Let's see what Naughty Blog has to offer! Now I’ve been a porn lover for years now, and I’ve searched far and wide for the best porno sites on the internet that can deliver top-quality porn right to my computer screen. With that being said, I’ve seen my fair share of low-effort, fucked up sites that even a 40-year old virgin wouldn’t jack off to. I’m talking spammy ad-filled porn sites that can infect your computer with malware or a virus when you just hover your mouse over their home-page link.However, this little hidden gem is indeed one of the most fantastic, free-for-all porn-havens that I’ve come across on the world wide web. Naughtyblog.org is a real empire of professional pornography – it’s passed almost all my tests as a renowned porn critic, and I gotta say, it’s tempting for me not to bust a nut to the top-notch stuff that this site hosts.It has all the Basics CoveredYou know that shitty moment when you go on a popular site like XVideos or Pornhub and finally find the vid you wanna drain your worm to, only to be incredibly disappointed once you find out that it’s only available for premium accounts? Well, that won’t happen when you decide to spend your self-care time on this treasure trove of a website. The aptly-titled ‘Videos’ section on here contains essentially every premium video that’s locked from free viewership on popular commercial porno sites.As soon as I opened it I was hit with an endless choice of premium videos that I would shamelessly orgasm to on a daily basis. I’m talking HD 4k clips shot by big-time professional porn production studios like Playboy Plus, Devil’s Film, Met Art X, She’s New and Teens Like it Big, featuring stunning actresses doing all kinds of unspeakable acts just for your viewing pleasure.Do You Prefer Full Movies?Now it’s one thing to jack off to cut-out scenes of pure porn, and there’s a virtually endless amount of them on Naughty Blog, but if you’re just as much a movie critic as you are a porno addict, then you’ll definitely appreciate the extensive selection of movies featured on this site’s ‘Movies’ section. There are literally thousands of professional films for you to choose from if you’d like to be more emotionally invested in the girl that gets her asshole gaped by seeing why she got in that position in the first place.As a true porn connoisseur, I totally understand the need for lonely guys to see their favorite fuck-flick actresses go about their business before they get in a situation that sees them getting rammed by a 10-inch cock, there’s just much more of an intimate connection that way.There are all kinds of full-length, quality-produced motion picture fuck-flicks on here, including classics such as ‘Anal Mommas,’ ‘Horny Hairy Girls #61’, ‘Whorecraft 2: Wrath of the Dick King’, ‘Spicy Latin Girlfriends #3’ and so on. And there’s even a fine selection of foreign films hailing from Italy, Germany and other countries, so if you prefer to watch full-length porn movies then there’s no better place to do it than on this website’s ‘Movies’ section, I highly recommend it for all film buffs.Sometimes, The Only Thing That Will Satisfy You Is a Whole Damn Website of PornI know that sometimes lonely dudes out there will face some sort of emotional crisis, and the only cure for it is a night-long porno marathon with some tissues and some lube. The fine people over at NaughtyBlog have decided to meet the needs of these masturbator heavyweights and provide whole websites worth of porno content in their ‘Siterips’ section which features literally gigabytes of videos and images ripped straight from some of the most popular porno domains on the world wide web.As soon as I opened this category I was surprised to see some of the most exclusive porno sites be featured here – anyone can download literally ALL of the content featured on any one of these websites via a link from a file-sharing site and fap away to their dick’s contempt.There are currently over 3,000 different websites to choose from, including popular porno domains like ‘PAWG,’ “MilkingTable,’ ‘BackDoorBrazil,’ ‘MyHotWife,’ ‘MomsAnalAdvernture’ and other popular sites that typically contain ‘pay to view’ videos. This is arguably one of the most popular features of this website because it provides so much value for your fapping needs, and it’s all a few clicks away from being downloaded to your computer.It’s a True Porn-Filled PlaygroundIn all my years of reviewing porn to make life easier for horny chronic masturbators all over the world, I’ve never come across a domain that had such an extensive list of categories. There are enough different kinks, themes and fetishes on here for the people running this site to put together a whole fucking pornography encyclopedia. Sure, there are plenty of horny fucks who jerk off to the usual categories like MILFs, lesbians, deepthroating and all that other basic shit.However I also know all too well that there are some world-class horndogs out there who would love nothing more than to check out the videos listed under the more obscure, advanced categories such as ‘anal dilation’, ‘armpit’, ‘ball kicking’, ‘drilled’, ‘enema’, and so on. The categories on this page even go so far as to list real-world geographical locations and nationalities, so if you’ve ever been turned on by a New York hoe or have a preference for Czech bitches, this place has you covered.It’s Part of a Wide NetworkNot only is this place alone filled to the brim with terabytes worth of porno, but it’s also part of a network of affiliate sites that all specialize in different aspects of fuck-flick content. NaughtyBlog’s sister-site ‘Siterips’ specializes on full website content ripped straight from a plethora of pay-to-view porno websites.There’s also the ‘BestPornStars’ affiliate website which focuses on delivering content that’s sorted via the main pornstar that it features, so you can get off on videos filmed by different productions that feature your favorite virtual crushes.Last but not least, there’s also an affiliate site called ‘NaughtyLive’ which showcases thousands of money-hungry live cam models which I’m sure will deliver a much more intimate level of masturbatory satisfaction to many horny lonely dudes out there who love nothing more than glazing their computer screens with cum after jacking off to their virtual girlfriends. I gotta say, when it comes to porno sites, these guys are real titans of industry.There Is Enough Content on Here to Last You a LifetimeIf you’re the type of person who loves jacking off then I think this just might be the last porn-site you’ll ever visit – there is so much content on here, and such a wide variety of it, that it’s enough to last you a whole fucking lifetime. You could pick out a new full-length movie to pop off to every night or choose individual scenes to splurge to on an hourly basis.There’s never been a better time to be alive if you’re a relentless masturbator, because sites like this make sure that you have enough stuff to beat your dick to for the rest of your life. I’m really impressed by this site’s top delivery of both quality and quantity, and really the only thing that I can say they’ve failed to deliver is the amateur stuff.There’s No Real Homemade StuffThat’s unfortunately true – while these guys have a seemingly limitless amount of professional stuff, they don’t cater to lovers of the humble amatory category. Sure, there may be a whole amateur category with over 10,000 videos, but it really just contains low-budget flicks featuring forgettable actresses that are either way too ugly for porn or are way past their prime.The real homegrown stuff is, unfortunately, missing from this otherwise seemingly perfect stuff, and I for one am kind of disappointed to see that it didn’t make the cut. I mean sometimes all you need is an authentic homemade video to jerk off to that reminds you of real sex, but I guess the majority of porno enthusiasts are virgins so that shit doesn’t really cater to them anyway.