At Girl Scanner you will get to see some of the most recent releases and older videos from other known porn sites, and all of them can be downloaded. In fact, all you can do is download their content and not much else, which is why I am honestly a bit confused as to why they decided to name the site aka… what does that even stand for?While that might sound all peachy and shit, it is not all that great. Do not worry, as that is exactly why the fuck I am here, so just sit back relax and enjoy reading. I shall go over all the important crap, from the design to the features and the overall content. This should be enough to tell you if this is a site you want to visit or not.Solid design and user-friendly featuresThis place does not look the best, but at the same time I’ve seen worse shit out there, so I labeled it as solid. However, it does offer a rather tacky background, but at least all of their shit is easy to understand, so I highly doubt that you will have any issues surrounding the features on Girl Scanner. With that said, not all their features work/are necessary, in my opinion.On the homepage, you will have a lot of suggested shit to explore, and all of them will provide some details. On top, there is the usual menu that could also help you navigate through, but you also have the navigation features on the side of the site. If you are interested in what the site has to say about their content, just scroll all the way down.HD content for downloadWhile the site might suggest that you will be able to watch a lot of random shit here, that is actually not true. You will only be provided the download links and other details concerning the videos, but you will not be able to watch any of the clips actually on the site. Now, this brings me to the first issue as the downloads are not all free, and that depends on where you will be downloading the videos from.First of all, clicking on the image will not take you to the actual place where you have the option to download the clip, which would make fucking sense… you will be taken to a place that is hosting images with a shit ton of ads, and that saddens me. I mean how difficult was it to put the link on the picture when it is in everyone’s instinct to click on that shit first.Well, for you to actually see any details of the videos, you should click on the title instead, and then you will be sent to a section where you can check out what the video is all about. Another concern I ran into was the fact that they said when the clip was added, but that video did not have a lot of views, and I am talking about all the videos in general. I ran into a couple of clips that had 0 views, and I am concerned if this shit is legit or not.Do not worry, when you download the video you get an actual porn clip, which is all that should matter, right? All the videos will provide some general information, such as the longitude, size, and a couple of screenshots to help you decide if that is the video you want to download or not. All the way down, you will have some comments from the members, but for you to see that crap you will have to become a member as well.I decided to register, since it was free, just to see how alive they actually are, and that is when I realized that they were not that alive at all. There were not that many active members, but that also might be due to the ability to download all of this shit for free. I mean, I just created an account to see if they are alive, even I do not think that you should create an account.The free registration really does not serve any purpose, since you get to enjoy the site as much as you want without an actual account, so why the fuck would you bother. If there are any of you who would like to talk to this ghost site, then go right ahead, but I am simply telling you that that shit is quite fucking useless.Variety of clips from known porn sitesAs I have briefly mentioned on top, l they offer videos from other known websites, and most of them are not full-length clips, but I did find some that were. The usual sites they host the videos from are RealityKings, Brazzers, BangBros, AssHoleFever, NaughtyAmerica, AssTitans, HDPorn, DDFProd, DPFanatics, and others. Just check out the site if you like premium pornography since in a sense they offer this crap for free.The screenshots that are provided are also hosted on that ugly image hosting website that should not fucking exist… I say that you get to download the clips for free, but not really, simply because not all the videos have that option. Some of the videos I opened I only got an option for premium download, which meant that I would have to register and actually pay the download site to download my crap, and again that is pure bullshit.Not to mention that I ran into a couple of clips that were not even legit, aka they were deleted. I did manage to download a couple of clips, and they worked fine, but honestly, this is too much work for me to be able to appreciate the beauty of pornography. You could say that this place is made for those who cannot afford to pay an actual premium site instead.While I was browsing, I ran into a couple of different videos, and they all featured something quite hot. First, of the clips I opened was from RealityKings, and there was a hot blonde pornstar who just loved to get ass fucked. There were also videos featuring the not-so-known pornstars, like one Indian beauty who prefers to pleasure her hubby at home in a POV.There was quite a variety of shits that they had to offer, but in my case, their complicated way of downloading does not make it worth browsing for me. But, those who are not able to pay for an actual premium website are surely going to love this place.Smooth navigation and other featuresOn the sides, you will be given other options, so check them out, I did not bother as much. I did, however, notice that they have a lot of empty options, which serve no fucking purpose. One could say that this place is still under development, and while there is nothing wrong with that, I am really confused by this crap.As I said, there will be an option to register, and that will allow you to ‘participate in the site’ or so they say, but honestly, there is nothing special you get with the registration. You can view some “hidden text” and comment on their shit, but that is not worth the registration, believe me. However, nobody will judge you if you still register, so do whatever the fuck you want.If there are any issues on the site, which I am sure you will encounter sooner or later, you can always send them an email and tell them what the fuck the problem is. This shit is very straight-forward, you will get an empty space where you can tell them what the fuck the issue is, and that is about that. I hoped they offered a FAQ page, but apparently, they are too good for that.The ‘RSS 2.0’ is just a code page… then you have the User Agreement and the DCMA, which are all fucking useless to the actual visitors of this site. While I can appreciate these lads offering free premium porn to those who cannot afford this crap, I am still baffled by the amount of useless shit they decided to offer.Their site kind of works like old websites in the past, where half of the shit was questionable and the other half semi did what it was supposed to do. Well, that crap does not change here. Honestly, I am just hoping that this site is still under development, but at the same time, I highly doubt that. Overall, if you are interested in download premium pornography, then visit