HQ Collect, sounds like a hideous name to me because seriously, I wouldn’t expect such a name to be a porn site's name. However, if you look at it in the aspect that it’s some sort of a porn headquarter where you can collect any sort of smut your shitty brains' command of you, then it’s a marvelous thing altogether. I'll tell you what thou; this site does not only favor collectors but also any broke ass motherfucker who only accesses WIFI in the office or whatever because they could just download and proceed to watch at home.Also, it doesn’t pay a close resemblance to other porn sites with video players and lots of teasy mind-blowing sexy thumbnails which makes it environmentally friendly. And if you are wondering just how safe it is my answer is; it’s safer than most or simply all of the site’s you've been to, meaning that there is no risk of you being bugged or worst still getting your work fucked up by viruses while using your office desktop. I know nobody will tell you this probably in a million years but; it’s the best office pervs buddy and you better stay because the sauce is about to get even tastier.Sign up!I know your silly brain is prone to telling you to overlook this and I must admit that mine does too at times. However, you can’t afford to do that here because there is no other way to get to download content other than this one. And I doubt you will be too enthusiastic to stay in a site where downloading shit is the only thing you can do; because like you'll notice there isn’t a fucking video player anywhere which means you can only stream on your device after downloading. I'll be frank with y'all thou, registration takes some time but trust me it’s totally worth it!Not all that fancy but efficientForget the pompous colors, hqcollect.net (aka hqcollect.me and hqcollect.tv) is in its own special kind of simplistic bliss, like it serves it’s purpose wholly. I am talking about a fully-fledged home page with all the necessary sorting features which only happen to be a few actually with the most important of them all being the search engine which assists users to land on particular content faster. There also siterips, channels as well as favorites to enable you to follow through your desired content, which is pretty cool, right?Content for downloadWith lots of pages full of porn movies and clips, archives, there is no way ever that any soul is going to be running out of porn to download. It is also important to note that all the porn videos quality is regulated to generally good. Well, I fucking don’t care how often you beat meat but I'm certain that the site we’ll keep you at best thrilled.Choose from a wide Range of TagsNow in case you are looking to narrow down your search you might want to hit the SiteRips section and get dazzled up by their combination. Mark you; there are no categories and what you will find are basically tags but you can take it from me that they are simply awesome!I'm talking about classy daring shit like BDSM, nasty Bisexual shit, distinct kinks and Fetishes, Transsexual make outs and Mature ripe bitches cock and pussy fests all the way down to even filthier Bukkake porn, Voyeur, Femdom and Strapon, MetArt and MetModels.To top it up, they also have a niche dedicated to pregnant (preggophilia) women where you’ll find videos of tummy full or simply ballooned sexy horny bitches spreading their damn legs real nasty, tickling their own butt hole, flipping pussy beans and even better having their birthing holes getting smashed hard. I for one find strange shit pretty cool but frankly this kinda shit gets me thinking about some pretty shitty stuff with the worst of them all being; what if her water actually broke during the hardcore pussy rimming? Damn!Vast site FreedomAm not a zero-grazing sort of guy and I know most of y'all happen to share that in common with my nasty ass. Therefore, it’s best to be aware that despite the forceful registration vibe that I don’t expect to go very well with everyone; the download option privilege never runs out at any given time meaning that you can download as many videos as you like, plus it’s fucking free of charge to do so.Also, there is the wonderful user interface that goes beyond outlook and navigation which extends to a clean site free from Ads and pop-ups. I'm sure y'all will agree with me that for a free site, that’s simply fantastic and I wish other sites would learn a thing or two from this site. This is simply because users' data protection is pretty much basic in as much as they would like to assume that it’s not!What impressed me most about the site:Good video quality; there is nothing as exciting as being able to access quality porn videos for fucking free on a platform such as this one. Like seriously, I'm sure most of you have been to a horse of other free sites that don’t even require you to register and yet their videos are a shitty blurry mess you don’t even want to fucking watch that again, do you?Large archive collection; well, the site has been running for quite a long time now and as you can imagine, they update their shit on a daily basis stacking up yesterday’s shit for those nut heads who missed out on anything which is actually kinda cool, don’t you agree?Wide range of niches covered; in as much as there is no categories section labeled anywhere on the goddamned site, it’s important to note that the tags fill up that void. With the most enthralling factor being that there is actually a wide range of options to choose from which is particularly a thoughtful gesture from them.Unlimited download; the site is all about downloads and not just that but there are no limitations whatsoever barring you or limiting you to a certain number of downloads. My advice is to download as much as that stolen WIFI can hold dumbass!Free content; in as much as the site is teeming with quality porn videos for download, it’s all at no cost which should be the ultimate good news for all of you horny broke suckers.No Advertising; it’s a free site and you can take it from me that it’s actually a fucking privilege to find one that cares about its users' personal data security and hence doesn’t expose them shit like Ads and pop-ups.Possible concerns:Mandatory registration; I guess there are always goddamned rules everywhere you basically turn and I used to think that rules are made to be broken. However, am afraid that if by any chance you choose to ignore the sign up one, then you might as well as fuck the hell out of here because they isn’t any other business here. Can you imagine? How crude is that?No video player; they do not have an inbuilt video player. I mostly prefer to watch my porno online. It’s really difficult for porn downloading websites to get going cuz if people get the same content at other porn sites with a video player they’ll obviously prefer other sites so in order to remain relevant they need to have unique never seen content and HQCollect offers just that. HQCollect is in the free porn download sites category.What I think should be doneThese folks should try to be fucking more considerate; am talking about preview shit like a preview button like seriously, how do you even fucking know what video fucking suits your tastes because relying on guesswork or titles might not actually get you anywhere?Bottom lineHqcollect.me is a unique diverse porn downloads junction that doesn’t charge for unlimited downloads. All fanatics of porn should definitely check the site out not forgetting to sign up first so as to enjoy the download option as a privilege. As for collectors I doubt y'all will find a safer and less complicated download joint such as this one. Enjoy!