Dorcel Vision

I had Dorcel Vision recently, so I made an appointment to visit the local eye doctor to see if she had anything that could help. It turns out she didn’t, and now there’s a photo of me near the counter and a note to call the police if I show up. I guess the lesson here is that if you’re afflicted with a condition named after a world-famous French-Hungarian pornographer, you’re better off just jerking off than getting a new pair of glasses.Then again, maybe Dorcel Vision isn’t an eye problem at all. I’ve been perusing DorcelVision.com all morning, and their premium 4K smut is all crystal clear and hot as fuck. The site’s logo says the company has been around since 1979, though the actual website is a few years younger. Their business model is old school, though; instead of the usual subscription model you find at most premium sites, these guys are selling dirty movies pay-per-view. Fire up your fax machine; we’re going fap to the future with some porn VOD.Big Names and Big Tits in a Big CatalogIf you aren’t familiar with Marc Dorcel, let me get you up to speed. The dude’s in his eighties now, but he’s still putting out dirty movies. Most pornographers don’t even have a Wikipedia page, but Marc’s got a lengthy one that lists dozens of awards from respected outfits like AVN and XBIZ, including his 2015 induction into the AVN Hall of Fame. I’m not sure how much he’s actually putting his hands all over the equipment these days, but his company is still banging out the high-end smut.Dorcel was originally known for Euro porn, but the site doesn’t have the rail-thin girls or low production values you sometimes get with those Eastern Bloc porn sites. A few of the video covers out on the front page have that arty “erotica” look, but overall the stuff’s on par with what you’d find on one of the big-name American sites. In fact, there’s even some American porn mixed in there.DorcelVision has got a ton of drop-dead gorgeous pornstars lining pretty much every page on the site. Valentina Nappi is looking sultry as fuck on the cover of one of their newer flicks, but it’s not like she ever looks bad. Riley Reid, Asa Akira and Ella Knox also have videos out front, and there are lesbians I’ve never heard of but will definitely be watching later.It isn’t all Dorcel-produced stuff, either. They’ve got content from a range of porn studios, many of them well-known. There’s a Big Naturals movie from HardX, and some “innocent” girls going bad in a newer movie from 21Naturals. They’ve also got movies from companies like Private, Sex Art, Reality Kings, Vixen and Bellesa Films.DorcelVision.com feels like a little like shopping at the weird-smelling porno store just off the highway. Instead of the screengrabs you see on most porn sites, most of the thumbnails look like DVD covers. The format may be different, and the cocks may be blurred out, but it’s still plain to see these chicks are getting into all kinds of trouble.Let’s Get Into All Kinds of TroubleDorcel Vision carries a nice, wide variety of porn. A swinger’s club movie near the top of the tour page has group sex at the pool, while a babysitter-themed movie offers scenarios that would certainly get you divorced in real life. The title for Surrender to Anal Volume 5 tells you all you need to know about the flick, while the scantily clad trio on the cover of Hobby only hints at the depravity within.The full Categories page has dozens of thumbnailed subgenres of smut. A lot of them are standards you’ll find anywhere like Big Tits, Orgies and MILFs. There’s a Fetish/SM category with 146 films, 138 with Shemales, 36 VR movies and 161 filed under Cure of Youth. In case the category name confuses you, the thumbnail of a wrinkly old dude banging a hot young babe spells it out a little more explicitly.I mentioned earlier that Dorcel’s a European dude, but they’ve got porn for around the globe on DorcelVision. They break down the regions a bit in the categories area, which may come in handy if you get a boner for a certain accent or just like the way French girls carry themselves. They’ve got nearly 2000 movies filmed in France, 367 from Spain, 342 from Eastern Europe and a couple of hundred British pornos. Belgian, Italy, and Germany have their own sections, and branching out of Europe, they’ve got a few dozen Japanese and African films, and almost 2400 made in America.I was really hoping to find a ton of free previews among all those categories, but you usually just get some free images. There are a handful of video trailers out front, though, which was where I got my first look at Lyra Law as she surrendered to anal. It’s so hot I felt my willpower surrender. Freebies can only fuel so much of a fap session; I had to see how much the full versions cost.How Much for the New One with the Butt Stuff?Most paysites cost thirty bucks a month for an all-you-can-fap buffet of porno, but DorcelVision.com isn’t your typical paysite. The payment model is different, but at least they’re offering some promos. I’m reviewing the site a week before Valentine’s Day, so they’re offering up to $200 worth of free porn and 30% off all movies.The bad news is that the packages still start at $50. They give you another $50 credit, but that’s still a big ask. The real question is, how far will that carry you on your masturbatory adventures?The prices do vary a bit, but most of the new releases will run you about ten bucks to rent for 2 days and twice that to buy. Since they’re currently offering that 30% off, the Valentina Nappi movie I noticed out front would cost me about $17 if I wanted to keep it. (It’s not just Valentina, though. Impulse vol.3 has 5 scenes, included romps with Anna Polina, Tiffany Leiddi, Ania Kinski and Aya Benetti.)If you don’t normally buy premium smut, you’re probably thinking, damn, that’s expensive. If you do purchase porn a lot, you’re probably still thinking, damn, that’s expensive! You can barely rent three movies at regular DorcelVision price for the cost of a whole paysite. We’re talking OnlyFans levels of spending, easy, without that pseudo-intimacy you get on those social media sex sites.Give Me Some of that PornoI decided to start my official fap test of DorcelVision.com with a compilation of Private’s Best of 2021. Running nearly two hours, it seemed like it offered a better bang for my buck than some of the shorter flicks on the site. At ten dollars for a 48-hour rental, I wanted every second to count.As I finalize my order, I can’t help notice a major difference between Dorcel Vision and AEBN, another premium VOD site. AEBN rents and sells flicks using a very similar model, but they also give you the option of paying by the minute. It seems like a good way to milk users for a couple of bucks every time they visit, and it still manages to feel a lot cheaper from the user’s end. I’m disappointed nothing like that is integrated here.As soon as I click Validate, the page flicks back to a full-screen video player. This video maxes out at 1080p HD and plays smoothly enough, though I have to wait for a few seconds of buffering each time I jump around between doggystyle sequences, blowjobs and threesomes. Buffering is always annoying, and it’s even worse when you’re flipping through a movie as long as this one. It’s great porn, though, as I expected from the Private brand.Dorcel Vision has some great smut. In fact, they’ve got thousands of X-rated movies, from some incredible studios, starring some beautiful, talented video whores. That said, I wouldn’t make this my main masturbatory stash unless I was rich enough not to care how much money I spent on jerking off.If anything, I think DorcelVision.com is a good supplement to whatever else you’re jerking off to. Because their catalog is so big and wide-ranging, I could see popping in a couple of times a month to rent a flick in a genre not covered by whatever paysites I happen to be subscribed to at the moment. Be careful, because those movies can add up fast if you’re on a masturbation binge.