see. I mean, if a website is really focused on one type of porn, they surely won't have a design too complex, right? They don't even have to, so this most certainly isn't a "grave sin," right? Top to bottom, this page caters to all of my webcam needs. There's nothing that displeases me in here, so I guess I can move on. While I don't like the design...the pure aesthetics and all that, the design of the page is still very simple, so it's quite friendly to newbies who are just trying to find some webcam content. However, the low-budget look of the page isn't something I really like. However, the looks are still tolerable, so I guess I'll roll with it, and if I'm able to roll with it, then thousands of horny men who will visit this page after the review is done will also be happy with it.The essentialsIt is quite obvious that this website doesn't have a whole lot of header tabs and stuff like that going on for it. However, this isn't that much of a problem here, since the content of this website is a little category in itself. Webcam porn kinda counts as a unique category, doesn't it? For this reason, I suppose that we do not need any categorization system on this page, however, if you take a look at the tabs here you will notice that they've still managed to divide the videos into a few sections. First off, there's the "all videos" section that lies up in the front, on the furthest to the left.Then right next to it, there's a section that's a bit more specific - the section about Chaturbate videos. This one has a whole lot of content, seeing as Chaturbate is a huge camming website, so it's only natural that a lot of content comes out of there. I'd also like to mention that clicking on these tabs will often bring up ads to your screen, which is quite unfortunate, as no one really wants to see any ads on their website. Hell, even I who have seen tons and tons of ads while browsing various porno websites does not want to see any.Obviously, right next to this section, there is yet another one, and you'll notice sections of the website here are named by the websites they get their pornography from. These pirates sure are good at stealing, huh? Well, Pirates gotta earn a living somehow, and this is their primary source of income. So, right next to the Chaturbate section, there's the MyFreeCams section, and this one also happens to be crowded with a whole lot of videos, which is a great thing. Sadly, I don't think I know just how many videos have been uploaded to PIrateCams, but it seems that there are a lot of videos here for us to explore. I mean, it's amazing.Don't these girls usually get mad or something if you record their cam shows? I think they do. However, people do this anyway, and they do it quite often, so I don't think anyone genuinely cares about them saying this and that. Oh well, that's female objectification at its best. Only caring about their looks and not about what they have to say. Whew.Now, there's yet another tab here for us to explore, and this would be the homemade videos section. Now, this one's a little bit different from the others. It's crowded with exclusive homemade videos made by people from all over the world, and these are all real amateurs, so you're in for a treat if you like seeing real amateurs fuck hard. Then, there's also a "VIP" section where videos made by camgirls that were supposed to be premium and only for the eyes of their most faithful fans have somehow made their way to the general public, which isn't that surprising, seeing that people who think the same way the people behind PIrateCams are all over the internet, and they're using their knowledge for mischief.A conclusionPirateCams.com is a website that for the most part provides you with great amateur content, overall. Now, most of it is content acquired from camgirls from all over the internet who like to toy with themselves. Their videos aren't supposed to be recorded, but apparently, pirates don't care much about the rules, and that's how this page came to be. Men recorded their screens while watching these webcam shows and then uploaded them to this website so that everyone gets to see these girls without any clothes on, in their purest, sluttiest form. The content is for the most part, free, even though there is a premium membership. The regular premium will cost you around ten bucks a month, while the premium pro version will cost you around twelve bucks a month.