The Adult Bay...sounds like a rip off of The Pirate Bay. With so many free smut destinations, finding one that’s not ripping you off is far from a walk in the park. However, if you have been a visitor to my page, then you know I’d go through a brick wall if it meant introducing you to yet another site to give you a ‘bout’ of morning wood.And this is exactly what I’ve done, spending long ass hours to bring you another expert review. Today I’m focusing my efforts on, a porn torrent site that guarantees you quality porn for free from multiple file hosts. If you are in love with the idea of filling your hard drive with XXX content spreading wider than your girlfriend can spread her legs, I suggest you pay close attention.For the record, I’m not the biggest fan of torrent sites as I feel they are glorified forms of piracy. The industry needs to fucking grow and downloading premium shit for free is not the best way to go about it. But hey, that’s just me bitching. I’m sure you don’t give a fuck about any of that if it guarantees getting yourself loads of free pornographic content. So I’ll just stop trying to be the fucking moral police and go straight to business.Modern, welcoming outlookSome porn torrent sites leave you with a bad impression the first time you visit. However, Porn Bay features a welcoming outlook, and any potential porn hunter will be left in zero doubts as to what kind of site they’ve visited. The site is arranged in such a way that assures you loads of steamy content to send your hand southwards to your pants. The design is not particularly sophisticated, but everything is so well arranged even the dumbest individual will know where to click to get their hands on some mouthwatering fuckery featuring the world’s most sought after fuckers.The homepage immediately welcomes you with some great nut busting porn that looks like the kind of smut you would normally pay through your dirty nose to access. Everything is so well detailed with information including the file size, a lengthy description, and a featured image among others. One of the scenes titled ‘Wank It Now’ had a description along the lines of ‘you haven’t felt the touch of a woman in a long time and would love a good SHAG! Lucky for you naughty nurse Charlie is one horny woman and will happily FUCK you for some money…’ I have a feeling this perfectly describes you. Anyway, it basically means you’ll know what you are getting before wasting a click. I mean, nothing sucks more than to blindly download a video only to discover its fucking garbage.If you click on a thumbnail, the site gives you the download options where you will be able to download from multiple file hosts including the likes of RapidGator, UploadRocket or Uploadable among others. Everything looks like a blog as is a porn blog-based platform, but it also means locating content is a simpler task than whipping your dick out. Granted, the site doesn’t give you much in the way of functionality (for instance super searching), but what you will be getting is much better; a ton of free, high-quality porn. Beat that.A porn treasure caveI’m hoping you are familiar with how torrents work because I’m not in the mood to break it down for you. The bottom line is everything is only available for download, and you won’t be able actually to watch anything online. However, you can look forward to accessing thousands of high quality, full-length scenes. The archives page indicates that the content here dates back to 2008 and although doesn’t necessarily host the files, you are looking at thousands of files. Think of over 4,283 smut filled pages. Total fucking insanity.Great line up of categories & tagsFirst off, if you want to get specific with your porn searches, you can type your desired keywords on the search bar on the top right of the page and files with that keyword will appear smoother than a hard cock ripping up a wet coochie. However, if you are looking for different niches, the lineup of categories on the right side of your screen should prove very useful. The number of scenes per category has been indicated with the options including lesbians, Interracial, Latina, double penetration, cumshot, threesomes, MILF, gangbang, and squirting among others.Below that is a list of tags which is, in reality, a lineup of women who are paid to be fucked with the number of scenes per performer indicated. Check out names like Gina Valentina, Emma Hix, Cherie Deville, Angela White, Alexa Grace, Lena Paul, and plenty of other world-renowned fuckers. These porn stars will certainly not make it easy for you and their content will tease your cock to the point where you won’t be able to resist stroking your prick. But don’t worry, wanking is not only allowed, but also highly encouraged. It’s also worth noting that the majority of the content here is professional in nature but if you can live with that, then no biggie. It's pussy stuffing time, folks.Third party sites are a dickThe content on Adult Bay is technically free, but since the site doesn’t actually host the content, you will be taken to third-party sites in order to download the files. Some of these sites will fucking piss you off as some have limited download speeds meaning it might take you forever to download. Others will limit you from downloading certain files deemed too large for non-premium users if you are not willing to fork out the sometimes extortionate subscription fees.With that in mind, users who are a part of a torrenting community will find the going easier as they will probably have accounts to some of the destinations you are directed to. If not, better be ready to pay premium rates for top download speeds. It appears even piracy comes with a hefty price! That said, the first “sticky” post on offers you some kind of a special deal which will let you download quite large amounts of data from the sites that you will have to visit to download, but the deal seems fair to me, and you’d be a fool not to at least consider it.The site had it for me in terms of;Loads of content; with over 4283 pages to browse, the abundance of content here knows no bounds with the site providing you with thousands of torrents that will surely guarantee you hours of solid porn pleasure.Diverse content; there is no accounting for taste in this bitch, and you are inevitably going to come across some shit you like and others you don’t like. However, focus on the shit that turns you on, and from the list of categories, that shouldn’t be an issue at all.Amazing quality; the collection of torrents is available in different qualities, but the majority is available in 720p and 1080p resolutions with a few also coming in 4K ultra HD. Get pulled into the passion for crystal clear qualities.Possible concernsThird-party download sites; the site only indexes and links to content provided by other sites, and you will inevitably be taken to third-party sites to download the content with most of them requiring you to have a premium account to enjoy top download speeds. Fucking frustrating.Some ads; nothing to lose your hair about, but you will still have to brace yourself for some annoying ads during your stay on the site.What I think should be done;Most of the content here focuses on the professional side, and although there is a respectable collection of amateur torrents, it is nowhere near enough. I’d certainly love to see more amateur stuff to diversify the experience.Final thoughtsAnyone who prefers torrents should consider checking out They may not host any of the porn in their servers, but these fucks sure know how to share it, and users can look forward to thousands of torrents filled with red hot porn. Besides a couple of ads here and there, the site is generally decent and seems completely legit to me although it would be wise to keep your eye out for anything suspicious. It is a ripe ground for any porn hunter.